2022 GIE Scag New Product Announcements

2022 GIE Scag New Product Announcements - Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment

2022 Scag GIE announcements Gilford Hardware

2022 GIE Scag New Product Announcements

GIE 2022 Equipment expo has kicked off in Louisville Kentucky, giving us a look into the future of the outdoor power equipment industry.  GIE 2022 is an equipment expo for dealers and landscapers to check out, demo, and meet with other professionals in the industry. 

Our favorite part of GIE 2022 is new product announcements especially from brands which we carry!  Manufacturers spend all year engineering and designing new products for their companies which will eventually come to market. This gives us an opportunity to view products before they have released and make decisions on which ones are winners and which ones are not-so-good.

The two main themes this year for outdoor power equipment have been electric/battery and autonomous mowers. This shows us where the industry is heading, towards a greener future.  Scag Outdoor Power Equipment has announced a handful of new exciting units which will be available in 2023-2024 in this article we will go over the recent announcements!

Scag 21 inch walk behind mower gilford hardware

Credit: @scagmowers on Instagram

Scag Self Propelled Walk Behind 21" (SFC21)

Last year we saw the Scag SFC30 walk behind announced, this year Scag has decided to release a more compact, homeowner friendly version of the SFC30. The Scag SFC21! This mower is self propelled, and will be available with two engine offerings: 5CV or 7CV Kohlers. The SFC21 will also have the ability to bag and mulch and features a deeper built deck compared to traditional 21" lawn mowers giving you a larger cutting capacity. 

Unlike the Scag SFC30 with it's fully fabricated and welded steel cutter deck. The Scag SFC21 will feature a stamped deck. This will change a few things: Make it less heavy duty compared to the SFC, while making it more lightweight and easier to maneuver. 

Our Thoughts about the Scag Finish Cut 21" Lawn mower

The entry level lawn mower market is a tough segment to enter considering there are many companies producing 21" lawn mowers.  With that being said the Scag SFC21 will fill a huge role in the industry especially for professionals and landscapers.  It's also a great choice for those of you who care about quality and durability and want to purchase a lawn mower once and use it for a very long time. 

SFC21 Engine POWER!

The engine options will give you more than enough power to mow any lawn it could possibly face. If you compare it to the Honda HRC216HXA (Honda's commercial grade mower) which boasts a Honda GXV160 4.3 HP engine. The Kohler 5CV or 7CV engines outclass it on power alone. This makes the Scag Finish Cut 21" Lawn mower a powerful and quality option for those of you who need a smaller deck mower. 

Scag EV-ride Gilford Hardware

Credit: @scagmowers on Instagram

Scag EV-Ride Stand Up Zero-Turn Electric Lawn Mower

Brand new for 2023, possibly 2024 the Scag EV-Ride is a battery powered take on the classic V-Ride configuration. This mower gives you all of the same features, productivity and quality that you would expect from a standard V-Ride but powered with electricity. 

The Scag EV-Ride will allow you to choose your run time, since it will be available in two options 14kW or 21kW Vanguard batteries.  The current theoretical runtime for the Scag EV-Ride is  6-8 hours (dependent on load & cutting conditions) I'm assuming the run time is also dependent on which Vanguard battery configuration you choose as well. The EV-Ride also features  ASI controls with an Auburn gear motor, and Scag is working with ASI on Vanguard branded deck motors.

Our Thoughts about the Scag EV-Ride

My main point of contention for the EV-Ride is the top ground speed, which Scag has said is around 8 MPH - compared to the Gas powered V-Ride II which is 10.5. It might not seem like much of a difference but when you are constantly mowing lawns, speed matters.  The slower ground speed of the EV-Ride makes me think that when you combine the heavy-duty fully fabricated and welded Scag V-Ride frame with the large amount of batteries needed to power the mower and the cutting deck you lose power due to the sheer weight of the machine. 

Adding a Bagger to the EV-Ride...

Almost every single V-Ride II which we've sold has been sold with the on-board grass collection system. This is not a lightweight addition. This means that if / when they decide to have an optional bagging system for the EV-Ride that you will see a decrease in speed and battery life. I'm unsure how much exactly but it's just food for thought. 

Final Thoughts on the Scag EV-Ride 

After reading a handful of instagram and youtube comments about the EV-Ride II the main concern for most people is the price. Unfortunately the EV-Ride II units will not be a cheap electric mowing solution.  The good news is that 'theoretically' a battery powered lawn mower will have a much longer usable and service life due to having less moving parts which can potentially break.  It will be interesting to see how Scag will tackle the slower ground speeds and onboard bagging system.

 AerStorm Stand-On Aerator

Credit: @scagmowers on Instagram

2023 Scag AerStorm Stand-On Aerator

First the Windstorm, then the Turfstorm, and now the AerStorm! Scag has announced a brand new for 2023 Stand-on zero-turn aerator built off the same platform as the V-Ride II, Windstorm and Turfstorm.  It features adjustable tine depth and pressure,  30" aeration width and soon to come seeder box accessory. This will allow you to aerate and seed at the same time, saving time and money while being more productive. 

Final Thoughts on the 2023 Scag AerStorm Stand-On Aerator

Much like the Windstorm and Turfstorm the AerStorm is great solution but for a very industry specific piece of equipment. The AerStorm probably won't be found on every landscaping trailer due to filling a very specific niche. If seeding and aerating lawns is a large part of your business or job the AerStorm is a great solution.

Autonomous EV-Ride

Credit: @scagmowers on Instagram

 Autonomous EV-Ride

Scag Outdoor Power Equipment is entering the autonomous mower industry!  There hasn't been very much information released about the Autonomous EV-Ride other than a quote from their official instagram:

"We have partnered with Metalcraft Automation Group and Greenzie, the leader in commercial turf autonomy, and are excited to show our Autonomous EV-Ride"

Final Thoughts on the Autonomous EV-Ride 

We're excited to see where this is headed, there are a handful of companies engineering autonomous lawn mowers. There are a handful of factors and technology limitations which will eventually be solved and someday hopefully in the future you will see them deployed on a regular basis. 


In conclusion.. 2022 Scag GIE New Product Announcements

This was a big year for Scag and the Outdoor Power Equipment industry as a whole. The AerStorm, EV-Ride, SFC21 and Autonomous EV-Ride will be a great addition to the current Scag lineup and I hope I get a chance to sell them in the future. I'm excited for the STIHL Zero-turn announcement and there will be a post about them in the future. As always stay safe, and shop local! 

2022 Equip Expo Booth Walkthrough / What's new for 2023? (VIDEO)

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