2022 Scag Zero-Turn Mower Spring Order Preview

2022 Scag Zero-Turn Mower Spring Order Preview - Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment

Scag 2022 Zero-Turn Mower Spring Order Preview Gilford Hardware

2022 Scag Zero-Turn Mower Spring Order Preview 

Current Scag State Of Affairs

Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power equipment has recieved our list of 2022 units which we should be recieving in Febuary. It's not much, but it's something, and we'll gladly take it. Due to the current state of affairs, 2022 is heating up to be another tough year with supply chain issues. We're dedicated to helping our customers get the Scag Zero-Turn lawn mower of their dreams, and we will do whatever we can in our power to help you along the way! At the bottom of this article I'll leave a list of the current Scag units which should be incoming.

Let it be known...

Scag Zero-Turn Mowers and Outdoor Power Equipment in general is going to be tough to get brand new this year. We currently have 11 units total for 2022 (as of 1/21/22) which have been penciled in for delivery in Feb. We're not exactly sure if we will be able to get anymore after the fact, or what the exact pricing will be on these models. Please be aware that we have been notified that there could still be price increases coming throughout the year, so do not be surprised if you see mower prices raising by anywhere from 1-10%+ This supply chain "issue" is really screwing things up, and it effects everyone.

2022 Scag Lawn Mower Line up

2022 Scag Cheeath II Gilford Hardware A Scag Dealer near me
The 2022 Scag lineup looks very similar to last years with a couple new things. One thing I've noticed is Scag has started to use Yamaha engines in certain models. I'm not sure if this is good or bad, I haven't really heard anything either way. I'd love to get some feedback on them! I'm wondering if they are on par with the Kawasaki engines, which i'm hoping, but I don't know at the moment.


Going Electric? It's gonna cost you kid!

Scag announced some electric models for 2022, let me be the first to say PRICEY! Yes electric lawn mowers do have a place, but the technology is "fairly new" and as much faith and love that I have for Scag Power Equipment, I don't think all of the "bugs" will be worked out of the first couple versions of the electric mowers. The smallest model costs $1X,XXX.00 + It's almost 3x-4x the gasoline version. If you're in one of those states thats forcing electric outdoor power equipment, I feel for ya!

Drumroll Please...

This is our current (1.21.22) List of Scag Units which we will be receiving this year.  This is subject to change on a moments notice*

Walk Behind Mowers (30")

SFC30 - 30" Kohler (Regular Wheels)
SFC30 - 30" Kohler (Swivel Wheels)

"Homeowner" Zero-Turn Mowers

2022 Scag Liberty 48" - 22 HP Kohler
2022 Scag Liberty 52" -23 Kawasaki FR
2022 Scag Freedom-Z 48" 24 HP Kohler
2022 Scag Patriot 52" - 22 HP Kawasaki FX

Landscaper & Professional Zero-Turn Mowers

2022 SOLD Scag Tiger Cat II 32 HP Briggs & Stratton SOLD
2022 Scag Cheetah 61" 37 HP Briggs & Stratton Vanguard EFI
2022 Scag V-Ride 48" 22 HP Kohler
2022 Scag V-Ride II 52" 26 HP Kawasaki EFI
2022 Scag Windstorm Debris Blower (2x)

2022 scag windstorm available now at gilford hardware a scag dealer near me


In the next couple articles, I will be going over the entire 2022 Scag Zero-Turn mower line-up. I'm going to be giving a complete view of the 2022 Scag Outdoor Power Equipment selection with opinions, options and personal comments for every mower.  I purchased Scagnation.com so I'll be working on developing that very soon, most likely into a news/blog and private Scag owners group, but we will see!  

We also purchase powerequipment.parts (yes it's a domain name!) and we're currently developing it so we can start selling Scag, Honda, and other Outdoor Power Equipment parts online. Stay tuned, we have some great things coming. As always, Stay safe and SHOP LOCAL! 

Found this cool old video from Scag in 2008, I've been begging for them to remake the Scag Cougar forever 😒 Check it out

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