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2023 Honda Track Snow Blower Overview

2023 Honda Track Snow Blower Overview - Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment


Snow removal just got a whole lot easier with the introduction of the 2023 Honda Snow Blower HSS ATD Series of Snow Blowers! Designed to tackle even the harshest winter conditions, These rugged and dependable snow blower bring convenience and efficiency to your snow-clearing tasks. Whether you're a homeowner with a long driveway or a business owner managing a commercial space, the 2023 Honda Snow Blower HSS series is here to make your New England winter days hassle-free.


Get ready for fall and the upcoming winter! Brace yourself for a tough New England Winter that's on the way. When winter comes, dealing with heavy snow can feel really tough. But don't worry, the 2023 Honda HSS ATD Snow Blower series has got your back. It's like a high-tech solution to help you with this snow challenge. This snow blower uses really good technology and strong engineering to make it reliable and long-lasting. And the best part? It makes getting rid of snow super easy!

You might wonder why they're offering the same models as before. Well, it's like this saying: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." The Honda HSS ATD Series of snow blowers has been around for more than fifteen years, and it's been awesome every winter. These snow blowers are tough, easy to use, and you can always count on them.

All three models of the Honda HSS ATD Snow Blower come with an easy electric start and track drive. The only difference is the size of the engine and how wide it cuts the snow. So, when winter hits, you know you've got a snow blower that's reliable and will help you clear out the snow without any trouble.


Discover the unstoppable might of the HSS724ATD Snow Blower, a compact powerhouse that defies its size. Beneath its unassuming exterior lies a 7 HP Honda GX200 OHV engine, ready to tackle any winter challenge. With an impressive 24-inch cutting width, it effortlessly carves a path through the snow, while its exceptional throwing capacity propels snow up to an astonishing 49 feet away. Unleashing a staggering 1,500 lbs of snow per minute, this remarkable machine ensures your property is cleared with unparalleled ease. Conquer the snow with confidence, thanks to the undeniable prowess of the HSS724ATD Snow Blower.


Step into the world of top-notch snow clearing with the Honda HSS928ATD Snow Blower. Positioned as the perfect middle option in its category, this exceptional machine finds the right balance between the 724ATD and 1332ATD models. With a strong 9 HP engine, it gives you plenty of power, making sure you're fully prepared to handle even the toughest snowfalls from nature.

Be amazed by the HSS928ATD's impressive abilities, boasting an incredible snow throwing distance of 52 feet that lets you easily clear large areas. With the ability to move an impressive 1900 lbs. of snow per minute, the HSS928ATD is more than just a tool—it's a symbol of efficiency and effectiveness. Don't settle for less; embrace the undeniable strength of the HSS928ATD Snow Blower and take charge of your winter domain like never before.


Honda 1332ATD Snow Blower

Experience a remarkable journey of snow clearing with the Honda Snow Blower's top predator—the amazing Honda HSS1332ATD. Take your winter adventure to new heights with this extraordinary machine, which is a personal favorite for good reasons.

When the job is about tackling large areas of snow at fast speeds, the HSS1332ATD stands out as the clear leader. Showing off a strong 13 HP Honda engine, this giant gives you lots of power that not only meets but goes beyond the needs even in tough conditions. Its wide 32" cutting width takes control, making sure snow removal is quick and effective.

See the impressive abilities of the HSS1332ATD as it throws snow up to a surprising 56 feet away, covering a wide area. And with a high snow blowing rate of up to 2750 lbs. per minute, it's more than just a regular snow blower—it turns into an unstoppable power. Choose excellence, choose the Honda HSS1332ATD, and change how you handle winter like never before.

PRO TIP: The First digit denotes the horsepower, the second two digits represent the cutting width.


The first and most important thing to consider when purchasing a new Honda Snow Blower is the size of your driveway. By calculating the length and width of your driveway and any area which you might use your snow blower will help you get a general idea of how long it would take. 


  1. Small Driveway:

    • Width: 8-10 feet
    • Length: 20-25 feet
  2. Medium Driveway:

    • Width: 10-12 feet
    • Length: 30-40 feet
  3. Large Driveway:

    • Width: 12-16 feet
    • Length: 40-60 feet

When it comes to choosing the optimal snow blower for various driveway sizes, the Honda HSS724ATD Snow Blower is a fantastic choice for small driveways. With a width of 23.8 inches, it efficiently clears snow from compact spaces. Its impressive snow removal rate of 1500 lbs. per minute ensures that even in heavier snowfall, it can swiftly clear the driveway, saving you time and effort. The HSS724ATD's maximum throwing distance of 49 feet is suitable for small driveways, effectively moving the cleared snow away from the immediate area. Its compact design and maneuverability make it ideal for navigating tight spaces, making it the go-to option for homeowners with limited driveway space.

For medium-sized driveways, the Honda HSS928ATD Snow Blower emerges as the optimal choice. With a wider clearing width of 28 inches, it covers more ground in each pass, making it well-suited for medium-sized driveways. The higher snow removal rate of 1900 lbs. per minute ensures that it can handle larger snow accumulations without slowing down. Moreover, its maximum throwing distance of 52 feet provides ample space to deposit the cleared snow, preventing the accumulation of snow piles near the driveway edges. The HSS928ATD's balance between width, snow removal rate, and throwing distance makes it a reliable companion for efficiently maintaining medium-sized driveways during winter.

For homeowners with expansive driveways, the Honda HSS1332ATD Snow Blower stands out as the perfect choice. Boasting a wide clearing width of 31.8 inches, it is tailored for large driveways. With an impressive snow removal rate of 2750 lbs. per minute, it can tackle substantial snow depths with ease, making it suitable for areas prone to heavy snowfall. The substantial maximum throwing distance of 56 feet ensures that cleared snow is efficiently propelled away from the driveway, minimizing the need for repeated passes. The HSS1332ATD's combination of width, high snow removal capacity, and exceptional throwing distance makes it the optimal solution for efficiently managing the challenges posed by larger driveways during winter months.


When making a thoughtful decision about investing in a Honda Snow Blower, considering your budget becomes an essential factor. Rest assured that all three models of snow blowers have been expertly engineered to effectively tackle driveways of varying sizes. It's worth noting that even if you opt for a smaller snow blower for a larger driveway, it will still get the job done by clearing the snow. However, it's important to acknowledge that this might require a bit more time, as multiple passes may be needed. Conversely, if you choose a larger snow blower for a smaller driveway, you'll be pleased to discover that the task will be completed much more efficiently, saving you valuable time and effort. Make a decision that aligns with your needs and preferences, knowing that Honda Snow Blowers offer the versatility and performance to suit your winter maintenance requirements.


One of the most asked questions we get from customers is.."Why do Honda Snow Blowers cost more than [Generic Name Brand] Snow Blower?" The answer becomes very apparent once you take a look at a Honda Snow Blower compared to it's so-called "Competitors" When you purchase a Honda Snow Blower you are purchasing a piece of equipment which will give you years of reliability, performance, easy-starting, and efficiency. Every single square inch of a Honda snow blower has been meticulously designed for the purpose of reliability and ease-of-use. You will find snow blowers on the market for much less but you will quickly realize they are missing high quality components and features which make the difference between a snow blower that will last a handful of winters compared to a snow blower that if taken well taken care of can last decades. 


In conclusion, the 2023 Honda Track Snow Blower stands as a remarkable solution for efficient and hassle-free snow removal. With its powerful engine, track drive system, user-friendly features, and emphasis on safety, this snow blower offers a comprehensive package that meets the demands of both residential and commercial snow removal tasks. Embrace the winter season with confidence, knowing that the 2023 Honda Snow Blower has your snow removal needs covered.

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