Are Honda Lawn Mowers Worth the Money?

Are Honda Lawn Mowers Worth the Money? - Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment

Are Honda Lawn Mowers Worth the Money? Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment Honda dealer near me

Are Honda Lawn Mowers worth the Money?

Honda lawn mowers are some of the most popular and reliable mowers on the market. This, however, does not mean that they are the cheapest. They can be a bit more expensive than some of the other brands. Many of our customers wonder, are Honda Lawn Mowers worth the extra money compared to other brand mowers?

The Answer is pretty simple, YES!  They are well worth the money compared to other walk behind lawn mower brands. This is due to a combination of durability, ease of use, cut quality, innovative features. Add to that they are powered by Honda Engines which are known for their power and reliability. Honda began manufacturing small engines for use in power equipment products in 1953. That is a long time to be manufacturing. refining and perfecting a small engine! 

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The HR21 rotary lawn mower was designed with not just performance but also safety in mind.

Honda Outdoor Power Equipment has been manufacturing Lawn Mower for over 40 years!  This translates to years of research, development and improvements. Making each new design better than the last, making Honda Lawn mowers a go-to brand for homeowners and landscapers alike. 

Many of the features you might see on current Honda Lawn mowers or competitors were first introduced by Honda. One example is the The HR21 also included a groundbreaking safety feature known as the blade brake clutch (BBC) system. While the operator gripped the clutch lever on the handlebar, the blades would only revolve and the lawn mower would only go forward. The blades would cease spinning three seconds after the operator let off of the handlebar.

Honda Lawn mower Value-Added Features

Honda Smart Lawnmower gilford hardware honda dealer near me

Honda has a focus on adding innovative features which help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. You won't find LED touch screens, buttons and other unneeded features on a lawn mower. Every single part of a Honda Mower was designed with the user in mind. Many Honda Lawn mower brands might produce a lawn mower that seem like they are much more feature packed. At first look, they might look better but in the long run it's just adding unneeded add-on's which will require more service and maintenance over time.

So Many Honda Lawn Mower Choices!

Since there is such a Large Selection of Honda Outdoor Power Equipment models at different price points can make it difficult to choose. Honda Outdoor Power Equipment currently produces 14 different lawn mowers, Starting with the entry-level HRS push mower series, the lowest price point and least feature packed mowers, letting you get your foot in the door. Next is the HRN series which adds onto the HRS series with more features and a simple Self-propelled design. After that is probably Honda's best selling lawn mower series the HRX, adding even more features you would find in the HRS and HRN series, including the well-known Hydrostatic Self Propel drive system. Finally the HRC series, which are considered commercial grade lawn mowers. These lawn mowers feature many of the same features of the HRX but are designed for frequent, commercial use for example the HRC series feature a Heavy duty steel deck. 

How do I choose a Honda Lawn mower with so many Choices?

There are so many models it might be a daunting choice. Simply browsing the internet, watching videos and reading reviews won't help very much. The best way to choose the correct Honda Lawn mower is actually driving to an authorized Honda Outdoor Power Equipment dealership and checking them out in person.  This way you will be able to compare models side-by-side and make note of certain features you might want or you don't need. You will also be able to ask an actual salesperson any questions, or concerns you might have. They have probably sold many Honda Lawnmowers and can really help you find the correct one to fit your needs. 

Serviceability is KEY!

When you are making a large purchase, you must take serviceability into consideration. Sure, you can purchase a lawn mower at a big-box store which might work for a year or two and you saved some money vs. purchasing a Honda lawn mower but when it comes down to longevity and the useful lifetime of the mower, the Honda mower will last longer, in turn saving you time and money. Service Gilford Hardware Honda Dealer near me

I can't tell you how many times i've talked to customers who said they purchased another brand lawn mower and have buyers remorse. This actually happens often with Honda Snowblowers and Generators as well. Opting for a different, less expensive brand mower might not be the best choice. Sure saving some money in up-front costs is great but if you are purchasing a piece of equipment you want it to last and be easily serviceable. 

Honda has a large network of dealerships around the US which service their Outdoor Power Equipment products, meaning you have peace of mind. If anything goes wrong, you know someone who can fix it.  Many of them will also stock common parts, meaning you can quickly and easily get back to mowing. 

BUT... There is a Honda Lawn Mower at my Local Big Box Store / Online.. It's cheaper!

Big Box Store Tractor supply lowes gilford new hampshire

Big Box Stores which do a large amount of volume are able to push brands into putting them into their stores. At first glance, it might seem nice. "Wow I can go to Big box store and buy honda now!" The issue is, with this push and large amount of volume these stores can also demand lower pricing vs. authorized Honda Outdoor Power Equipment dealers. Lower pricing means Honda has to deliver the same product at a lower cost to manufacture. In order for them to make up this difference they must use less expensive parts. 

A general rule of thumb is, if the item is cheaper at the big box store it's probably missing something, or built to a lower quality standard. We have had Honda mowers roll into our shop from big-box stores that didn't even have a serial number we could look up for warranty and service. We've seen Honda Lawn mowers from big box stores which look identical to the untrained eye, but when you take a closer look they have been built with less expensive parts.

Other issues which can arise from purchasing a Honda at a big box store or online is general set up, and use. I've talked to customers who purchased a Honda Lawn Mowers without oil in them, which quickly turned a brand new lawn mower into something that might be useful to use as a boat anchor. *Note: Some service dealers might only Service what they Sell, Meaning you can't purchase a mower from a big box store but get it serviced from a dealership. Even if they will service the machine, they might not be able to due to different serial numbers, registration or mower type, parts etc.*

All of our Honda Lawn Mowers are set up, oiled, and fired up after purchase. Giving you confidence in your purchase. 

XZY Consumer report reviews blog vlog says [Insert other brand name here] is the best lawn mower for the money!

We've heard this one plenty of times. What you don't realize, the articles could be paid for by the brand for advertising purposes. They might also claim they don't take any money from brands which they test. Sure this is great but who is actually doing the review? How long was the review for? Pretty much any brand new lawn mower will run great when you first use it. They usually don't take into consideration the overall useful life of these products. Unpackaging and mowing a lawn for 15 mins will not give you a great overall review of a lawn mower. 

Lawn Mower Review Expert Gilford Hardware

Typical Lawn mower Review Expert

But Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment sells Honda Lawn mowers, why should I believe you?

Compared to most so-called online experts we actually have hands on experience with Honda Lawn mowers. Gilford Hardware has been selling and servicing Honda Outdoor Power Equipment for over 10 years. We wouldn't sell a lesser brand lawn mower.  Our main belief is quality, useful, products which may have premium costs but are worth the money in the long run. In addition to Honda we sell Scag and STIHL which are both top-quality and value equipment. Honestly we want to sell you quality equipment which is worth the value and don't want to be bothered with complaints, issues and returns. 

Conclusion: Are Honda Lawn Mowers worth the Money?

If you care about quality, reliability, innovation and serviceability.. Yes!  Honda Lawn mowers are well worth the amount of money you spend up-front for a long lasting, easy starting quality built lawn mower compared to competitors. If you are looking for a Honda Lawn mower or have any questions visit us. As always, stay safe and shop local

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