Are Scag Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers Worth The Money?

Are Scag Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers Worth The Money? - Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment

Scag Zero turn lawn mowers are they worth the money? gilford hardware

Are Scag Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers Worth The Money?

There are a lot of Zero-Turn Lawn Mower brands out there, but one brand you've seen or heard of is Scag Outdoor Power Equipment. They look like really nice mowers, but are they really worth the money?  You've seen lawn mowers about the same size for far less money but the price tag on the Scag has you questioning. Why does a Scag Zero-Turn Lawn Mower cost so much? 

Scag Zero Turn Mower Gilford Hardware V-Ride II Scag Dealer near me

In order to get an answer to this question lets define if something is worth the money - or not.  The three main things you should focus on when purchasing a new Zero-Turn lawn mower (and probably most large purposes for business or pleasure are: 

• Usefulness and Features of Product

• Build Quality of Product 

• Serviceability and Longevity Resale Value of Product

Scag Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers Usefulness

Scag Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers are the ultimate tool for cutting your lawn. They provide a high level of comfort and control allowing you to mow your lawn with ease. The Scag Mowers design also means that you can turn corners and navigate around your lawn's obstacles with ease. Scag Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers are packed with features that all serve the purpose to help you mow your lawn quickly and efficiently.
One of the biggest advantages of a Scag zero-turn lawn mower is the speed and maneuverability it offers. This comes in really handy, especially when you have a large lawn to mow. Because of the unique design of a zero turn lawn mower, it is able to turn in very tight spaces, which allows you to follow the slightest paths, without missing any areas. This saves you a lot of time and effort, in the end saving you time which saves you money!
The Scag Cheetah II can reach breakneck speeds of up to 16 MPH! Check it out below

Scag Build Quality 

Scag lawn mowers are known for their durability and high-quality construction. This is due to the fact that Scag is a brand owned by the metal manufacturing company, Metalcraft of Mayville. All Scag lawn mowers are built by the company's in-house manufacturing facility in Mayville. This allows Scag to ensure that Scag Zero-Turn Mowers are of the highest quality possible, while being manufactured right here in the USA!
Scag Cheetah II Excellent Build Quality Gilford Hardware Scag Dealer near me
Scag lawn mowers are built with a heavy-gauge steel frame, making them extremely durable. This heavy-gauge steel frame also helps to ensure that the cutting deck of the lawnmower stays in place, preventing the deck from bending or warping under heavy use. In addition to their durable steel frame, Scag lawn mowers are built with heavy-gauge metal cutter decks, further enhancing their durability. As a result, Scag lawn mowers can sustain heavy use, making them ideal for commercial applications.
Check out Scag's Parent company and manufacturer Metalcraft of Mayville Fun Fact: They also build components for the US military

Scag Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers Serviceability, Longevity, and Resale Value 

Scag lawn mowers are known for their incredible serviceability, productivity, and overall reliability. They are the zero-turn lawnmower for anyone who values quality. Scag lawn mowers are easy to work on and typically have a higher service life than other lawnmowers. They are also a great investment because they have a long life of usability, making them a great choice if you're looking for a long term, solid, grass cutting monster!  We have serviced Scag Lawn Mowers which have been mowing since the 1990's, and are still mowing today!

Scag Zero-Turn Mower Resale Value

When it comes to the best zero-turn lawn mowers, there are a number of brands to choose from. Scag lawn mowers are among the best, as they offer excellent quality. And as the demand for these lawn mowers is constantly on the rise. This means when you Purchase a Scag Zero-Turn Lawn Mower, your investment doesn't fly out the window. They hold their value very well if they are properly maintained and serviced. 

Scag Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers are Simply the Best Choice

Most people would agree that Scag lawn mowers are "SImply the Best" in the Zero-Turn Lawn mower market, when it comes to quality, ease of use, and cutting ability. And while this is certainly a well-deserved title, it doesn’t come without its fair share of critics. Some people would argue that Scag lawn mowers are over-priced, and that you can get the same quality, or even better, for a lower price. But when you look at the usefulness, quality, and longevity of a Scag Zero-Turn lawn mower, compared to other lawn mowers in the market, the price tag seems more than justified.

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