First Impressions: The Scag V-Ride XL Revealed

First Impressions: The Scag V-Ride XL Revealed - Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment

Scag V-Ride XL

Photo credit: Scag (click here to view on instagram)

Introduction Scag V-Ride XL

Year after year Scag Outdoor Power Equipment has continued to amaze with their newest and latest models announced at GIE! This year is no different with one of our top-sellers redesigned! The Scag V-Ride XL!

Starting from the first V-Ride, Scag has continuously looked to innovate and enhance their offerings. The V-Ride II was a testament to their commitment to excellence. But with the V-Ride XL, they've made a statement that's hard to ignore. Let's delve deeper into what makes the V-Ride XL special.

Why trust us? We've been selling Scag Outdoor Power Equipment for over ten years and have sold many V-Rides starting from the original, to the V-Ride II and now the V-ride XL, in this article we will give you an insiders take on the latest and greatest V-Ride and our opinion!

Disclaimer: Please be aware that these photographs are just a prototype the appearance, specs, and features are subject to change in the final production version. Any images, descriptions or representations of the product are for illustrative purposes only and do not constitute a guarantee of the exact final product. Scag Outdoor Power Equipment reserves the right to make adjustments, modifications or improvements to the product.

Scag V-Ride Evolution: A Quick Recap

Scag V-Ride XL

 Photo credit: Scag (click here to view on instagram)

Scag V-Ride XL: Maximum Fuel Efficiency Dual Gas Tanks

A standout feature of the Scag V-Ride XL is the introduction of dual gas tanks. This means extended run time, lesser refueling stops, and consequently, more efficiency. Paired with the Kawasaki FX1000V EFI engine, known for its stellar fuel economy, this is a mowing machine designed for extended work sessions without frequent interruptions. This translates to more time mowing and less time refilling!

Scag V-Ride XL: Deck and Engine 

Scag V-Ride XL

View the Specifications of the Kawasaki FX1000V EFI Engine

Of course, the Scag V-Ride XL features the mighty, envy-of-the-landscaping industry Velocity plus cutter deck. We're not surprised that the deck hasn't changed because hands down it's the best quality of cut you will get on the market for the value. If it isn't broke then don't fix it right? An absolute no-brainer decision from our friends at Metalcraft of Mayville!

Considering the only photographs which have been released of the Scag V-Ride XL have been in a 61" Velocity Plus Cutter deck configuration it's unknown what exact specs the Scag V-Ride XL will come in. Afterall it's called the "XL" is this because of the 61" Velocity Plus Cutter Deck and possibly larger deck size? Or will it be available in smaller sizes? If they build 32", 36", 48" and 52" V-Ride XL's will they feature dual gas tanks or a single gas tank? Only time will tell!

The engine? We're pretty sure the V-Ride XL is sporting the POWERFUL and reliable Kawasaki FX1000V EFI, an absolute workhorse of an engine designed to enhance your efficiency and elevate your mowing and landscaping capabilities to new heights. The perfect blend of remarkable power (999 cc and 61.0 cu. in of displacement) and 38.5 HP this means that the XL Velocity Plus Cutter deck won't have an issue mowing for long periods of time on the toughest lawns, all while giving you outstanding efficiency enabling you to handle the most challenging tasks. 10/10 choice my friends.

Scag V-Ride XL:  Longer and Easier to reach Cutter-Deck Lift System

Ergonomics and user-friendliness have taken a front seat with the Scag V-Ride XL. The longer spring-assisted cutter deck lever is not just easily accessible but also does not obstruct the operator's view. The redesigned tethered pin setting area ensures longevity, especially for those who need to frequently adjust the cutter deck height.

Aesthetic Upgrades with the Scag V-Ride XL

Scag V-Ride XL

 Photo credit: Scag (click here to view on instagram)

Scag has always been about performance, but with the V-Ride XL, they've taken aesthetics seriously too. The "Blacked out" features combined with the Scag's signature Cats eye gold and sleeker gas tanks give the V-Ride XL a contemporary look. The shift from sticker decals to metal ones adds to the sophisticated, yet rugged appeal of the model.

Anticipation in the Air

The teaser of the Scag V-Ride XL has undoubtedly created a ripple in the industry. Professionals and enthusiasts are waiting with bated breath for more information on the complete specs and features. Given Scag's track record, one can expect a few more surprises in the final product.

Scag V-Ride XL

Photograph from Scag Nation Facebook Group View here


The Scag V-Ride XL seems to have hit all the right chords. From efficiency to aesthetics, the upgrades are both practical and visually appealing. For those in the landscaping business, this model promises to be a game-changer. As the final specs unfold, one thing is clear - Scag Outdoor Power Equipment continues its legacy of innovation and excellence with the V-Ride XL.

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