Why The Honda EU2200i Is the Best Portable Generator

Why The Honda EU2200i Is the Best Portable Generator - Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment
Why The Honda EU2200i Is the Best Portable Generator | Gilford Hardware and Outdoor Power Equipment | Honda dealer near me

Why The Honda EU2200i Is the Best Portable Generator

You're doing your due diligence and searching the web looking for the best portable generator available. There are many portable generator brands out there, at different price points and features, but which Portable Generator is the Best? 

In this Article we will confirm that the Honda EU2200i is the best Portable generator out there. B-b-but wait, you sell Honda Generators! You must be biased! Yes, you are correct. I am, but in this article you will see why the Honda EU2200i is the best portable generator and why there isn't a comparable model on the market. 

I've read a few articles and it says that another brand is the best portable generator!

There are numerous blogs and review websites and videos out there which cover portable generators. The problem is that these articles were specifically written to make money. This means the person or people writing the article really don't care about portable generators but created content and reviews in order to be found on the search engines and make sales, or get paid by the manufacturer. 

The Reasons Why the Honda EU2200i Is the Best Portable Generator 

There are many reasons why the Honda EU2200i Is the Best Portable Generator! We will focus on a handful which will give you a very good understanding on why the EU2200i is the Best and any competitors aren't even close!

•  Longevity & History
•  Quality & Serviceability
•  Reliability
•  Useful Features


Honda Generators: History & Longevity 

Legendary Quality for over 50 years Honda | Why The Honda EU2200i Is the Best Portable Generator | Gilford Hardware and Outdoor Power Equipment | Honda dealer near me

(Photo credits: © Honda Motor Co.)

Honda released it's first portable generator in 1965!  This means Honda has been designing, and manufacturing portable Generators for over 50 years! You cannot find another brand that has been building portable generators for this long!  The Honda E300 Generator sales soared as a result of the sheer convenience of this compact, quiet, and smoke-free generator, whether on work sites for use in lighting where night shifts had increased, as backup sources of electricity, or even among the general public providing electrical power for outdoor lighting or nighttime food carts.

Since the Honda E300 Portable generator Honda has made many revisions.  Each and every generator has been improved on, minified, and refined. Model after model, until modern day where the EU2200i is the pinnacle of years of Honda's research and development, and manufacturing. 

Simply put, if Honda made poor quality generators they wouldn't still be making them over 50 years later. This is what Honda has been known for since it's conception. Innovation, Quality, Reliability while providing easy to use and useful power equipment.

Honda EU2200i Portable Generator: Quality & Serviceability

Quality Engines built by the Best in the Business | Why The Honda EU2200i Is the Best Portable Generator | Gilford Hardware and Outdoor Power Equipment | Honda dealer near me

(Photo credits: © Honda Motor Co.)

Even before Honda was producing quality portable generators they were known for their bullet proof and reliable small engines. Powering the EU2200i is the Honda GXR120 Engine is known for its commercial-grade dependability and may be found on a variety of outdoor power equipment products (not only Honda's!) The quiet, smooth, and fuel-efficient Honda GXR120 engine is well-known. While remaining small and light. The size of the generator is proportional to the quantity of power it can generate. This places the Honda GXR120 Engine at the top of its class in terms of size to power output. It will always supply the power you need to finish the task, and it was designed for heavy-duty construction equipment, so it has incredible longevity and dependability.

It's tough to find a generator company which manufactures, all of it's own parts and engine. Many of the "competitors" generators are using a mish-mash of parts, chassis, and engines from different brands and countries. This creates a couple problems in the long run.This means since the parts, engine, and chassis are combined together they might not have been produced specifically for a portable power generator, giving you more of a chance of something going wrong down the road. This also means parts availability to repair or fix if a problem does arise tough. 

The fact that Honda develops and manufactures their Generators from the ground up means that they are built with very tight specifications and with quality in mind. They don't simply "cut corners" to lower the quality, or overall cost. Each and every part in the Honda EU2200i generator is specifically chosen and manufactured to provide the best lightweight portable generator. 

Honda EU2200i Portable Generator Service

Why The Honda EU2200i Is the Best Portable Generator | Gilford Hardware and Outdoor Power Equipment | Honda dealer near me

The Honda EU2200i comes with a 3-Year Manufacturers Warranty. Try to find another Portable generator on the market that comes with a warranty, which has service locations, and not just a 1-800 number. You won't!

Luckily Honda has an answer to this, Honda has thousands of service locations for Outdoor Power Equipment world-wide. This is great for the consumer because if in the off chance something does go wrong, you have someone to fix it.  Note: Many Outdoor Power Equipment dealers will only service what they sold. This means purchasing any type of Honda Outdoor Power Equipment from the big box store down the street probably isn't the best idea. We will get more into this later in the article. Alternatively,  many Honda Outdoor Power Equipment parts are available online so if you are a go-getting DIY'er you can fix it yourself!  

 Honda EU2200i Portable Generator Reliability 

Probably the most important thing to consider when purchasing any high ticket item is reliability. When you purchase a product, you want it to have a long usable life.  This is where the Honda EU2200 thrives and smashes it's competition. Honda is known world-wide for making some of the most reliable cars, motorcycles, scooters, dirtbikes and more. Almost everyone knows someone who owned a Honda product which "lasted forever" The Honda EU2200i portable generator is no different. We have personally serviced Honda portable generators that were released in the 1980's!  Yes, over 30 years later, they are still producing comically low at todays standards portable power!

It's the small details that reveal a product's quality and longevity. The stamped metal recoil rope insert on the EU2200i, for example, reduces the risk of damage to the generator's body. Or the expanded ventilation space, which allows for better cooling of critical components. Alternatively, use some of the best quality and most powerful magnets available in the upgraded stator/rotor arrangement.

Sure aftermarket parts and accessories are available for a Honda EU2200i Generator but please consider that adding or removing OEM parts and accessories might void the warranty. 

What Can I Run with the Honda EU2200i Portable Generator?

  • Refrigerator or Freezer (Energy Star)
  • Microwave Oven
  • Incandescent Lights
  • Portable fan
  • TV / DVD
  • Hair Dryer
  • Coffee Maker
  • Computer
  • Garage Door Opener
  • Blender

Questions? View Honda's Generator Usage Chart Here

 Honda EU2200i Portable Generator Useful Features

You won't find a portable generator on the market packed with so many useful features. Every single part of the Honda EU2200i was built to improve your life. 

This includes:

✔️Super Quiet: Running at 48 to 57 dBA makes the Honda EU2200i less noise than a normal conversation.

✔️Easy Starting: The automated mechanical decompressor mechanism on Honda's engines decreases the amount of force required to start the engine substantially. To swiftly assist the user through the initial operation, operational contact points are color-coded in gray.

✔️Fuel EfficientRuns 3.2 to 8.1 hours on a single tank, due to Honda Eco Throttle System. Read more about how it works here

✔️Advanced Inverter Technology:  The EU2200i's inverter technology ensures our inverter generators produce power that is as reliable as the power you get from your outlets at home. Safe for all types of sensitive technology: Laptops, Phones and more!

And many more.. See our Sales Page Here!

Double the Power, Double the Fun The Honda EU2200i Parallel Capability

Are you looking for even more portable power? No problem! Combine the power of a second EU2200i. With an additional cable (not included), two identical versions may be paralleled for up to 4400 watts of power. In addition, the EU2200i will work in tandem with the EU2000iK1/T1 models.

But... The Honda EU2200i costs more than [Brand name here] Generator is it worth it? 

We've heard this many times before, and what it comes down to is the age old saying: You get what you pay for.  Yes, in comparison to similar generators it's size, it might cost more. What you are forgetting is the amount of quality, reliability, and innovation which was used to produce the EU2200i. If Honda could produce a less expensive model of the EU2200i (they do) it wouldn't be as powerful, or feature packed. If a similar style generator costs less, it's missing something. 

Honda EU2200i Is the Best Portable Generator Conclusion

Many brands have tried to topple the Pinnacle of Portable Power, the Honda EU2200i. None have been able and it's for good reason. The Honda EU2200i is the only choice when it comes portable power. We love Honda equipment, and for good reason, they make the best-of-the-best when it comes to their outdoor power equipment. Generators, Pumps, Snow Blowers, and walk behind lawn mowers are all top of their class in terms of performance, reliability and ease of use. Nothing even comes close!  If we didn't think that the Honda EU2200i is the best portable generator on the market, we wouldn't sell it. It's that simple! Thank you for reading and remember to Shop Local!

View the Honda EU2200i Generator in action below!

BONUS: Should I Purchase a Honda EU2200i Portable Generator From a Big Box Store?

We might not be able to change your mind, but we can try! The answer is NO! but why?  There are a few issues which arise from purchasing any Honda Power Equipment from a big-box store. First off, sometimes the quality is lacking. We've seen identical machines purchased from big box stores which had issues and entirely different parts. We've seen models which didn't even have serial numbers which were available for lookup, meaning we couldn't service them under warranty. We've seen products which were sold in the box, which were improperly set up, and destroyed or in unusable condition. (Forgetting to put oil in your brand new piece of equipment isn't covered by the warranty!)  As a rule of thumb we will start every piece of equipment that we sell before it leaves the store to make sure you have a brand new piece of equipment ready-to-go. 

As much as the ease and availability of a big-box store might be appealing, It's more than worth it to make a drive to your nearest authorized dealer and purchase locally from them *If possible. I'll remind you again, many dealers will NOT work on Outdoor Power Equipment that wasn't purchased from their store. It's also more productive and better forethought to have a sales & service dealer nearby just incase something ever goes wrong. 

If you are "Local..."

Here is our current in-stock inventory of Honda Generators Available for pick up!



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