Q&A: How Do I Repair Bare Patches In My Lawn?

Q&A: How Do I Repair Bare Patches In My Lawn? - Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment

How Do I Repair Bare Patches In My Lawn?

How Do I Repair Bare Patches In My Lawn?


It's spring and you look outside and see that your lawn has a bare spot! Oh no, I need a gorgeous lawn like my neighbors you tell yourself. Don't worry, Repairing Bare patches in a lawn is easy! 

1.  Use a variety of garden tools to break up the soil.

You might need these garden tools:  Shovel, Rake, Landscaper Rake, 

2.  Use Moo Doo Top Soil if your Top Soil is mainly clay, or looks sandy.

Rake out any debris, break up any huge clumps of dirt, and remove rocks. Then break open a bag of Moo Dirt and rake it into the soil, make sure the Moo doo is the top layer of the soil.
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 3.  Depending on the shade density, choose the appropriate grass seed and spread it on the dirt patch.

 Some Choices Of Grass Seed: 

Sun and Shade: One of the most common grass seeds, great for sun and shade, easy to grow. 

Dense Shade: Grass seed which grows with a small amount of sun, It still needs sun, but not very much compared to other grass seeds. 

Kentucky Bluegrass: High quality grass seed, most turfs and lawns have a mixture of Kentucky bluegrass seed in them.  Good for sun and shade, but prefers sun. 

  4.  Completely cover the bare patch of lawn with seed.

Use a hand or push spreader 


  5.  Sprinkle the region with starter fertilizer

You have a few options for Starter Lawn Fertilizer, depending on your price range, the quality of these is generally the same because they have similar N-P-K mixtures. 

  6.  Spread the Seed Out, until the seeds are evenly distributed in the soil.


   7.  Apply water as soon as possible. Continue to water gently three times a day for the next seven to ten days. 


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