Scag EVZ Electric-Powered Zero-Turn Riding Mower First Look Coming Soon!

Scag EVZ Electric-Powered Zero-Turn Riding Mower First Look Coming Soon! - Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment

Scag EVZ Electric Powered Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower 52 inch Gilford hardware

Are you ready to charge your engine?  Scag has gone Electric!  Gilford Hardware is proud to announce and give details on the brand new Scag EVZ Electric-Powered Zero-Turn Riding Mower 52" is Scag Outdoor Power Equipments first all electric mower in the Scag Lineup!

Scag EVZ Electric Powered Zero Turn Lawn Mower | Gilford Hardware | Scag Dealer near me


The Scag EVZ at home or work, you can count on clean and quiet operation. To keep the grass looking fantastic, no more dealing with a noisy motor, nasty exhaust, or filthy gas cans. Are you ready for an Electric Mower which has solid construction, and an unrivaled cut quality

The Workhorse of the EVZ: Vanguard® Commercial Lithium-Ion Battery Pack ⚡

Scag EVZ Electric Powered Zero Turn Mower Vanguard Lithium Ion Battery Gilford Hardware Scag dealer near me

 The Vanguard® Commercial Lithium-Ion Battery Pack boasts a maintainable and long-lasting battery pack for unrivaled power, easy maintenance, and low total cost of ownership. This industrial battery pack provides the power you require in the areas where it is most needed. More information can be found here

Does it come with a Charger though? ⚡

Yes! It comes with a Vanguard 1050W Battery Charger for rapid, efficient charging.  It's easy to connect, and works seamlessly with The Vanguard® Commercial Lithium-Ion Battery Packs. It features bluetooth enabled capabilities allowing you to track your charging status 

Scag EVZ Vanguard Battery Charger included | Gilford Hardware | Scag dealer near me

How long does it take to charge the Scag EVZ Riding Mower? ⚡

Charging the EVZ's Vanguard® Commercial Lithium-Ion Battery Pack takes 6 hours (5kWh)  Don't worry, you don't need to call an electrician to install a special charger, the Vanguard® 1050W Charger can easily be plugged into any standard home wall outlet! 

Need a quicker charge? ⚡

You can purchase a second charger and run them parallel to reduce charging time!  Don't worry the  Vanguard® Commercial Lithium-Ion Battery Pack comes with a 3-year / 2,000 cycle warranty is included with all Scag EVZ Lawn Mowers. More information on the Vanguard Charger can be found here

Noteworthy Features of the Scag EVZ Electric-Powered Zero-Turn Riding Mower ⚡

 Smartec® by Hydro-Gear ZT-2800e 

SMARTEC ZT-2800e Scag EVZ | Gilford Hardware And Outdoor Power Equipment | Scag Dealer near me

A high-performance electric zero-turn drive system designed exclusively for electric zero-turn lawn mowers. This drivetrain, which is based on the famous ZT-2800 gear train, works in tandem with Smartec controllers, deck system, and battery pack, allowing it to be adjusted and maintained through a mobile app.

Scag EVZ 52" Hero Cutter Deck ⚡

Scag EVZ Electric Powered Mower | Hero Cutter Deck | Gilford Hardware | Scag dealer near me

The Scag EVZ features a 52" Hero Cutter deck. The Hero Cutter Deck is currently used on the Freedom-Z, Patriot and Liberty-Z. It's a high quality, fully fabricated and welded deck which provides an envy-inducing quality of cut your neighbors and competitors will be jealous of! 

Hero Cutter Deck Powered by Smartec D2e™ Deck Motor ⚡

SMARTEC D2e™ Deck Motor Scag EVZ Gilford Hardware | Scag Dealer near me

The D2e™ Deck Motor provides power to the cutter blades and makes the Hero Cutter deck a grass cutting legend.  This unit has more than enough power for your mowing applications. It features a brushless DC motor giving the Scag EVZ the ability to cut grass with ease!

Full-Featured Color Display Screen & Simple Controls ⚡

Full-Featured Color Display Screen & Simple Controls | Gilford Hardware | Scag Dealer near me

The Scag EVZ features a full featured color display screen on it's right side. This screen allows you to quickly view the battery charge levels, hours of run time and provides system diagnostics. You will also find the blade engagement switch, the light switch, the emergency stop switch and the ignition key. Everything you need to be in control of the Scag EVZ Zero turn mower in an easy to reach place

Standard LED Light kit (Included)⚡

Scag EVZ Electric Zero Turn Mower Gilford Hardware

Mow early in the morning or late into the afternoon and let the Scag EVZ's dual LED lights light the way! 

More Features of the Scag EVZ Electric-Powered Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower! ⚡

⚡ Years of dependable service and worry-free productivity are ensured by the heavy-duty build.

⚡ Low-maintenance mower design: grease spots have been reduced for operator comfort. There is no need to replace the engine oil. There are no belts to change

⚡ High productivity thanks to ground speeds of up to 7 mph.

⚡ The center of gravity is extremely low for optimal stability.

⚡ Large 11" front caster tires and 20" driving tires for great traction and a smooth ride.

⚡ Comfortable, adjustable, cushioned seat for a pleasant ride.

⚡ Wide, roomy footplate with extruded pattern for safe traction while stepping on and off the mower.

⚡Ergonomic operation with large-diameter, cushioned, adjustable steering levers.

⚡ Powder coat paint for a showroom-quality finish and longer life.

Comprehensive warranty coverage:
Non-commercial mowers have a 3-year / 500-hour guarantee, whereas commercial mowers have a 2-year warranty. Vanguard batteries come with a 3-year, 2,000-cycle guarantee.

 Check out the Scag EVZ Prototype below 

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