Scag Lawn Mower Deck Size Efficiency Chart

Scag Lawn Mower Deck Size Efficiency Chart

Are you a homeowner or professional landscaper grappling with the pivotal decision of choosing the right deck size? Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment has revolutionized this decision-making process with an ingenious chart. This tool distills complex calculations into a user-friendly guide, ensuring you select the ideal deck size to maximize efficiency. Remember, in our industry, time is indeed money. Let this chart be your guide to significant savings in both!

Here's a glimpse into the science behind this game-changing tool:

  • Deck Size Options: Ranging from 21" to 72", we cover the most commonly sought-after sizes.
  • Speed Factor: We base our calculations on an average speed of 6 MPH, adaptable to various models and conditions.
  • Efficiency Adjustment: Considering the realities of mowing, like overlapping and maneuvering, we apply a 20% reduction factor.
  • Practical Metrics: Our formula incorporates real-world variables, from mowing hours (1-11 hours) to the area covered in acres (43,560 square feet per acre).
  • The Formula Unveiled: Acres per Day = (43,560 sq ft per acre × 12 inches per foot × Mower Speed in MPH × 5,280 feet per mile × Cutter Deck Width in inches × 8 hours per day) × 0.8 efficiency factor.

Choose wisely, mow efficiently, and elevate your landscaping with Gilford Hardware's expert guidance




In the realm of landscaping efficiency, certain trends and strategies emerge as pivotal for maximizing productivity:

  1. Trends:

    1. Efficiency Over Time: It's evident that the longer you mow, the more ground you cover, showcasing a stable efficiency rate as time progresses.
    2. Deck Size Impact: A larger deck size correlates with increased acreage covered per hour. This directly implies that opting for a larger deck can significantly boost your mowing efficiency.
    3. Point of Diminishing Returns: There's an implicit threshold where further increasing the deck size or mowing duration doesn't linearly increase the area mowed. This could be due to practical limitations like maintaining straight lines over long distances or extra time needed for turns and overlaps.


    1. Optimal Working Hours: The data suggests an efficiency peak at around 8 hours of work, regardless of the deck size. This balances labor input with output effectively.
    2. Deck Size and Productivity: Decks in the 48-72 inch range demonstrate a marked improvement in acres mowed, particularly beneficial for vast, open spaces.

    Deck Size Recommendations:

    1. Homeowners: For smaller properties, deck sizes between 21-30 inches are ideal. Even with shorter mowing durations (1-3 hours), these sizes are sufficient to cover a respectable area.
    2. Small Landscapers: If you're managing multiple residential or small commercial properties, a deck size in the 30-36 inch range strikes a perfect balance between maneuverability and efficiency.
    3. Medium Landscapers: Those handling larger contracts, such as small parks or spacious residential areas, would find decks between 42-52 inches optimal. These sizes offer enhanced efficiency while remaining manageable in more intricate spaces.
    4. Professional Landscapers: For expansive, open areas like golf courses or large parks, the largest decks (61-72 inches) are the go-to choice. These sizes are most productive, especially when operated for longer hours (8-11 hours), as indicated by the chart.

    Scag Lawn Mower Deck Size Efficiency Chart Wrap Up...

    In conclusion, Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment's Lawn Mower Efficiency Chart is a crucial tool for any homeowner or professional landscaper. By providing a clear and concise guide to deck size selection, this tool simplifies a complex decision, enabling you to choose the most efficient size for your specific needs. The chart's insights into trends such as efficiency over time, the impact of deck size, and the point of diminishing returns offer valuable guidance. Additionally, the recommendations tailored for homeowners, small and medium landscapers, and professional landscapers ensure that every user can find their ideal match. Embrace this revolutionary tool and transform your landscaping efficiency, making the most of your time and resources. Remember, with Gilford Hardware's expert advice, you're not just choosing a mower deck size; you're optimizing your entire mowing experience for peak productivity and ease.

    Coming Soon! We're working on a customgpt which will allow you to optimize time and money for landscaping! 

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