Must Have Scag Zero-Turn Mower Upgrades: Unleash Your Landscaping Potential!

Unleash Your Lawn's Potential: Must-Have Scag Zero-Turn Mower Upgrades and Accessories!
Are you a dedicated homeowner or landscaper with a Scag Zero-Turn Lawn Mower? If so, you undoubtedly take your lawn care seriously, understanding the significance of efficiency, time, and cost-effectiveness. To elevate your outdoor landscaping game and excel in these aspects, consider incorporating powerful upgrades and accessories into your equipment. These enhancements are designed not only to expedite your tasks but also to save you valuable time and money in the long haul. Discover our curated selection of must-have Scag Zero-Turn Lawn Mower upgrades and accessories, enabling you to supercharge your efficiency and unlock your full landscaping potential.


Unlock the Full Potential of Your Scag Zero-Turn Lawn Mower with Equipment Mounts!

Elevate your lawn care game by equipping your Scag zero-turn mower with cutting-edge equipment mounts. Say farewell to the days of fumbling for tools and supplies while you mow, and embrace a world of advantages that will make your life easier:

Convenience: Imagine having all your essential tools and supplies right at your fingertips, eliminating the need to constantly run back and forth for equipment. Boosted Productivity: With trimmers, blowers, and hand tools within arm's reach, you can seamlessly transition between tasks, supercharging your overall productivity. Efficiency: Streamline your lawn care routine by tackling multiple tasks in one go, saving you both time and effort.

Minimal Downtime: Forget about those inconvenient fuel runs in the middle of a job – mount extra gasoline on your mower to minimize downtime and keep the workflow smooth. Operator Comfort: Bid adieu to the physical strain of lugging heavy equipment around. Let your mower handle the heavy lifting for you. Versatility: Transform your mower into a multi-purpose hub for various lawn care tasks, allowing you to accomplish more in less time.

Safety First: Securely mounted equipment reduces the risk of accidents, making your lawn care tasks safer. Space Savings: Reclaim valuable storage space in your shed or garage by eliminating the need for additional tool storage. Budget-Friendly: Save money by using your mower for multiple purposes and combining various tools, making it ideal for those on a budget or with limited storage space.

Organized and Efficient: Keep your tools and supplies neatly organized, ensuring you can easily locate what you need. To enjoy these benefits, make sure to install and attach your equipment mounts correctly. This not only enhances your efficiency but also ensures the longevity of your mower and equipment. Upgrade your Scag zero-turn lawn mower with equipment mounts today and witness the transformation for yourself!

Maximize the potential of your Scag zero-turn lawn mower with state-of-the-art equipment mounts. Enhance your lawn care journey by embracing the convenience of having essential tools and supplies right at your fingertips. This not only boosts productivity with trimmers, blowers, and hand tools within arm's reach but also streamlines your routine, saving you valuable time and effort. Bid farewell to inconvenient fuel runs and physical strain as securely mounted equipment ensures safety and frees up space. 


Scag V-Ride II with baggers

Are you a professional landscaper or a homeowner looking to elevate your lawn care game? Consider the invaluable advantages of adding a mulching kit or bagger to your Scag Zero Turn lawn mower. These essential attachments can make a world of difference for those who are passionate about maintaining their lawns:

 Taming the Chaos: Whether you're striving for a picture-perfect yard or seeking a pristine finish for your clients, a bagger or mulching kit ensures your lawn stays free from unsightly clumps of grass, leaves, and debris. This tidiness significantly enhances your property's curb appeal.

 Time is Money: Time is of the essence for professionals, and homeowners cherish their weekends. Bagger attachments efficiently collect clippings and debris during mowing, eliminating the need for post-mow cleanups. This not only saves you time but allows for more leisure or more clients served.

 Healthier Lawns: Mulching kits excel at finely shredding grass clippings, aiding rapid decomposition, and returning essential nutrients to the soil. This translates to healthier, lusher lawns. For professionals, it means satisfied clients; for homeowners, it reduces the need for costly fertilizers and treatments.

 The Perfect Lawn: Achieve a consistently groomed lawn that leaves clients and neighbors in awe. For homeowners, it means taking pride in a yard that looks professionally maintained.

 Streamlined Waste Management: Managing yard waste becomes a breeze with a bagger. Clippings and debris are collected neatly and can be disposed of in an organized and eco-friendly manner.

 Versatility: Both baggers and mulching kits make your mower adaptable, catering to various lawn care needs without requiring extra equipment. This versatility is a game-changer for professionals and homeowners alike.

 Peak Efficiency: Professionals benefit from serving more clients and higher earnings, while homeowners enjoy reduced labor and more leisure time. Bagger or mulching kit, it significantly streamlines the mowing process, making it more efficient and productive.

 Eco-Conscious Choice: Mulching kits contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing yard waste headed to landfills. This is a responsible choice for eco-conscious individuals, demonstrating a commitment to the environment.

Scag Turf Tiger II Zero Turn Lawn Mower

To get straight to the point, upgrading your Scag Zero Turn lawn mower with a bagger or mulching kit is a game-changer that will leave both professionals and homeowners beaming with satisfaction. It's a time-saving marvel, a boost for your lawn's appearance, an enhancement for aesthetics, a wizard at managing waste, and a nod to eco-consciousness. These add-ons? They're the hidden gems that supercharge the efficiency and effectiveness of your lawn care efforts, no matter your starting point.

If you are looking for a Bagging system, Accessories or replacement parts for your Scag Zero Turn Lawn Mower or Equipment, no worries! Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment is an authorized Scag Sales and Service Dealership please contact us for more information today!


Scag LED Lightbar Addition

Enhanced Visibility: LED lights significantly improve visibility during low-light conditions or when working in the early morning or late evening. For professionals, this means being able to extend your working hours, ensuring you can meet client deadlines and take on more projects. Homeowners can also continue their yard work after the sun sets, making the most of their free time.

Safety First: With improved illumination, the chances of accidents and collisions are greatly reduced. This is crucial for both professionals and homeowners who want to ensure the safety of their property and those in the vicinity. You can navigate your mower more confidently, even in tricky areas.

Professionalism: For landscaping professionals, having LED lights on your mower can set you apart from the competition. It showcases your commitment to providing top-quality service and can impress clients. Homeowners can take pride in having a well-equipped, professional-looking lawn care tool.

Convenience: LED lights make it easier to spot obstacles or debris in your path, preventing damage to your mower and reducing the risk of hidden hazards. This added convenience can save you time and money by avoiding costly repairs.

Versatility: Whether you're a professional handling a variety of jobs or a homeowner with diverse landscaping needs, LED lights on your Scag Zero Turn Lawn Mower make it more adaptable. You can confidently work in different conditions, from early morning to late evening, without compromising on the quality of your work.

Aesthetic Appeal: LED lights can also add a touch of style to your mower, making it look sleek and modern. For homeowners, this means enhancing the appearance of your lawn care equipment, and for professionals, it can contribute to a more professional image.

In a nutshell, the addition of LED lights to your Scag Zero Turn Lawn Mower is a savvy move, whether you're a professional or a homeowner. It elevates visibility, safety, and the overall professional look, all while introducing extra convenience and versatility. Moreover, it brings a touch of elegance to your landscaping equipment. This enhancement can greatly enrich your landscaping experience, regardless of your specific role.

If you are looking for a trailer Hitch or any other types of Accessories or replacement parts for your Scag Zero Turn Lawn Mower or Equipment, no worries! Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment is an authorized Scag Sales and Service Dealership please contact us for more information today!


Using Michelin's X® TWEEL® Airless Radial Tire, such as the X® TWEEL® TURF XL 22", 5x4.5", on your Scag Zero Turn Lawn Mower offers several advantages compared to traditional wheels. Here's why you should consider making the switch:

1. Consistent Cut Quality: The X® TWEEL® maintains a consistent hub height, ensuring your mower deck produces an even cut every time. Traditional pneumatic tires can vary in pressure and cause fluctuations in cutting height, resulting in an uneven lawn appearance. With the TWEEL®, you'll achieve a professional and uniform look for your lawn.

2. Superior Stability on Slopes: The X® TWEEL® provides excellent lateral stability on hillsides and sloped surfaces. It offers outstanding operator comfort, even when navigating over curbs and other bumps. This stability is a critical factor in preventing accidents and maintaining control on uneven terrain, making it a safer option for both professionals and homeowners.

3. Extended Wear Life: The X® TWEEL® is designed with high-performance compounds and an efficient contact patch. This design allows it to offer a wear life that is 2-3 times longer than traditional pneumatic tires with equal tread depth. This longevity translates into cost savings and reduced downtime, particularly for professionals who rely on their equipment for daily tasks.

4. Minimal Turf Damage: The tread design of the X® TWEEL® is optimized to minimize turf damage while providing excellent traction. Traditional tires can leave unsightly tire tracks or even damage the grass, especially in wet or delicate conditions. The TWEEL® ensures your lawn remains pristine and undisturbed.

5. Durable and Resilient Construction: The X® TWEEL® features a robust construction with zero-degree belts under the tread, a proprietary design for lateral stiffness, and a Comp10 Cable™ that forms a semi-rigid shear beam. This construction not only resists damage but also efficiently absorbs impacts, making it ideal for rugged terrain and debris-prone areas.

6. Reduced Maintenance: Traditional pneumatic tires are susceptible to punctures and require regular maintenance. The X® TWEEL® is airless and virtually puncture-proof, reducing the need for frequent repairs and replacements. This saves both time and money in the long run.

7. Compatibility and Versatility: The heavy-gauge steel hub of the X® TWEEL® is designed to fit on a variety of popular mowers including Scag Zero-Turn's, ensuring it's a versatile choice for different equipment models. Its high-strength poly-resin spokes further enhance durability and dampen the ride, reducing pneumatic bounce.

Choosing the X® TWEEL® Airless Radial Tire for your Scag Zero Turn Lawn Mower is a wise decision. It delivers consistent cutting quality, remarkable stability, extended lifespan, minimal turf impact, robust durability, decreased maintenance needs, and versatility with various mower models. Whether you're a seasoned landscaper or a homeowner, this cutting-edge tire guarantees top-notch performance for your lawn care equipment and maintains the flawless look of your lawn.

Unfortunately Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment isn't a TWEEL Dealership, for more information please click here


Scag Trailer Hitch Gilford Hardware

Adding a towing hitch to your Scag Zero Turn Lawn Mower can significantly enhance its versatility and efficiency, benefiting both professionals and homeowners. Here are the key advantages of this practical addition:

1. Multi-Purpose Capability: A towing hitch transforms your mower into a versatile workhorse. Professionals can use it to tow trailers, spreaders, and other equipment, making it easier to transport tools and materials around a job site. Homeowners can benefit from this versatility by attaching carts for yard waste, garden supplies, or even small utility trailers for household tasks.

2. Time and Labor Savings: With a towing hitch, you can efficiently move heavy loads without the need for manual labor. Professionals can transport landscaping materials or tools with ease, reducing the time spent on physically moving items. Homeowners can simplify tasks like hauling firewood, mulch, or garden debris, saving energy and time.

3. Increased Efficiency: The towing hitch improves overall efficiency in lawn care and landscaping. For professionals, it means completing tasks more quickly, which can lead to serving more clients and increasing revenue. Homeowners can complete yard work and DIY projects more efficiently, leaving them with more leisure time.

4. Reduced Wear and Tear: Using your mower for towing tasks can actually reduce the wear and tear on your body and other equipment. You won't need to carry heavy loads or invest in additional machinery for transport, which can save you money on equipment maintenance.

5. Cost-Effective Solution: Adding a towing hitch is a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a separate utility vehicle or tractor for towing tasks. It maximizes the utility of your existing equipment without the need for a substantial investment.

6. Versatile Landscaping: Professionals can diversify their services by easily transporting various tools and equipment to different job sites. Homeowners can tackle a wider range of landscaping projects with ease, from spreading soil to transporting rocks and materials.

7. Improved Yard Management: Homeowners can efficiently manage their yards by using the mower to transport materials and tools as needed. This leads to a neater and more organized yard.

To put it simply, attaching a towing hitch to your Scag Zero Turn Lawn Mower provides many advantages, especially when it comes to upgrading your Scag Zero Turn Lawn Mower  You'll enjoy greater versatility, save time and effort, work more efficiently, reduce wear and tear, save money, offer a wider range of services if you're a professional, and manage your yard better if you're a homeowner. This handy addition makes your lawn care and landscaping tasks easier and more productive.

If you are looking for a trailer Hitch or any other types of Accessories or replacement parts for your Scag Zero Turn Lawn Mower or Equipment, no worries! Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment is an authorized Scag Sales and Service Dealership please contact us for more information today!

U-Mount Blower

U-Mount Blower Gilford Hardware

Unleashing Efficiency: Why Your Scag Zero Turn Mower Needs a U-Mount Blower

When it comes to maintaining vast expanses of green from debris, the right tools not only save time but redefine the chore of lawn care into something approaching a craft. The U-Mount blower is an easy-to-mount system which allows you to take your standard Zero turn mower and turn it into a zero-turn mower/blower combination. This allows you to landscape fast and efficiently without having to purchase an entire new unit.  

The Genius of the E-Z Mounting System

Quick and Secure: Featuring a taper design, this mounting system ensures a safe, secure, and swift transition between tasks.

The Beauty of a Compact Design

Heavyweight Performance, Lightweight Build: At just 90 lbs, this no-wheel blower attachment reduces stress on your mower and keeps you moving smoothly.

Mastery at Your Fingertips with Nozzle Control Steering

Unmatched Maneuverability: The 200-degree rotation and adjustable settings provide control and flexibility for any lawn situation.

The Power of a High Output Motor

Effortless Operation: The 7 HP Kohler engine, with its internal generator, eliminates the need for wires and ensures a hassle-free start every time.

Revolutionary Impeller & Housing

Built to Last: Our innovative plastic blower is both durable and lightweight, offering a powerful airflow that makes clean-up a breeze.

Connecting Innovation to Every Lawn

Scag U-Mount Blower | Gilford Hardware

This U-Mount Blower attachment is not merely an addition to your lawn care arsenal; it's a significant leap in efficiency. Its compact design and easy mount system reflect a deep understanding of the end-user experience, ensuring that your focus remains on the health and aesthetic of your lawn rather than the hassle and price points of owning multiple units. The advanced nozzle control, paired with a robust motor, means you’re equipped to handle all types of debris, making clean-up almost effortless.

Enhancing your Scag Zero Turn Mower with a U-Mount Blower isn't just about adding another tool—it's about investing in a smarter way to maintain your outdoor space.Ensuring that you spend less time on labor and more time enjoying the pristine results of your work. Luckily for you, Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment can special order your U-Mount blower! Please Contact us today to discuss pricing and options! 

Dump Bin

Upgrade your lawn mower with a front dump bin and watch your yard work become a breeze! This cool add-on lets you get rid of grass and leaves without ever leaving your seat, saving you loads of time. The bin sits at the front, so it makes your mower easy to handle and keeps it steady, even when you're making sharp turns.

You'll be able to pick up more before you have to empty it, which means less walking back and forth to the compost pile. Your grass will look better, too, because getting rid of the clippings fast means they won't cover up your lawn. This bin isn't just for grass—you can carry soil, fertilizer, and tools in it, making your work much simpler.

It's tough enough to carry heavy loads and still lasts a long time. You won't have to struggle with it, because it's made to work easily from where you're sitting. Plus, it's kinder to your back since you won't have to bend over and pick up yard waste anymore.

With this handy dump bin, taking care of your lawn becomes quicker, easier, and much more fun. You'll spend less time working on your lawn and more time enjoying it!

Scag Zero-Turn Mower Must Have Upgrades and Accessories In Conclusion..

In summary, upgrading your Scag Zero-Turn Lawn Mower with accessories like equipment mounts, mulching attachments, LED lights, the X® TWEEL® tire, towing hitch, U-Mount Blower, and a front dump bin can greatly improve efficiency, save time and money, and make lawn care easier for both professionals and homeowners. These enhancements offer convenience, safety, versatility, and superior performance, elevating your landscaping game to a whole new level. Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment is an authorized Scag Sales and Service Dealership please contact us for more information today!

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