Unveiling the Future: First Glimpse of the Scag Jackal Compact Track Loader

Unveiling the Future: First Glimpse of the Scag Jackal Compact Track Loader - Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment

In the expanding world of compact track loaders, there's a new player set to redefine standards: Scag Jackal Mini-Skid Steer. Announced recently at GIE 2023 and Launching in April, this compact track loader isn't just an addition. It's a promise of unmatched quality and performance. Lets take a deeper look into the Scag Jackal Compact Track Loader and find out why..

Scag Jackal Mini-Skid Steer | Gilford Hardware

Scag Jackal Mini-Skid Steer Engine Choices: Raw Power and Reliability

Unveiling the Future: First Glimpse of the Scag Jackal Compact Track Loader

When it comes to the NEW Scag Jackal Compact Track Loader, there are no compromises. Recently unveiled at GIE 2023, this powerhouse machine offers a range of engine options from renowned top-tier manufacturers, guaranteeing you unmatched performance and power. You'll have your choice of 25-horsepower diesel engines, with options from Kubota, Yanmar, or Kohler. The question isn't whether you want power, but which exceptional engine you prefer. Which one would you choose? It's a tough choice. 

Scag Jackal Compact Track Loader | Gilford Hardware

Scag Jackal Adaptable Track Widths: Tailor it Your Way

Scag Jackal Compact Track Loader | Gilford Hardware

The Scag Jackal Compact Track Loader understands that versatility is key when it comes to tackling diverse tasks. That's why it offers a range of track width options, including 7, 9, or 10 inches, to cater to your specific project requirements. When you need a narrower stance to navigate tight spaces with ease, opt for the 7-inch track. And if you require a wider stance to enhance balance and stability, the 9 or 10-inch wide tracks are ready to get the job done. Choose the Scag Jackal for the adaptability your projects demand.

Scag Jackal Mini-Skid Steer Lifting and Maintenance: Seamless Operations

Scag Jackal Compact Track Loader | Gilford Hardware

Efficiency and ease are at the core of The Scag Jackal Compact Track Loader. It flaunts a remarkable lift capacity of 1,100 lbs. Plus, maintenance won't be a hassle. Engine and hydraulic components are effortlessly accessible, due to an easy to access flip up front hood. 

Here are just some examples of what the Scag Jackal Compact Track Loader can Lift:

  1. Pallets of Building Materials: A mini track skid steer can easily lift and transport pallets of construction materials such as bricks, blocks, bags of cement, or stacks of lumber.

  2. Small Trees or Shrubs: Landscapers often use mini track skid steers to lift and relocate small trees or shrubs during landscaping projects.

  3. Soil or Gravel: These machines are ideal for moving bulk materials like soil or gravel for grading or filling purposes.

  4. Concrete Blocks or Retaining Wall Blocks: Mini track skid steers are capable of lifting and positioning heavy concrete blocks used in retaining walls or landscaping features.

Scag Jackal Hydraulics Control: Precision at Your Fingertips

Scag Jackal Compact Track Loader | Gilford Hardware

Experience the cutting-edge of hydraulics with the Scag Jackal Compact Track Loader. Equipped with advanced hydraulics as a standard feature, the Jackal boasts an intuitive flow control hydraulic pump that puts you in command. When you require maximum power for your attachments, simply turn the dial to unleash high-flow performance. And for those precision tasks that demand finesse, you can effortlessly select a lower flow setting. With the Scag Jackal Compact Track Loader, total control is right at your fingertips, giving you the power to conquer any job with ease.

Scag Jackal Compact Track Loader | Gilford Hardware

Scag Jackal Universal Attachments: Ready for Every Challenge

Scag Jackal Compact Track Loader | Gilford Hardware

Versatility is more than a feature; it's a commitment. The Scag Jackal Compact Track Loader doesn't just arrive with a dump bucket. It's built to sync with a spectrum of universal attachments. Whatever the task, The Jackal stands prepared. Mini track skid steers can be equipped with various attachments, such as buckets, forks, augers, or trenchers, to perform a wide range of tasks.

In the vast arena of track loaders, with giants like Toro Dingo and Bobcat MT100, The Jackal promises to carve its niche. It symbolizes not just an addition but our vow to present groundbreaking solutions for diverse needs.


In a world where machinery is often defined by its specifications and capabilities, the Scag Jackal Compact Track Loader emerges not just as another tool in the shed but as a trailblazer in its class. From its robust engine choices to adaptable track widths, seamless maintenance, precision hydraulics, and unparalleled attachment versatility, the Jackal is more than equipped to handle the challenges of modern construction and landscaping. As competitors like the Toro Dingo and Bobcat MT100 have set high standards in the industry, the Scag Jackal not only meets these benchmarks but also promises to raise the bar even higher. The recent GIE 2023 unveiling gave us a glimpse of this commitment to excellence, and the coming months will undoubtedly witness the Jackal redefining what we expect from compact track loaders. Here's to the future, with the Scag Jackal leading the way!

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