The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Large Zero Turn Lawn Mower: Scag Zero Turn Mowers

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Large Zero Turn Lawn Mower: Scag Zero Turn Mowers - Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment

Are you in the market for a new zero-turn lawn mower but unclear which brand to purchase? Scag's zero-turn mowers are the only option. Landscapers and homeowners favor Scag mowers for their longevity, adaptability, and strength. In this guide, we'll examine some of the top Scag zero-turn mowers on the market and help you select the ideal one.

Scag Turf Tiger II: The Pinnacle of Performance and Power

Scag Turf Tiger II

The Scag Turf Tiger II is the largest and most heavy duty zero-turn mower offered by Scag.  The Scag Turf Tiger II is available with engine sizes up to 40 horsepower and a 72-inch cutting width, this mower can easily handle even the largest and most demanding lawns. Its durable design and modern features, including as the Velocity Plus cutter deck, make it the ideal tool for professional landscapers and large-acreage homeowners.

Unleash the Power of the Scag Cheetah II

Scag Cheetah II

When it comes to speed and efficiency, the Scag Cheetah II is the best zero-turn mower you can get. With a top speed of more than 16 miles per hour and a cutting width of up to 72 inches, this mower can quickly and easily cover large areas. Its innovative features, like the patented Velocity Plus cutter deck, make it easier and better to cut. The Cheetah II is perfect for professional landscapers and large property owners who want the best in speed and efficiency. It has a strong engine and is built to last. With the Scag Cheetah II, you can cut in half the time it takes to mow your lawn

Scag Tiger Cat II: The Perfect Mower for Serious Grass Cutting

Scag Tiger Cat II Gilford Hardware

The Tiger Cat II is one of our best selling large lawn mowers, because it's a dynamic mower, It can be used for homeowners who simply need to mow large areas, or landscapers. It offers the best of both worlds, while having a lower price point then both the Cheetah and Turf Tiger. It's got a smaller stance, but can be outfitted with a 48", 52" or 61" Velocity deck, which has ultra-tough cast-iron spindles featuring tapered roller bearings and a top-mounted grease fitting with a relief valve for ease of maintenance. The Scag Tiger Cat II is great for everyone, It can also be equipped with a 48" deck, so if you need a large zero turn mower, but need to get through a small space or have a small shed, the Tiger Cat II is the zero turn mower for you! 


Scag is widely considered to be one of the best brands of large zero turn mowers on the market due to its reliability, adaptability, and power. Scag manufactures mowers that are suitable for both commercial and domestic use. Tiger Cat II s great for home usage, while the Cheetah II excels on hills and rugged terrain, and the Turf Tiger II is the pinnacle of power and performance.

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