What is the Best Stain for Pressure Treated Wood?

What is the Best Stain for Pressure Treated Wood? - Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment

what is the best stain for pressure treated wood gilford hardware

What is the Best Stain for Pressure Treated Wood?

New Deck? Old Deck? A lot of people are wondering, what is the best stain for pressure treated wood? The answers simple, Arborcoat by Benjamin Moore or Cabot Stain. Why are these the best stains for Pressure Treated wood? Read further and we will tell you...

what is the best stain for pressure treated wood gilford hardware

Staining Pressure Treated Wood

It doesn't matter if you have a brand new pressure treated deck, or 10 year old pressure treated deck, you want two things from it: to look good, and last a long time. Luckily for you, this is an easy solution, staining pressure treated decking and wood provides: protection and aesthetic.

What kind of Protection do I get from Staining? 

Both Cabot and Arborcoat Stains are made to protect your pressure treated, mahogany, or any type of wood decking. They soak deep into the grains and provide protection to the wood, essentially sealing the color and providing protection to the weather and external elements. The best way to get maximum protection for your pressure treated wood is preparing the surface of the wood to be stained, this will get rid of the debris and give the stain a fresh surface to adhere and bind to..

Identifying "Problem Areas" (Re-staining a Deck)

This is a simple and easy trick to finding areas which will need attention before you stain your pressure treated deck. You just need a roll of transparent tape, Tape pull tests were performed in both peeling and "good" sections. Simply push the tape on dry wood with thumb pressure (wet wood will result in a false-positive test) and pull it off. If the tape removes any paint or stains, the area will need to be prepared for stain. 

How do I prepare my Deck to be Stained?

You will need: A Paint Scraper, Sand paper, or a Pressure washer (Any of the above will do, depending on your budget and size) Then you will want to start Scraping, power washing, or spot sanding the problematic areas, then feathering to remove sharp edges where current paint meets raw wood, is the following step. Allow the Decking to dry after removing any sanding dust.

What's the Best exterior stain for a Pressure Treated deck?

This depends on your personal preference and budget.  Arborcoat Exterior Stain and Cabot Deck & Siding Stain are you best choices. Why?  They have been used successfully for years around New England and are a popular choice in New Hampshire for a reason, because they work, and they work well (quality) . If they didn't I'd tell you to go to a big-box store and find the cheapest non-name brand stain and stain away. 


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