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    Five Classic New England Exterior Benjamin Moore Paint and Stain Colors

     Are you looking for the perfect color to enhance the beauty of your New England home's exterior? Look no further than our hand-picked list of classic Benjamin Moore Colors. These five colors were chosen because they have always been popular and can add a touch of class and elegance to the exterior of any New England home. Note: The following exterior colors are in no special order, nor are they ranked. 

    1. Blue Note 2129-30

         If you want a more masculine, nautical color, Blue Note 2129-30 is a beautiful shade of blue that will give any outdoor space a classic look and an air of sophistication. This rich, deep blue color gives off an air of elegance and class while making the outdoor space feel calm and in control. When you put Ivory-Tusk OC-91 and Blue Note 2129-30 together, you get a classic New England look.

    2. Cordovan Brown ES-62

    Five Classic Exterior New England Benjamin Moore Colors


         Cordovan Brown ES-62 is one of our most popular selling exterior stains in all of our stain lines. It's inspired by a soft luxury leather originally made from goatskin. It's a great choice for adding wamth and depth to your exterior, while blending in with natural outdoor beauty. If you are looking for a more traditional New England color for your exterior space Cordovan Brown ES-62 is a great choice. Cordovan brown is an excellent choice for painting over already painted exterior surfaces due to it's darker hue.

    3. Redwood ES-20

    Five Classic Exterior New England Benjamin Moore Colors


         Redwood ES-20 takes its name from the towering western redwood trees. Benjamin Moore Redwood ES-20 is the perfect color for adding a bold and vibrant touch to your exterior deck and siding. This warm, reddish-brown shade brings a sense of energy and liveliness to any New England outdoor living space. It's a great option for homeowners who want to make their outdoor space feel warm and inviting. Redwood ES-20 is the best option for any homeowner looking to update their outdoor space, whether you want to make a statement with your deck color or just add a touch of warmth.

    4. Natural Cedartone ES-45

    Five Classic Exterior New England Benjamin Moore Colors

         If you want to give your home's exterior a touch of nature and warmth, Benjamin Moore's Natural Cedartone ES-45 is a great choice. The natural beauty of cedar wood inspired this rich, warm brown color, which will bring a sense of calm and relaxation to your outdoor living space. This beautiful, rich color can be easily coordinated with your home's current exterior paint colors, or raw exterior woods.

    5. Oxford brown ES-67

    Five Classic Exterior New England Benjamin Moore Colors


         Oxford brown ES-67 is a classic New England choice for any exterior surface. This rich, earthy color is reminiscent of the classic elegance of leather and is sure to enhance any exterior. It's a few shades lighter than Cordovan brown yet simple and provides excellent hiding of surface imperfections. It's easily paired with earth-tone greens, giving any exterior a beautiful rustic looking finish.

    Are you Ready to Paint or Stain the Exterior of Your Home?

     There you have it, Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipments list of Five Classic New England Benjamin Moore Colors Each of these colors are very popular all over New England, even if you don't like any of them, don't worry!  Benjamin Moore has over 3,500+ colors which are available to be mixed into your favorite exterior paint or stain.  Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment also has a Datacolor spectrometer which allows us to match old paint colors, fabrics, chips, posters, appliances, and more and mix up a custom and accurate color!  If you are in the New England area, give us a visit today or contact us!  Discounts available for professional bulk paint purchases 


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