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    What's The Difference Between Single Stage Snow Blower and Two Stage Snow Blower

    What's The Difference Between Single Stage Snow Blower and Two Stage Snow Blower

    What's The Difference Between Single Stage Snow Blower and Two Stage Snow Blower

    What are the differences between Two Stage Snow Blower between Single Stage Snow Blower?

    Everyone wants to know what are the differences between a single stage snow blower and a two stage snow blower?  It's important to know what the differences are between a two stage snow blower and a single stage snow blower because you want the right snow blower to fit your job.

    Single or One Stage Snow Blower

    Single Stage Snow Blower Gilford Hardware

    A Single stage snow blower will scoop the snow up directly from the auger and shoot it directly out of the chute. Single stage snow blowers are great for areas which don't get very much snow, or if you need a more portable option such as going up and down stairs, decks, or small paths. Single Stage snow blowers are are also a great choice because there are much less moving parts thus less can go wrong (hopefully!)

    What are the Pros and Cons of a single stage snow blower?

    Benefits of a Single Stage Snow Blower

    Portable and easy to transport- Single stage snow blowers are much more compact and lightweight instead of being built with an auger and impeller they just have an auger. 

    Smaller footprint for easy storage - Single stage snow blowers require much less power to use, so they require smaller engines or batteries meaning they aren't as large as a two stage snow blower 

    Able to use in those hard to reach areas- such as decks, roofs, truck beds, and more.  - Single stage snow blowers are lightweight and small letting you easily pick them up and move them to whatever location around your home or business. 

    Less moving parts - Less moving parts means less can go wrong.  If you purchase a single stage snow blower you only have to deal with the engine and auger. This also means the engine and auger will take more of the wear overtime. 

    Throw snow at a shorter distance*  -Depending on your snow blowing needs this could be a pro or con. If you are looking for a snow blower that can toss snow at a much further and more powerful pace single stage snow blowers aren't a great option. 

    Cons Of a Single Stage Snow Blower

    Lacking Power/Throwing Distance: Single stage snow blowers generally aren't powerful enough to throw snow over a large distance. This can be an issue if you need to specifically place the snow in a certain spot. 

    Takes longer to snow blow large driveways: Single stage snow blowers usually have a much smaller clearing width. This means when you use a single stage snow blower you will have to make more passes to properly clear your driveway.

    Can't handle larger amounts of snowfallSingle stage snow blowers augers are typically much smaller than a two stage snow blower and will have a hard time moving large amounts of deep snow. 

    Two Stage Snow Blower

    Two Stage Snow Blower Gilford Hardware

    A Two Stage Snow Blower is a snow blower that picks the snow up with the auger, and sends it to an impeller. The Impeller of a snow blower will push the snow out of the chute at a much more powerful rate. The benefits of a two stage snow blower is the ability to snow blow deeper, and much more snow. Two Stage Snow blowers can also throw snow much further than a one stage snow blower.  This gives two stage snow blowers greater versatility. 

    Benefits of a Two Stage Snow Blower

    Larger Throwing Distance and More Power: Two Stage snow blowers must have engines powerful enough to run an auger and impeller, this means they are much more powerful. This directly translates to being able to throw snow at much further distances than a single stage snow blower. 

    Larger Cutting Width: With more power and an impeller comes a larger amount of snow which the snow blower is able to handle. 2-stage snow blowers generally have a much larger cutting width.

    Use under tougher conditions:  Since two stage snow blowers have more power and an impeller they are able to tackle larger snowfall and tougher conditions. Heavy wet snow? No problem! Powder? Easy! 

    Cons Of a Single Stage Snow Blower

    Tougher To Store and Transport -Two stage snow blowers are much larger because they contain a second stage (the impeller) This gives them a much larger and heavier footprint which can make storage and transportation difficult depending on the situation.

    Greater amount of moving parts -  More parts usually translates to more that "can go wrong" The addition of an impeller on a two stage snow blower means you have additional part(s) of the snow blower which could potentially break.

    Single Stage Snow Blower v.s. Double Stage Snow Blower Conclusion

    Hopefully this article has given you the information you need to make a decision on what type of snow blower you need. Depending on your snow blowing needs, typical snow conditions and driveway size you should be able to figure out which snow blower you need for this upcoming winter. 

    It's important to note that Honda has stopped the production of their single stage snow blowers to focus solely on their two stage snow blowers. If you are looking for a durable, quality, innovative and easy-to-use snow blower look no further than a Honda Two Stage Snow Blower from the HSS Series of snow blowers. Check out our current inventory of Honda two stage snow blowers below. If you don't live in the New England area, please visit the Honda dealer search to find a Honda dealer near you! 


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