TERRO Moth Trap & Lure | Gilford Hardware
Terro TERRO Moth Trap & Lure $9.99
TERRO Moth Trap & Lure Benefits ✔️ Dual-purpose attractant lures and traps clothes and pantry moths ✔️ Use to trap active infestations and monitor new moth activity ✔️ Timestrip® indicator lets you know when it’s time to replace lure Description Keep pests out of your clothes, fabrics, and dry goods with the TERRO® Closet & Pantry Moth Trap Plus Alert. The trap uses a powerful pheromone attractant to lure clothes moths and pantry moths into the glue trap, which stops them before they can continue breeding.
TERRO Cobweb Eliminator Liquid Spray 1 qt. | Gilford Hardware
Terro TERRO Cobweb Eliminator Liquid Spray 1 qt. $13.99
TERRO Cobweb Eliminator Liquid Spray 1 qt. Benefits ✔️ Stop web formation & keep spiders from coming back - up to 60 days ✔️ Offers long-lasting repellency against new cobwebs ✔️ Easy to use – simply knock down existing webs then spray area ✔️  Works immediately and offers residual effectiveness Description Keep your property spider web-free with TERRO Cobweb Eliminator! This convenient ready-to-use spray starts working immediately to prevent spiders from forming new webs after you knock them down. Never worry about walking into another web again! So how does it work? Once you remove the old webs, simply spray the affected area with TERRO Cobweb Eliminator. The effective formula offers long-lasting repellency against spiders to keep them from coming back and building new webs. TERRO Cobweb Eliminator is ideal for use around porch lights and other areas where spiders commonly build webs. This product is recommended for outdoor use. However, if using indoors, test a spot first before applying to the rest of the target area. Specification Brand Name: TERRO Product Type: Cobweb Eliminator Product Form: Liquid Container Size: 1 qt. Active Ingredient: Oils Ready to Use: Yes
Coleman Insect Repellent Liquid For Mosquitoes/Ticks 6 oz. | Gilford Hardware
Coleman Coleman Insect Repellent Liquid For Mosquitoes/Ticks 6 oz. $8.99
Coleman Insect Repellent Liquid For Mosquitoes/Ticks 6 oz. • Benefits • • Description • • Specification • ✔️ DEET Based ✔️ Repells Mosquitos ✔️ Repels Flies, Gnats, Ticks, Fleas & More   Coleman DEET based insect repellent repels mosquitoes that may carry diseases such as Zika, West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever & Encephalitis. Repels biting flies, gnats, chiggers, ticks, and fleas. DEET CAN BE DANGEROUS READ THIS PLEASE! Brand Name: Coleman Organic: No Product Type: Insect Repellent Product Form: Liquid Pest Type: Mosquitoes/Ticks Container Size: 6 oz. Deet: 40 percent Active Ingredient: DEET Effectiveness Duration: 8 Applicator: Aerosol Ready to Use: Yes Refillable: No