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    2022 Scag V-Ride II Zero-Turn Stand-On Lawn Mower 52" Deck - 24 HP Kawasaki FT


    2-Year Commercial Machine Warranty

    3-Year or 500-Hour Non-Commercial Machine Warranty

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    Are you looking for the most Productive, Commercial Grade, Easy-to-use, and Maintain, Stand on Zero-Turn Mower that will be a long-term high-quality grass-cutting machine that will give you years of use? You've found it. The 2022 Scag V-Ride II 52" Deck & 24 HP Kawasaki FT is available for pick-up today! Are you ready to Join Scag Nation? Contact us! 

    • Powerful and Efficient Kawasaki 24 HP FT

    • 52" Velocity Cutter Deck provides an Amazing Professional grade quality of cut

    • Dual ZT-3400 Hydrogear pumps built for mid-size commercial equipment

    • Fully welded steel mainframe Unmatched quality durability

    • Small footprint with unbeatable traction and maneuverability

    • Optional on board grass catcher for easy debris managment

    The Scag V-Ride II's frame is made of commercial-grade steel. The Scag V-Ride II's frame is built from the ground up for strength and performance by Metalcraft of Mayville. It's a long-lasting, completely welded tubular steel frame with a low center of gravity.

    Scag distinguishes itself from its competitors by using high-grade heavy gauge steel and high-quality welding. The front end of the Scag V-Ride II 52" boasts two large 13' x 5-6, flat-free front caster wheels that will let the V-Ride II turn with ease even at severe angles while reducing maintenance. Tapered roller bearings are used in each caster wheel and yoke pivot for increased robustness and extended life. A heavy-gauge steel replaceable front caster arm system secures the caster wheels to the mower. Making maintenance and repairs simple.

    The Scag Velocity Plus Cutter deck is the money maker! The landscaping industry lusts for the Velocity Plus Cutter deck. Many competitors have attempted to recreate and mimic its design and performance, but none have succeeded. It provides excellent performance as well as gorgeous cutting ability outcomes. This is the mower for you if you want unparalleled power, precision, and performance while delivering your grass a beautiful trimmed cut even at high speeds. Scag Velocity Plus is a high-strength, productive, and adaptable deck.

    The Velocity Plus cutter deck on the V-Ride II starts with a 5 "Deck shell is deep, completely constructed, and strengthened. Its deck tops are made up of three layers of steel. The Velocity Plus Cutter deck is made out of 7-gauge, 10-gauge, and 11-gauge wire, making it approximately 1/2 inch thick "hefty! The front custom cut baffle on the velocity cutter deck is adjustable, allowing you to tailor the deck to your specific cutting demands. For stiffer warmer temperature grasses, elevate the baffle; for greater suction and less blowout in cool dry grasses, drop the baffle.

    The deck can be tweaked to match your particular cutting demands depending on conditions thanks to seven variable baffle locations. A single belt drive powers the whole Scag Velocity deck. This machine has fewer moving components than its competitors, allowing for better belt alignment while cutting high locations and longer belt life. The cutter deck belts and spring-tensioned hydraulic system eliminate continuous belt adjustments while prolonging belt life. Unlike its competitors, the Scag V-Ride II does not rely on inexpensive polyester cord belts that stretch easily. All Scag belts are made with Kevlar strands, which provide increased strength and durability. One less thing to be concerned about!

    Above the Scag V-Ride II's Velocity Deck you will find an easy-to-remove cutter deck belt cover. Just loosen the two wingnuts and you have access to the deck belts for easy-breezy maintenance and service.

    The Scag V-Ride II can reach speeds up to 10.5 MPH! This is due to its dual hydro system, which gives you independent control of each wheel giving you the ability to turn on a dime (almost!) The Hydraulic pumps are 12 cc which features extra-large input bearings, formed o-ring that seals the valve body to the case cooling fans. The heavy-duty wheel motors have extra-large shafts and are made by Parker Hydraulics. The Scag V-Ride II has a top speed of 10.5 miles per hour! This is because of its dual hydro system, which allows you to control each wheel independently, allowing you to turn on a dime (nearly!). The hydraulic pumps are 12 cc and have extra big input bearings as well as a formed o-ring that seals the valve body to the cooling fans in the case. Parker Hydraulics manufactures heavy-duty wheel motors, which feature extra-large shafts

    Driving the Scag V-Ride II is simple, the wide steering controls are operated by gripping your right and left hands. This allows for more operator hand positions for increased comfort and ultra-smooth operations. No need to adjust based on grip or height, you are ready to mow! The full-featured operator's station instrument panel puts gauges and controls at your fingertips without having to bend. The fuel gauge is easily visible from the operator's position so you'll never have to worry about running out of fuel! The perks of having a fast zero-turn mower with a quality dual hydraulic system mean you can get more done quicker. Combine that with the Scag V-Ride II's smaller overall footprint means they take up less space on your trailer! THREE V-Ride II's (61") take up the same amount of space as TWO zero-turn (61") Ride-on mowers! The V-Ride II is easy to secure to a trailer or truck bed due to four tie downs ( two located next to to the rear platform and two built into the front caster extensions.

    Total Fuel Capacity: 8 gallons

    Drive Tires: 24" x 9.5"-12"

    Caster Tires: 13" x 5"-6"
    Seat: Extra-large comfort cushion

    Drive System Type: Dual Pump and Motor
    Pumps: Hydro-Gear 12 cc

    Motors Parker :Parker 14 ci

    Forward Ground Speed : 10.5 mph

    Reverse Ground Speed: 5 mph

    Parking Brake Hand lever
    Cutting Width: 52"

    Deck Type: Velocity Plus™

    Cutting Height: 1.5" to 4.5" in .25" increments

    Deck Lift: Hand lever

    Construction: Tri-plate cutter deck constructed of 3 steel plates totaling nearly 1/2" of steel. Reinforcement plates at cutter deck spindles.

    Spindles: Cast-iron housing with tapered roller bearings.

    Blade Engagement:Ogura GT2.5
    Adjustable air-gap for extended life.

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