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Rain Reserve Rain Reserve Rain Barrel Spigot Kit Plastic $19.99 $21.99
Rain Reserve Rain Barrel Spigot Kit Plastic • Benefits • • Description • • Specification • • Includes Spigot with High Flow- Flow rate: 10 gallons per minute (assuming a 55 gallon barrel raised 8"), 2-3 times quicker than competing goods. • Includes 1"FNPT Barrel Seal For use with any size rain barrel/water tank, steel or plastic • Installed easily from the outside of any closed barrel/tank. • Requires 1 ½” hole saw for a sealed fit • Includes Teflon Tape The Rain Reserve Spigot Kit comprises a High Flow Spigot with self-sealing fittings that may discharge up to 10 gallons per minute (GPM). The High Flow Spigot does not require specific fittings or inside barrel access. Attach a garden hose, in-line pump, soaker hose, drip irrigation, or a bucket from the exterior of the tank, then seal it. See the RainReserve Connector Kit and RainReserve Diverter to expand your system. All goods are made in the United States with environmentally friendly materials and procedures. Connect garden and soaker hoses, fill watering cans, and irrigate your garden with this kit to install a high-flow spigot to your barrel. This Rain Barrel Spigot Kit allows you to get the most out of any tank's water. If you plan on utilizing it with a garden hose or a soaker hose, the RainReserve Spigot is better to others on the market due to its exceptionally high water flow. Brand Name: Rain Reserve Color: White Product Type: Spigot Kit Material: Plastic Diameter: 1-1/2 in.