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    Cabot Stain Opacity Chart


    Solid Stains are a great choice for older decks, and decks and siding which have previously been stained. Solid Stain is very similar to an acrylic paint. They are a great choice for hiding imperfections in all types of exterior wood. Solid stains have almost 100% opacity, which gives you maximum protection and coverage.


    Semi-Solid Stains give wood a good amount of color, while letting the natural grain show through. They land between completely solid, and transparent, making them a great in-between stain. Use semi-solid stain on new, or old wood for a pop of color while letting the natural grain peek though.


    Semi-Transparent stains are a great way to protect and beautify your exterior wood. They offer a slight bit of color while allowing the natural wood grain to show through. Semi-Transparent stains are a great choice for new siding or decking and offer a Lightly pigment and increased protection.

    Wood Toned Stain and Finishes

    Wood Toned Stains and Finishes add slight natural color to wood. They are a great choice for those of you who want a more "natural" look while protecting the wood. They are known for their soft tones for natural beauty.


    Clear stain allows for a one-coat water and weatherproofing. Allowing you to see the wood grain straight through. It provides a durable coat of Water repellency with no color.


    The opacity of a material is an indication of how much light passes through the material.