Channellock End Cutting Pliers 7.5-inches.

Channellock End Cutting Pliers 7.5-inches.

Channellock End Cutting Pliers 7.5-inches.


•  Xtreme Leverage Technology boosts performance while lowering hand fatigue.

•  Cutting edges that have been laser heat-treated perform better and endure longer.

•  Machined knife and anvil-style cutting edges enable excellent matching for long-lasting performance.

• Made in the USA 


Channellock End Cutting Pliers 7.5-inches. High Leverage End Cutting Pliers makes cutting easier than ever. Because the rivet is closer to the cutting edge, it requires far less force to cut than other high leverage systems. For greater strength and longevity, state-of-the-art laser heat treatment creates a robust and consistent pattern over the cutting edge. For optimal performance and accessibility, these pliers have a smaller, lighter, and better-balanced design. CHANNELLOCK® End Cutting Pliers are created in the United States and are forged from high-carbon steel that has been carefully treated to prevent rust.

  • Brand Name: Channellock
  • Overall Length: 7.5 in. Material: Carbon Steel
  • Product Type: End Cutting Pliers
  • Jaw Length: 0.36 in. Comfort Grip: Yes
  • Built-In Wire Cutter: Yes
  • Number in Package: 1 pk Packaging Type: Carded Cutting Edge: 1.06 in. * Handle Span: 1.95 in. * Joint Thickness: 0.45 in. * Joint Width: 1.22 in. * Weight: 0.59 in.