Grandma Mae's Farmhouse Blend Pork & Fish Entrée 26 lb.

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Grandma Mae's Farmhouse Blend Pork & Fish Entrée 26 lb.


🐕Over 70% Protein from Animal Sources

🐕Chicken Meal Protein & Vitamin Rich

🐕No dairy, corn, soy, or wheat No Artificial Preservatives, Sweeteners or Colorants


We start with a high-protein pork meal as the first ingredient, and add whitefish meal for protein variety and allergy avoidance. It is packed with nutritious brown rice and oats, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables, and is very appealing to dogs. As with all of our dry foods, Farmhouse Blend Pork & Fish Entrée contains more than 70 percent animal protein. We also use a low-temperature, slow-cooking process to help preserve the nutritional value of all of our ingredients.




  • Meat and poultry provide over 70 percent of all protein.
  • Pork and fish sources of animal proteins that are rich in nutrients.
  • Methionine & higher quality ingredients help prevent taurine deficiency.
  • Our Slow-Cook Low-Temp Process locks in more nutrients.
  • Fibre, minerals, and nourishment in brown rice and oats.
  • Peas or Pea Protein Plus are not included in this recipe. White potatoes are not permitted.
  • Oils for healthy skin and hair
  • Probiotics support a healthy digestive system
  • Ingredients High in Antioxidants Support a Strong Immune System