Kaytee Peanuts for Wild Birds 5 lb.

Kaytee Birders Blend Songbird Wild Bird Food Black Oil Sunflower Seed 16 lb.
Kaytee Peanuts for Wild Birds 5 lb.


✔️ 100% Peanut pieces

✔️ High fat for added energy

✔️ High protein to promote growth and good overall health


Kaytee Peanuts provide high levels of fat and protein, which are important to the diets of many backyard birds. Keep feeders filled with fresh food.
Discard old food before refilling and clean feeders regularly to minimize mold and bacteria. This product is only intended for feeding wild birds.

  • Brand Name: Kaytee
  • Sub Brand: Peanuts for Wild Birds
  • Bird Type: Assorted Birds
  • Product Type: Wild Bird Food
  • Primary Ingredient: Peanuts
  • Container Size: 5 lb.