NeverKink Garden Hose Heavy-Duty 5/8 x 100-Ft.

Green Thumb Gilford Hardware
NeverKink Garden Hose Heavy-Duty 5/8 x 100-Ft.


✔️  Kink Resistant

✔️ Crush Free Aluminum Couplings

✔️ Heavy Duty 

Homeowners and professionals alike rely on NeverKink Garden Hoses for their watering needs. Neverkink garden hoses are unique in that they never kink! They are designed to withstand twisting and turning while still allowing water to flow, unlike less costly garden hoses.

  • Length: 5/8" x 100',
  • Color: Green
  • Features: Self Straightening
  • Technology: NTS Technology Guarantees No Kinks Or Tangles
  • Microshield Anti-Microbial Protection Against Mold & Mildew,
  • Lead Free Aluminum Couplings
  • Crush Resistant To 1,200 LB PSI,
  • Rigid Ergonomic Protective Collar,
  • Exclusive Reinforcement View Stripe,
  • Lifetime Warranty.