Best Grass Seeds for New Hampshire

Best Grass Seeds for New Hampshire - Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment
Best Grass Seed For New Hampshire

Types of Grass Seed for Growing Grass in New Hampshire

The variety of lawn seed options is overwhelming! With so many brands and mixes, it's difficult to figure out which one to use. The large selection at big-box stores does not help either. Employees are seldom informed (if you can even find one!) Fortunately, the internet is a great place to get help.

Best Grass Seed Value:

Green Thumb Sun/Shade 7 lb.

If you want to plant some grass seed, go with the best seller. The cheapest seed is not always the best. It can be tempting to buy cheaper seed because of the price, but it may not work as well as the more expensive seed. Mixes are equally good, so don't worry too much about whether or not your seed is name-brand.

  • A Mixture Of Improved Blue Grasses, Fine Fescues & Ryegrasses,


New Lawns = 3,200 SQFT,

Over Seeding = 6,400 SQFT,

Bulk Grass Seed:

We've carried the same four bulk grass seed mixes for over 10 years, why? Because they work. They might be relatively unknown since they aren't branded, but local professionals and landscapers trust this grass seed more than brand name ones, because they are specifically designed for New England lawns. They are sourced locally, and readily available in 50 lb, 25 lb, and 7 lb bags. 

Contractor Mix - Grass seed which is easy to grow, grows quickly giving you coverage, used for when you need quick ground coverage.

Park Mix -  Parks, High Traffic Areas, and Playgrounds usually use park mix, park mix has a more durable mix of grass, which is specifically made to take more 

Conservation Mix - The texture ranges from fine to coarse, making it suitable for a wide range of soil types. Sun and medium shade are also appropriate. It's commonly used on roadsides and gentle hills, but it's also suitable for lawns with weak soil.

Supreme Mix - The Most popular Grass seed! 100% perennial grasses with fine to medium textures. Prefers full sunlight or very slighty shade. Contains 30% Kentucky Bluegrass, this is a great all around grass seed for New England Lawns!

Check out Our Variety Of Grass Seed Below!


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