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Discover the exclusive selection of premium and quality brands at Gilford Hardware, featuring industry giants such as Scag, Stihl, Honda, Napoleon, Benjamin Moore, and many more. Immerse yourself in a world where excellence meets craftsmanship, and explore the finest products from the leading manufacturers in the business. Make your choices stand out with our curated collection, designed to elevate your standards and enrich your experiences.


Discover the unrivaled excellence of Catamount Grass Seed mixes, meticulously crafted to thrive in New England's unique growing conditions. Proudly sourced from Vermont, these premium turf seed blends are the quintessential choice for cultivating lush, vibrant lawns across the region. With a diverse selection that includes Park Mix, Conservation Mix, Supreme Mix, and Contractor's Mix, Catamount offers a specialized solution for every lawn need in New England. Next time you're in search of top-tier grass seed, make Gilford Hardware your first stop and experience the difference quality can make in your outdoor space.



Scotts Fertilizer, a key product line of The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company, is celebrated for its innovation and effectiveness in lawn care and maintenance. Recognized as one of the leading brands in the industry, Scotts provides a wide array of fertilizer products tailored to meet the diverse needs of gardeners and homeowners aiming to achieve lush, green, and healthy lawns. With a strong emphasis on ease of use, environmental responsibility, and cutting-edge lawn care technology, Scotts Fertilizer has established a loyal following among both amateur and professional gardeners.



Minwax is a renowned brand in the wood finishing and wood care industry, celebrated for its wide array of high-quality stains, finishes, and protective treatments. Since its inception, Minwax has established itself as a staple in both the DIY community and professional woodworking circles, offering products that enhance, protect, and preserve the natural beauty of wood. The brand’s philosophy revolves around making wood finishing a simple and accessible process, allowing anyone to achieve professional-grade results with minimal effort.



Founded over a century ago, Cabot has built a reputation for using advanced technology and premium ingredients in their stains, which include rich pigments and high-grade resins that penetrate deeply to provide superior waterproofing and UV protection. This meticulous attention to formulation helps to preserve the integrity and color of the wood, preventing fading, cracking, and peeling even in the harshest weather conditions. The result is a finish that not only looks stunning but also stands the test of time, maintaining its appearance and protective qualities year after year.



Fiskars, a brand synonymous with durability and innovation, has established itself as a leader in the gardening tool industry. With a rich history dating back to 1649, Fiskars has evolved from its Finnish roots into a global presence, renowned for crafting tools that blend functionality with ergonomic design. The brand's commitment to quality is evident in its wide range of gardening products, including pruners, loppers, shears, and shovels, each designed to make gardening tasks more efficient and less physically demanding.



Napoleon Grills stand as a beacon of excellence in the outdoor cooking industry, embodying a commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction that distinguishes the brand from its competitors. Founded in Canada, Napoleon has grown from a small steel fabrication business to an internationally recognized brand, celebrated for its high-quality grills, outdoor kitchens, and heating products. At the heart of Napoleon's success is its unwavering dedication to crafting grills that offer superior cooking performance, durability, and cutting-edge design.



Discover unmatched outdoor power excellence with Scag Power Equipment, a hallmark of innovation and superior quality since its inception in 1983. As an authorized dealer, Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment proudly offers Scag's top-tier products. Originating as a modest initiative within Metalcraft of Mayville, Scag swiftly evolved into a formidable independent entity by 1986. Celebrated for its pioneering approach and unwavering dedication to excellence, Scag Power Equipment guarantees that every mower and accessory it produces is user-friendly, performs exceptionally, and stands the test of time. Known widely as "Simply The Best," Scag sets the standard for quality and efficiency in outdoor power equipment, ensuring your outdoor tasks are completed with unparalleled precision and ease.



Founded in 1947 with just four employees and a single product, the Oregon Saw Chain Manufacturing Corporation embarked on a journey of growth and innovation. Today, the Oregon brand is a vital part of Oregon Tool, Inc., a dynamic corporation boasting over 3,000 employees and a diverse range of thousands of products. The Oregon brand has become synonymous with quality and reliability, earning its place as the world's leading name in saw chain, guide bars, sprockets, forestry accessories, and parts for outdoor equipment.



Benjamin Moore, we are dedicated to inspiring and transforming not just spaces, but lives and communities, one brushstroke at a time. Our commitment to excellence is unparalleled in the realm of premium paints and stains. We take pride in manufacturing our own resins and the exclusive Gennex® colorants, ensuring each product provides superior performance and exceptional application properties. Combined with our unmatched selection of authentic colors, our formulations are designed to help you achieve stunning and enduring results with every paint job.



Carhartt represents much more than just a purveyor of workwear – it embodies a family legacy. Founded in 1889 by Hamilton Carhartt, Carhartt has been passionately owned and operated by the same lineage, a testament to our enduring commitment. Carhartt stands for the values that define hard work: unwavering dependability, steadfast honesty, and deep-seated trust. Carhartts dedication goes beyond clothing; Carhartt actively supports organizations that foster collaboration between generations, ensuring a brighter and more robust future.



From its humble beginnings as a one-man operation, STIHL has evolved over the past 90 years into a global powerhouse in chainsaw and outdoor power equipment manufacturing. This remarkable growth is a testament to STIHL's innovative spirit, in-house expertise, and unwavering dedication to quality craftsmanship. STIHL's extensive and ever-growing range of products is a clear reflection of these values.

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Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment, as an authorized dealer, is proud to offer Honda's extensive range of power products, highlighting Honda's unwavering commitment to improving quality of life through its innovative technologies. Since its inception in 1953, Honda has not only been celebrated for its iconic automobiles and motorcycles but has also reached a remarkable milestone of producing over 100 million power products worldwide. This achievement underscores Honda's dedication to innovation and excellence across its product lines. Leading the charge in eco-friendly technology, Honda is at the forefront of developing low-emission, fuel-efficient 4-stroke engines that power a diverse range of equipment, including generators, water pumps, snow blowers and lawn mowers