Ultimate Guide to the Best Scag Zero Turn Lawn Mowers for Landscapers

Ultimate Guide to the Best Scag Zero Turn Lawn Mowers for Landscapers

Ultimate Guide to the Best Scag Zero Turn Lawn Mowers for Landscapers


When it comes to maintaining a pristine landscape, the right equipment makes all the difference. For landscapers, investing in a high-quality lawn mower is crucial. Enter Scag Zero Turn Lawn Mowers, renowned for their reliability, innovative features, and exceptional cutting performance. In this guide, we’ll delve into why Scag is a top choice for landscapers, explore the best models, and provide tips on choosing and maintaining your mower.

Why Choose Scag Zero Turn Lawn Mowers?

Reliability and Durability

Scag Zero Turn Lawn Mowers are synonymous with reliability and durability, making them a top choice for professional landscapers. These mowers are constructed with heavy-duty steel frames crafted in the USA by Metalcraft of Mayville, ensuring they can withstand the toughest mowing conditions. The use of industrial-grade components like Hydro Gear Hydraulics, Parker Motors, and cast iron blade spindles further enhances their robustness, leading to less downtime and more productive hours. Scag’s commitment to quality is evident as they manufacture their own components, unlike many competitors who merely assemble parts made by others. This in-house manufacturing process allows Scag to maintain rigorous quality control and design flexibility, ensuring each mower meets the highest standards. Assembled by highly trained individuals using the latest technologies, every Scag mower undergoes thorough testing to ensure it meets all specifications before leaving the factory. This meticulous attention to detail, from the quality of welds to the precision of the operator’s platform, sets Scag mowers apart as the most reliable and durable option for landscaping professionals.

Innovative Features

The innovative features of Scag Zero Turn Lawn Mowers make them the best choice for professional landscapers due to their cutting-edge technology and user-centric design. One standout feature is the Velocity Plus™ cutter deck, which ensures a superior, even cut regardless of grass type or mowing conditions. This advanced deck design enhances productivity by reducing the need for re-mowing, saving valuable time. Additionally, the Tiger Eye Advanced Monitoring System™ provides real-time feedback on mower performance, allowing landscapers to maintain peak efficiency and address issues proactively. Scag mowers also incorporate ergonomic controls and suspension seats, ensuring operator comfort during long hours of use. These innovative features collectively enhance the durability, efficiency, and user experience, making Scag Zero Turn Lawn Mowers the premier choice for professional landscapers seeking reliable and top-performing equipment.

High-Quality Cutting Performance

In the realm of professional landscaping, the unparalleled cutting prowess of Scag Zero Turn Lawn Mowers distinctly elevates them above other brands, offering profound advantages to industry experts. Precision is the cornerstone of exceptional landscaping, and Scag's meticulously engineered cutting decks deliver an unwaveringly even, professional-grade cut. The Velocity Plus™ Cutter Deck, a hallmark feature, is revered by rivals for its unmatched efficacy. This sophisticated deck design ensures high-velocity ejection and a pristinely manicured cut, even at accelerated ground speeds. With an innovatively reimagined cutting chamber and an expansive discharge aperture, Scag mowers excel in clipping dispersion across diverse conditions. Robust cutter-blade spindles and Tri-Plate construction assure steadfast performance and longevity, while the replaceable trim-side wear pad safeguards the deck from wear and tear. Furthermore, the oversized discharge opening, combined with the Turbo Baffle, amplifies productivity by ensuring uniform clipping dispersal. The Custom-Cut™ Front Baffle System provides adaptability, enabling landscapers to fine-tune the deck to specific scenarios, effortlessly managing everything from delicate grasses to resilient weeds. This superior cutting capability not only enhances the visual quality of lawns but also augments efficiency, rendering Scag Zero Turn Lawn Mowers the quintessential choice for professional landscapers.

Top Scag Zero Turn Lawn Mower Models for Landscapers

Cheetah II Ultimate Guide to the Best Scag Zero Turn Lawn Mowers for Landscapers

Scag Cheetah II: Speed and Durability


The Scag Cheetah II is meticulously engineered to cater to the rigorous demands of professional landscapers, emphasizing speed, resilience, and unparalleled performance. This zero-turn mower distinguishes itself through its capacity to swiftly cover extensive areas, owing to its sophisticated drive system and sturdy build. Whether you are overseeing vast commercial properties or seeking enhanced efficiency in residential landscaping, the Scag Cheetah II delivers remarkable features and specifications that set it apart in the industry.

Features and Specifications

Engine Options: The Scag Cheetah II comes with a variety of powerful engines, including the 38 HP Kohler Command PRO EFI and the 31 HP Kawasaki FX. These engines ensure reliable performance and efficiency in various mowing conditions.

Velocity Plus™ Cutter Deck: Known for its superior cutting performance, the Velocity Plus™ cutter deck features a large discharge opening and an adjustable baffle system, providing a precise and even cut.

Suspension System: The operator suspension system isolates the platform from rough terrain, enhancing comfort during extended mowing sessions.
Hydro-Gear ZT-5400 Transaxles: This two-speed transaxle system allows the Cheetah II to reach speeds up to 16 mph, making it one of the fastest mowers in its class.

Tiger Eye Advanced Monitoring System: This system provides real-time data on the mower’s performance, helping operators maintain optimal conditions and address issues proactively.

Advantages of The Scag Cheetah II Zero-Turn Lawn Mower 

Speed and Efficiency: Capable of reaching speeds up to 16 mph, significantly reducing mowing time on large properties.

Durability: Constructed with a heavy-duty, double-tube steel frame and reinforced components, ensuring longevity and reliable performance.

Comfort: The operator suspension system and ergonomic controls make long mowing sessions more comfortable.

Advanced Monitoring Technology: The Tiger Eye system keeps operators informed about the mower’s performance, enhancing maintenance and uptime.

Ultimate Guide to the Best Scag Zero Turn Lawn Mowers for Landscapers

Scag V-Ride II & V-Ride XL: High Efficiency, Small Trailer Footprint


The Scag V-Ride II and V-Ride XL are stand-on mowers designed for landscapers who need high efficiency and a compact footprint. These models are ideal for properties with tight spaces and complex landscapes, providing agility and speed without sacrificing performance.

Features and Specifications

Engine Options: Both models offer powerful engine choices, including Kawasaki and Briggs & Stratton options, ensuring reliable performance.

Cutter Decks: The Velocity Plus™ cutter deck on these models provides excellent cutting quality and versatility, handling various grass types with ease.

Compact Design: The small trailer footprint allows easy transport and storage, making these mowers ideal for landscaping businesses with multiple job sites.

Enhanced Maneuverability: The stand-on design provides better visibility and control, allowing operators to navigate tight spaces efficiently.

Advantages of the Scag V-Ride II and V-Ride XL

Maneuverability: Excellent for properties with obstacles and tight corners.

Efficiency: High-speed capabilities and efficient cutter decks reduce mowing time.

Compact Storage: Smaller footprint makes transportation and storage more convenient.

Comfort: The stand-on design reduces operator fatigue and allows for quick dismounting.

Turf Tiger II: Heavy-Duty and Reliable


The Turf Tiger II by Scag is a heavy-duty, reliable mower built for the toughest mowing conditions. It’s engineered to handle extensive commercial use, making it a favorite among professional landscapers who demand durability and high performance.

Features and Specifications

Engine Options: Available with various powerful engines, including the 35 HP Kawasaki FX1000 and the 37 HP Briggs Vanguard.

Cutter Deck: The Velocity Plus™ cutter deck ensures high-quality cuts and superior clipping dispersal.

Heavy-Duty Construction: Built with a robust frame and reinforced components for long-lasting durability.

Advanced Control Panel: Includes the Tiger Eye Advanced Monitoring System for real-time performance tracking.

Advantages of the Scag Turf Tiger II

Durability: Heavy-duty construction ensures long-term use even in challenging conditions.

Performance: High-powered engines and efficient cutter decks provide excellent mowing capabilities.

Comfort: Ergonomic controls and seating enhance operator comfort.

Scag Tiger Cat II: Versatile and Efficient


The Scag Tiger Cat II is designed for versatility and efficiency, offering a balanced mix of power, performance, and comfort. It’s suitable for a variety of landscaping tasks, making it a versatile choice for professional landscapers.

Features and Specifications

Engine Options: Equipped with reliable engines like the Kawasaki FX and Kohler Command PRO.

Cutter Deck: Features the Velocity Plus™ cutter deck for consistent cutting quality.

Ergonomic Design: Includes a comfortable seat and user-friendly controls for ease of operation.

Compact Size: Ideal for navigating smaller properties and tight spaces.

Advantages of the Scag Tiger Cat II

Versatility: Suitable for various mowing tasks and property sizes.

Efficiency: Powerful engines and efficient cutter decks ensure high productivity.

Comfort: Ergonomic design reduces operator fatigue.

Key Features to Look for in Scag Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

Cutting Width and Height Adjustability

Ultimate Guide to the Best Scag Zero Turn Lawn Mowers for Landscapers

For professional landscapers seeking unparalleled efficiency and precision, Scag Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers offer an impressive range of cutting widths and height adjustability to meet every need. Whether you manage residential properties with narrow gates and tight spaces requiring smaller deck sizes between 36" and 48", or handle expansive commercial areas where 52", 61", and 72" decks maximize your productivity, Scag has you covered. Each model, including the Cheetah II, V-Ride XL, V-Ride II, Tiger Cat II, and Turf Tiger II, features an easy-to-use deck lift system. This allows you to adjust the cutting height in precise 1/4-inch increments, ranging from as low as 1.5 inches to as high as 6 inches, depending on the model. This versatility ensures that you can tailor your mowing to the specific requirements of each client's lawn, achieving the perfect cut every time. The combination of cutting width options and precise height adjustability makes Scag Zero-Turn Mowers an essential tool for any professional landscaper aiming for efficiency and quality.

Engine Power and Efficiency

For professional landscapers seeking powerful and efficient equipment, Scag Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers offer an impressive range of engine options designed to deliver top performance and reliability.

The Cheetah II model boasts engines like the Kawasaki FX Series, delivering up to 40 HP, and the Briggs Vanguard BIG BLOCK EFI, providing robust power and smooth operation. These engines are engineered for high efficiency, making them ideal for large-scale mowing tasks.

The V-Ride II and V-Ride XL models feature engine options such as the Kawasaki FX Series and Briggs Vanguard, offering power ranges from 16 HP to 40 HP. These models ensure dependable performance with electronic fuel injection (EFI) options that optimize fuel usage and maintain consistent power output.

For the Tiger Cat II, you can choose from engines like the Kawasaki FX, Briggs Vanguard, and Kohler Command PRO EFI, providing up to 32 HP. These engines are designed to handle demanding conditions while maintaining high fuel efficiency and minimal emissions.

The Turf Tiger II offers a variety of powerful engines, including the Briggs Vanguard BIG BLOCK EFI and Kubota diesel options, with horsepower up to 40 HP. These engines are built for heavy-duty performance and long-term reliability, ensuring you can tackle even the toughest mowing jobs with ease.

These diverse engine options across Scag's Zero-Turn Lawn Mower models ensure you can find the perfect combination of power and efficiency to meet your specific landscaping needs, enhancing productivity and ensuring high-quality results every time. For more detailed information on each model and engine specifications, you can visit the Scag website.

Comfort and Ergonomics for Extended Use

Ultimate Guide to the Best Scag Zero Turn Lawn Mowers for Landscapers

The Scag Turf Tiger, Cheetah II, V-Ride II, and Tiger Cat II are engineered with advanced comfort and ergonomic features to help landscapers and professionals stay productive and comfortable during long hours of mowing. The Turf Tiger's Command-Comfort Operator Station is built around the operator, featuring a torsion-spring suspension seat mounted on a 4-iso-mount system, Quick-Fit™ adjustable steering levers, and an adjustable deck-lift pedal for a customized and comfortable experience. The Cheetah II offers unparalleled comfort with its Operator Suspension System, which includes five settings from soft to firm, isolating the operator from rough terrain. Its coil-over shock and 4-point rubber iso-mounting maximize comfort without compromising the quality of the cut. The Tiger Cat II's suspension seat adjusts to each operator's weight and features full padding, adjustable armrests, a high back, and an adjustable back angle, ensuring superior comfort and shock absorption hour after hour. The V-Ride II's adjustable operator platform provides an ultra-comfortable ride, with a spacious design that reduces operator fatigue. The platform's adjustable suspension spring can be customized for individual comfort preferences, and its extra-large, extra-thick comfort cushion ensures a smooth and comfortable operation throughout the day. These features make Scag mowers the ideal choice for professionals seeking maximum comfort and efficiency.

Maintenance and Durability

Ultimate Guide to the Best Scag Zero Turn Lawn Mowers for Landscapers

For landscapers and professionals, the Scag Turf Tiger, Cheetah II, V-Ride, and Tiger Cat II offer unmatched maintenance and durability benefits. The Turf Tiger™ boasts a heavy-duty, double-tube steel main frame and a solid design that promises years of dependable service. Its ultra-strong build and low center of gravity ensure ultimate stability. The Cheetah™ provides more uptime with easy-to-service components, meaning you spend less time in the shop and more on the job. Its heavy-duty frame and wide mower stance deliver long-lasting strength and stability. The Tiger Cat® features high-strength steel construction and user-friendly maintenance features like flip-up access panels and easy-to-reach grease zerks, ensuring superior strength and trouble-free service. The V-Ride™ offers similar ease of maintenance with easily removable covers and an unrestricted engine compartment, combined with a solid, heavy-duty frame that guarantees years of reliable performance. Choose Scag for equipment that keeps you working efficiently and effectively.

    Why Choose Scag Zero Turn Mowers for Professional Landscaping

    Time Efficiency and Productivity

    For professional landscapers, time efficiency and productivity are paramount, and Scag Zero-Turn Lawn Mowers are engineered to maximize both. Since 1983, Scag Power Equipment has been at the forefront of producing heavy-duty, commercial mowers, harnessing decades of experience to understand what truly works in the field. By continuously listening to our customers and making constant improvements, every Scag mower evolves to meet the highest standards of efficiency and reliability. This relentless pursuit of perfection ensures that Scag remains the premier choice for commercial mowers. While less expensive options exist, with Scag, you invest in a mower that delivers unparalleled quality and performance, ultimately turning your valuable time into increased profits.

    Warranty: Peace of Mind

    Investing in Scag mowers means investing in top-tier reliability and durability, backed by an exceptional commercial warranty that provides peace of mind for landscapers and professionals. Since 1983, Scag Power Equipment has been synonymous with high-quality, heavy-duty commercial mowers. Our robust warranty policy reflects our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. With Scag, you get comprehensive protection for your equipment, covering essential components like frames, structural parts, hydraulic pumps, and wheel motors for up to two years of commercial use. Trust Scag’s unwavering dedication to quality and enjoy unmatched warranty benefits that keep your equipment running smoothly for years to come.


      Scag Zero Turn Lawn Mowers are the ultimate choice for professional landscapers, offering a blend of reliability, durability, innovative features, and high-quality cutting performance that sets them apart from the competition. These mowers are built with heavy-duty steel frames and industrial-grade components like Hydro Gear Hydraulics and Parker Motors, ensuring they withstand the toughest conditions and require less downtime for maintenance. Scag's in-house manufacturing process maintains rigorous quality control, resulting in robust and long-lasting mowers. The innovative Velocity Plus™ cutter deck delivers a superior, even cut, enhancing productivity by reducing the need for re-mowing. Features like the Tiger Eye Advanced Monitoring System™ provide real-time performance feedback, ensuring peak efficiency and proactive maintenance. Ergonomic controls and suspension seats offer unmatched comfort during long hours of operation, reducing operator fatigue. With models like the Turf Tiger, Cheetah II, V-Ride II, and Tiger Cat II, Scag provides landscapers with versatile, efficient, and durable mowers designed to tackle any job with precision and ease. Investing in Scag Zero Turn Lawn Mowers means investing in equipment that maximizes productivity, ensures exceptional cutting performance, and stands the test of time, making it the premier choice for landscaping professionals.
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