Honda EU2200i & EU3200i Portable Generator Comparison

Honda EU2200i & EU3200i Portable Generator Comparison - Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment

Honda Portable Generator Comparison Gilford Hardware

Honda EU2200i & EU3200i Portable Generator Comparison

   Brand new for 2022 Honda has released the Honda EU3200i Fuel Injected Inverter Portable Generator 3200W 120V. It's the absolute pinnacle of portable generators on the market today. In previous articles we have said that the Honda EU2200i was the best portable generator on the market, which it definitely is for it's size. The Honda EU3200i is in a whole different class as far as price, power output and technology.

In this article we will be comparing these two portable generators, why? However there truly isn't a competitor making a generator which can compare to either. If you are looking for a brand new portable generator you really can't go wrong with either of these units. 

Honda EU2200i and Honda EU3200i Specification Comparison

Honda EU2200i & EU3200i Portable Generator Specification

   I will be comparing the EU3200i and EU2200i Portable generators, although this is tough due to being in a different size and class of generator.  The Honda EU3200i will beat out the Honda EU2200i in almost every single comparison. Choosing the correct generator to fit your needs can be tough, hopefully this article will help you make a beter decision.

EU2200i and Honda EU3200i Engines

   The Honda GX130 engine serves as the Honda EU3200i's power source. It produces 130cc of displacement and is of commercial quality. Known for being extremely powerful and fuel-efficient in all applications. Without sacrificing output or performance, the Honda GX130 engine is renowned for its low vibration, low emissions, and low noise levels.

Honda Portable Generator Engine Comparison

   The heart of the Honda EU2200i Honda GXR120 it was specifically built for heavy-duty use while pushing an amazing 121cc of displacement.  The Honda GRX120 was built to power a large array of different types of heavy-duty outdoor power equipment and tools. In addition It's known for being an engine that is compact, lightweight durable and reliable. 

Honda's Bread and Butter: Reliable Portable Power 

   Furthermore they are both high quality, durable and reliable four stroke engines which will give you years and years of use. Honda engines are known worldwide for being absolute workaholic machines. Depending on your portable power needs either option is a great choice. 

EU2200i and Honda EU3200i AC Output & Receptacles

Honda EU3200i Portable Generator Gilford Hardware

   The Honda EU3200i features an AC output of: 120V 3200W max. (26.7A), 2600W rated (21.7A) . While it's receptacles are dual 20A 125V (Think common home plugs for small appliances, chargers and more) and a single 30A 125V locking plug (for boats, RV's and larger appliances) This gives you the ability to power a very large range of household products, appliances and makes it a great choice for camping, boating and recreation

Honda EU2200i Receptacles Gilford Hardware

   The Honda EU2200i features an AC output of: 120V 2200W max. (18.3A), 1800W rated (15A) While it's receptacles are a dual 20A 125V output. This allows you to easily plug in all types of small household items and appliances while being a great choice for portable power outdoors. If you are looking for a Honda EU2200i with a 30A 125V plug they also make the Honda EU2200i Companion 

Honda Portable Power On-The-Go

   Both of these models are able to power all different types of household items, equipment, and great for recreation or on the jobsite. It really comes down to what you think you will be using it for.  Many of our customers have told us they come up with new uses for their Honda portable generators all the time, the possibilities are endless!

EU2200i and Honda EU3200i Fuel capacity and Run time

   The Honda EU3200i gives you a fuel capacity of 1.2 gal. and a run time of 3.3 hr. at rated load, 8.6 hrs at 1/4 load (per tankful) . This gives you plenty of time to focus on whatever you are using it for instead of constantly refueling. Note: Since the Honda EU3200i has a 30A 125V receptacle, you are able to draw much more power, quicker. This means that depending on what you have plugged in runtime can vary drastically. 

Honda EU2200i and Honda EU3200i Generator Fuel capacity and run time

   In comparison the Honda EU2200i has a fuel capacity of .95 gal and a run time per tankful of 3.2 hours at rated load, and 8.1 hours at 1/4 load. It's very slightly less of a run time, but it's also holds slightly less fuel. This is to be expected because they are in different classes of portable generators. 

   It's important to note that both the EU2200i and EU3200i have third party external fuel tanks which gives them a much larger fuel capacity. So if you are using either of these generators and need a larger fuel capacity it's always an option. *Note: modifying Honda generators can void the warranty*

EU2200i and Honda EU3200i Size, Weight and Noise level

  With greater power comes greater size, the EU3200i is 22.5 x 12.0 x 17.8 inches, compared to the EU2200i which is 20.0" x 11.4" x 16.7" which is slightly smaller. The EU3200i weighs 59.1 pounds compared to the EU2200i which is 47.4 lb.

  The larger size of the EU3200i might make it difficult for some people to handle and move for longer periods of time. There is a clear size and weight difference between the two.  I could tell by just picking them up side by side that the EU3200i was heavier and larger and could be difficult for some people to transport around for long periods of time. 

Honda Portable Generators: As Quiet as a Normal Conversation

   The EU3200i's noise level is rated at 58 dB(A) at full load, and 54 dB(A) at 1/4 load, compared to the EU2200i's noise level is 57 dB(A) at full load and 48 dB(A) @ 1/4 load. For comparison a household fridge runs at 55 dB(A) and most people don't really notice the noise. A normal conversation is around 60 dB(A) meaning that both of these Honda generators are quieter than a normal conversation even while running at full load!

Honda EU2200i and Honda EU3200i Feature Comparison

Features which both the EU2200i and EU3200i share

CO-MINDER® system is designed to automatically shut down the generator if it detects carbon monoxide gas reaching unsafe levels.

Parallel Capabilities - combine two of each type and double your power!
Convenient Smartphone Control

Eco Throttle™ - allows the generator's engine to automatically adjust the engine speed to produce only the power needed for the application in use.

Smartphone Control - Easily monitor fuel level, power output, Eco Throttle® and much more, all from the palm of your hand. The app includes wireless stop, operation monitoring, and service reminders. Built-in Bluetooth® connectivity teams with the exclusive Honda My Generator Bluetooth® App

Honda Oil Alert®Protects the generator by shutting the engine off when low oil is detected.

USDA-qualified spark arrestor/muffler

Circuit protectedProtects the generator from being overloaded.

Features Exclusive to the Honda EU3200i

Honda EU3200i Portable Generator Gilford Hardware

   The EU3200i features a Intelligent electronic fuel injection technology improves fuel economy, gets rid of the choke, and lessens fuel-related carburetor issues. The EU2200i has a more typical carbureted four stroke engine which occasionally will require choking depending on the conditions and use. 

   Front panel LED indicators provide quick, convenient viewing of fuel level, Eco Throttle® operation, and more.

   Quick and easy 2-step chokeless starting: just turn on and pull for instant power. Since the EU3200i has intelligent electronic fuel injection technology this means that it's even easier to start up compared to the EU2200i, which (depending on conditions and use) might have to be choked before starting. 

What can I power with a Honda EU3300i?

Honda Lightweight Portable Power Generator Gilford Hardware

  • RV Air Conditioner (up to 13500 BTU)
  • Refrigerator or Freezer (Energy Star)
  • Microwave Oven
  • Incandescent Lights
  • Portable fan
  • Furnace Fan, gas or fuel oil
  • TV / DVD
  • Hair Dryer
  • Coffee Maker
  • Computer
  • Garage Door Opener
  • Blender

What Can I Power with the Honda EU2200i?

  • Refrigerator or Freezer (Energy Star)
  • Microwave Oven
  • Incandescent Lights
  • Portable fan
  • TV / DVD
  • Hair Dryer
  • Coffee Maker
  • Computer
  • Garage Door Opener
  • Blender

Price Matters of the Honda EU2200i & EU3200i 

   Probably the first thing everyone will notice between these two generators is the price difference. The Honda EU2200i has an MSRP of $1399 compared to the Honda EU3200i which has an MSRP of $2999.  They have a price difference of $1600, which means you can purchase TWO Honda EU2200i Generators for the price of just ONE Honda EU3200i. This could be a good or a bad thing depending on your power needs, if your generators are going to be stationary it would probably be worth it. If you are planning on using it for work or outdoor recreation (camping, fishing, boating etc)  purchasing a single EU3200i is probably more worth while. 

Honda Portable Generators Price Gilford Hardware

B-B-b-ut I found another brand and it Costs Less!

   When you purchase a Honda Generator the old saying rings true, " You get what you pay for!" Yes, there are a handful of other companies which manufacture small portable generators and might save you some money, but in the long run you will not be getting a generator that is even close in quality. 

Honda has a Long History of Producing Generators

   Honda has been manufacturing portable generators for 40+ years, the Honda EU3200i and EU2200i was refined and built after many many years of engineering. When you purchase any Honda product you get peace of mind knowing that it's going to be quality, reliable, and innovative. Many companies have tried to mimic Honda and none of them come close.  

Lets not forget the most important part...Warranty and Service

   Sure you might have found a less expensive portable generator but does it have a warranty? do you have someone who could fix it if something went wrong? Are parts readily available?  Both the Honda EU3200i and EU2200i come with a THREE YEAR WARRANTY!   And When you purchase a Honda Generator (from an authorized sales & service dealer and not a big box store) all of those questions have answers. You have an actual person to bring your Honda generator to just incase something goes wrong. 

Honda EU2200i & EU3200i Portable Generators in Conclusion

   Hopefully you are more educated about how the EU2200i and EU3200i are in comparison. This article should help you make a better decision for your portable power needs. If you have any questions feel free to contact us online or in-store. If you found this article and don't live near Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power equipment but are interested in a Honda EU2200i or EU3200i please contact us, we can ship them straight to your doorstep! 

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