Honda EU3200i Fuel Injected Portable Generator First Look

Honda EU3200i Fuel Injected Portable Generator First Look - Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment

Honda EU3200i Portable Generator First Look

Introducing, New to 2022 the Honda EU3200i Fuel Injected Generator ! Just when you thought Generators couldn't get more compact, powerful, and fuel efficient Honda Outdoor Power Equipment has done it again! The recently announced Honda EU32i Fuel Injected Portable Generator! Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power equipment is proud to announce we will be receiving a limited amount of first batch units very soon!  

What is the Honda EU3200i Portable Generator?

What is the EU3200i Generator

The Honda EU3200i Portable Generator is the next generation of portable generators currently in a class of it's own. There isn't a single portable generator on the market today which can compete with it's innovative features, power output, and lightweight and compact size! 

Honda Generator Fuel Injection

A Generator featuring  fuel injection isn't new to the Honda line of generators. One of the largest and most expensive generators in the Honda Line the EU7000is has been using Electronic fuel injection for years. Honda's patented Smart Electronic Fuel injection technology increases fuel efficiency, eliminates the need for an engine choke and reduces fuel associated with ethanol and carburetor problems. 

Honda Fuel Injection Gilford Hardware

What are the Benefits of Fuel Injection vs Carburetor

The number one problem with non-fuel-injected (carbureted) engines is ethanol in the gas, not the carburetor. Because of its hygroscopic nature, ethanol is one of the most troublesome fuel additives for engines. This implies that ethanol will attract water from the air and split from the ethanol. This will result in a slew of issues, including engine and fuel system degradation. Carbureted engines generally don't start up as easily as fuel injected engines due to needing a choke to control the fuel to air ratio. Automatic Fuel Injection solves these issues by eliminating the choke all together while increasing fuel efficiency and power. 

The New Honda Battery-Free Fuel Injection

Battery Free Fuel Injection Gilford Hardware

Alas the Engineers at Honda have managed to minify and perfect fuel injection.The EU32i features a battery-less fuel injection, a world first. it into a compact design to fit perfectly into a smaller, more compact frame and the EU32i was born! No battery or electronics are needed to run the Honda EU32i's fuel injector! This means less to maintain, and better reliability in the long run. 

How much power does the Honda EU3200i Fuel Injected Portable Generator Provide?

The Honda EUI3200i Generator provides 3,200 watts of power. Making it more powerful than the previous EU3000i generator model, by 200 watts! Did I mention the EU3200i is roughly half the size and half the weight compared to the EU3000i generator. Included are 20A and two 30A receptacles.  This allows you to have more choices on what you can ultimately use the Honda EU3200i to power. 

 What can I power with the Honda EU3200i Portable Generator?

The Honda EU3200i fuel injected portable generator allows you to power even the most sensitive technology due to it's clean inverter technology. Combined with the 30 AMP receptacle which allows you to connect to larger and more heavy duty appliances. The Two 20 AMP receptacles are a very common electrical plug all over North America allowing you to easily connect your phone chargers, laptops, and more.  Here is a taste of some of the items which the Honda EU3200i Portable generator can power!

What can I power with the EU3200i Fuel Injected Portable Generator?

  • RV Air Conditioner (up to 13500 BTU)
  • Refrigerator or Freezer (Energy Star)
  • Microwave Oven
  • Incandescent Lights
  • Portable fan
  • Furnace Fan, gas or fuel oil
  • TV / DVD
  • Hair Dryer
  • Coffee Maker
  • Computer
  • Garage Door Opener
  • Blender

 Honda EU3200i Features

Honda EU32000i Portable Generator Gilford Hardware

Unlike Honda's power equipment competitors Honda has been producing generators for over 50 years!  This means that there have been many previous versions and model generators.  Each and every time Honda releases a new generator it's been a huge improvement on the last version.  Each version is a newly refined and higher power generator than the last. This allows Honda to improve ease-of-use features which make their generators so user friendly. 

EU3200i Generator Size and Portability 

The Honda EU3200i has a very small footprint compared to generators of it's size. This allows for easier transportation and storage. Weighing only 59.1 lbs, you won't hurt yourself taking it out of vehicles, or moving it outside from your garage. There are integrated upper and lower handles which allow you to move it much easier than large frame generators. 

Super Quiet Operation of the EU3200i Portable Generator 52-54 DB(A)

In comparison to competitors generators of the same output, the EU3200i is MUCH quieter.  You can easily bring it camping with you, or set it up outside and not disturb the neighbors because the EU3200i's operating sound levels are as low as a normal conversation.the Honda EU3200i keeps things quiet while you enjoy the peace. 

 Want to see the rest of the features? Check out the Honda EU3200i Portable Generator Product Page 

Does the Release of the EU3200i make the EU2200i obsolete?

Honda Eu3200i Portable Generator Gilford

You are probably wondering if the EU2200i Generator will become the next VHS player, and the answer is...No! Absolutely not.  The two generators cannot be compared!  The EU2200i will continue to be a very popular and useful generator due to it's size, power and price point.  Think of the EU3200i as it's big brother, giving you more power, a bit more size and a higher price point. Both generators will still have many practical uses for years to come.  It really comes down to what your budget and power needs are when choosing between the two!

When will the EU3200i be released to North America?

Honda EU3200i North American Release Date

The EU3200i (EU32i) has already been released to the European market, and from what i've heard it's been a huge hit! We're expecting EU3200i's to be *LIMITED* released during summer of 2022. I do know that the supply of them is very very limited. This means that dealers will not have very many units upon initial release, some of the smaller dealers might not even get them at all. 

Honda EU3200i Fuel Injected Portable Generator: Final Thoughts

The EU3200i will become a very very popular Honda Generator, if not the most popular generator on the market given time. There just isn't a single competitor which will be able to come close to it's overall power, weight and innovative features. As of 2/15/23 Gilford Hardware currently has the Honda EU3200i Portable Generator in-stock and ready to ship! Click here to check it out today


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