How Do I Get Rid Of Squirrels, Chipmunks or Rodents? 2021

How Do I Get Rid Of Squirrels, Chipmunks or Rodents? 2021 - Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment
How Do I Get Rid Of Squirrels, Chipmunks or Rodents? 2021

How Do I Get Rid Of Squirrels and Chipmunks?

🐿️ The Threat 🐿️

Small rodents can cause a lot of damage to your property if they aren't taken care of immediately. Squirrels are a nuisance because they frequently create electrical problems. They can be dangerous because they can chew through exposed electrical wires quickly. It has been suggested that the threat posed by squirrels to the internet, and infrastructure may be greater than that posed by cyber-attacks. They also create large nests, and can destroy various pieces of property, vehicles, or power equipment.

🐿️ Repel, Trap, Or Kill 🐿️

There are three main ways to take care of a squirrel problem, It depends on how you want to approach it, and which one seems the most efficient and easy to do. 

🐿️ Repel them: Use a product that creates a scent which they cannot stand. Repellents annoy their senses so much they simply run away. Another type of repellent will use a scent that makes them scared there is a predator nearby.

🐿️ Trap them: lure them into a trap, and remove them

🐿️ Kill them: poison, pellet guns, more advanced traps

🐿️ Repellents 🐿️ 

Repellents can be the easiest to use, they are usually in either a spray, granules, or packets. When choosing the correct repellent you need to focus on how long the repellent lasts. This is important because you don't want to be constantly having to use the repellent over and over again, it can become a hassle.

Most repellents are made from natural ingredients, the most common ingredients in repellents are: Cedarwood, Castor, Clove, and Peppermint. It's usually a combination of these ingredients. Small rodents like squirrels, chipmunks, mice and rats cannot stand the smell of this combination. This is a great way to get rid of small rodents without having to worry about your children or pets because a majority of repellents are people and pet safe.
Here are some of our reccomendations for Products to repel Squirrels, Chipmunks and other rodents:

🐀 Bonide Rat Magic Rodent Repellent Granules 5 lb. 🐀

  Bonide Rat Magic is one of our most popular sellers, why? Because it actually works. It works so well that many people who purchase it, were told to by their friends. It comes in a 5 lb. Easy-to-use shaker. You simply pour the shaker onto areas you want to keep small rodents out of. It works great for gardens, and winterization 



🐿️ Messinas Squirrel Stopper Repellent Spray 15 oz.🐿️ 

Squirrel Stopper is a great option As well, It comes in an aerosol spray can so it's easy to use. Simply spray the areas where you don't want squirrels to be and they will stay away! It's made from all natural plant based ingredients and is safe for children and pets!




🐿️ Traps 🐿️ 

Traps are another great option.  If you are planning on trapping squirrels, chipmunks or other rodents then you must have a plan to get rid of them. This will involve relocation of the rodents. If you want to relocate them you must find an area that is at minimum 5 miles away from your home. Rodents such as chipmunks, squirrels, have an activity area of 5 miles, meaning if you trap them and let them go within 5 miles, they probably will come back.  

❤️Havahart Live Catch Cage Trap For Chipmunks, Squirrels and Rats❤️

The Havahart Trap is a classic, easy to use trap. You can easily bait it with peanut butter, or sunflower seeds. It's easy to set, once you set it you just wait, (usually doesn't take very long since these rodents love free food!) Once they enter the trap, the doors shut, catching them inside. Then you can pick up the trap by it's handle and relocate them. 



☠️ Kill ☠️

This could be your last option, or only option. It makes sure you get rid of the rodents for good. Killing them is tough because they don't manufacture many ready-to-use poisons for killing squirrels or chipmunks. Sometimes you need special lisencing to purchase heavy-duty poisons. If you can't find poison, there are a couple of different ways you can kill them. Our go-to option is the bucket trap. 

☠️The Bucket Trap☠️

You will need: 

5 Gallon Bucket - Bucket Trap

☑️ (1)  5 Gallon Bucket

Bucket Trap - Utility Knife

☑️ (1) Utility Knife)

Bucket Trap Wood Dowel Gilford Hardware

☑️ (1) Wooden Dowel 1/4 inch thick

Wood - Bucket Trap Gilford Hardware

☑️ (1) 1 inch x2 inch x 36 inch piece of wood (can be wider)

empty water bottle

☑️ (1) Empty water bottle

Peanut Butter - Bird Seeds - Bucket Trap Gilford Hardware

And Peanut butter, Bird Seed, or any type of food which attracts rodents.

☠️Building The Bucket Trap☠️

The Goal of the bucket trap is to drown the Squirrels, Chipmunks or rodents. 

1) take your utility knife and cut a round hole on each side of the bucket so the wooden dowel can fit through. Then you use your utility knife and cut a hole at the bottom large enough for the dowel to fit through.

2) After that you  take the dowel and push it through one side of the bucket, then into the bottom of the water bottle, through the mouth opening and then through the other side of the bucket.

3) Now you take your piece of wood and build a ramp leading toward the dowel/bucket. You want the squirrels, chipmunks or rodents to be able to walk up onto the top of the bucket.

4) Then you spread peanut butter and seeds over the water bottle. You may want to make a trail of seeds leading up the ramp to the water bottle.

The goal is to get the chipmunk, squirrel, or rodent to walk onto the water bottle which will rotate easily under their weight and make them fall into the bucket. 


🐿️ Good bye Pests!🐿️

It really doesn't matter which method you choose to get rid of squirrels, chipmunks or rodents.  All three methods which I have listed above are solid choices, it's really up to you, and what you think would be easiest.  I hope this article helped you get rid of your squirrel or chipmunk problem, if you have any questions feel free to email us at If you aren't from New Hampshire, and can't visit our store for any of your hardware or outdoor power equipment needs, please do me a favor and shop local! 

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