How to Get Rid Of Japanese Beetles

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How To Get Rid Of Japanese Beetles Gilford Hardware

• Introduction •

Help! I have a Japanese Beetle problem and they are destroying my plants!  I've heard this exact sentence a lot of times. The solution is pretty simple. Getting Rid of Japanese Beetles are a pest because they cause damage to plants by skeletonizing the foliage (consuming only the leaf material between the veins) and may also feed on fruit on the plants if present, while the subterranean larvae eat grass roots.

How to get rid of Japanese Beetles

• Traps or Sprays? •

They are looking for food, in the form of foliage, you can't and don't want to remove the foliage off of your property so the only option is to remove the beetles? How do You get rid of Japanese beetles? You have two choices; Traps or Sprays. 

• Japanese Beetle Sprays •

Japanese Beetle Sprays use a chemical called pyrethrum. Pyrethrin's are natural pesticides present in chrysanthemum flowers. They're made up of a combination of six insect-toxic chemicals. Mosquitoes, fleas, flies, moths, ants, and a variety of other pests are all regulated with pyrethrin's. 

You can use Japanese beetle sprays in different ways, either a killer or a deterrent. Some sprays are 100% Natural and organic, so you can spray the plants, flowers, and vegetables you want to keep safe from Japanese beetles. 

Japanese beetle killer sprays usually kill-on-contact. This is great because it's fast acting and instantly kills the pests. The problem is running around your yard or garden trying to find Japanese beetles and kill them one-by-one is a daunting task.

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• Japanese Beetle Traps • 

Japanese Beetle Traps are probably the most common way to get rid of Japanese beetles. Japanese Beetle traps usually work in two ways, they lure the beetles away from your plants, flowers or vegetable garden, and then they trap them. Japanese Beetle lures contain a food-floral attractant & a sex lure attractant. This attracts them away from your plants and towards the trap. The lure is so potent they will quickly leave your plants alone and head for the lure.

The trap is a pretty simple concept, it's just a bag which lets Japanese beetles in, but they cannot get out. The lure is inside the trap. and the Japanese beetles will try to get inside so they can get to the lure, but will ultimately get trapped and die inside the bag.  Clean up is as simple as emptying the bag from all the dead Japanese Beetles and replacing the lure. Many Japanese beetle traps are reusable, and you can buy extra lures. 

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There you have it, that is how you get rid of Japanese beetles. It's a very easy project to complete and will save your lawn, garden, and plants from Japanese beetles terrorizing them. 

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