Redefining Lawn Maintenance: First Impressions of the Scag V-Ride XL Zero Turn Stand On Mower

Redefining Lawn Maintenance: First Impressions of the Scag V-Ride XL Zero Turn Stand On Mower - Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment

Introducing the Scag V-Ride XL: The Landscaping Game-Changer

The Scag V-Ride II was a force to be reckoned with in the world of lawn mowers. But as the adage goes, "there's always room for improvement". Celebrating four decades in the landscaping domain, Scag, in conjunction with its parent company Metalcraft of Mayville, has unveiled their latest masterpiece: the Scag V-Ride XL. This new addition to the Scag Zero-Turn Lawn Mower family promises to push the boundaries of what we know about landscaping.

Scag V-Ride XL Zero Turn Stand On Mower

Highlights from GIE 2023: What's New with the Scag V-Ride XL

Scag V-Ride XL Zero Turn Stand On Mower

We previously offered a sneak peek into the Scag V-Ride XL. Now, let's delve deeper into the innovations that were showcased at GIE 2023.

Broad Deck, Superior Balance

The Scag V-Ride XL stands out with its 72" configuration. This expansive deck and broad stance do not merely exist for aesthetic appeal. Their presence poses the question: How does the machine maintain balance, especially on uneven terrains?

Scag V-Ride XL Zero Turn Stand On Mower

Addressing Stability Concerns with Dual Wheels

Feedback from Scag V-Ride II users, particularly those with the 61" model, highlighted concerns about balance. Scag addressed this head-on with the V-Ride XL. The integration of an additional dual rear tire ensures not just balance but also unyielding stability. The larger frame and deck find their perfect match in this tire, which offers improved traction, even on challenging slopes.

Engine Options for the V-Ride XL: Power Meets Durability

Scag V-Ride XL Zero Turn Stand On Mower

At present, the V-Ride XL offers a diverse range of engine configurations, allowing you to propel and tackle the toughest mowing challenges with speeds of up to 12 MPH. You can select from a robust 38-horsepower Kohler Command, a reliable 38-horsepower Kawasaki FX EFI, or the commanding 40-horsepower Vanguard EFI. Each engine option encapsulates a blend of sheer power and dependable performance, seamlessly complementing the expansive V-Ride XL Velocity cutter decks and its sturdy steel frame. When you invest in the V-Ride XL, you're not just getting a mower; you're acquiring a powerhouse built for durability.

The Scag V-Ride XL Money Maker : The Velocity Plus Cutter Deck

Scag V-Ride XL Zero Turn Stand On Mower

The Velocity Cutter Deck has earned its reputation as the gold standard in the landscaping realm. Specifically tailored for the Scag V-Ride XL, this deck stands out due to its unmatched quality of cut and user-friendly adjustments. Its exemplary features include an adjustable cutting height ranging from 2 to 6 inches and adaptable baffles. These enhancements ensure the Velocity Plus cutter deck can effortlessly handle diverse terrains, positioning it as a class apart.

Moreover, prospective buyers can look forward to customizing their Scag V-Ride XL with options in 52", 61", or 72" widths, guaranteeing an impeccable fit for every landscaping enthusiast.

The Scag V-Ride XL: Conclusion

Scag V-Ride XL Zero Turn Stand On Mower

Scag, in collaboration with its parent company Metalcraft of Mayville, has once again outdone itself. The anticipation for the Scag V-Ride XL, set to debut in Spring of 2024, is palpable. We've already been inundated with inquiries from eager customers ready to experience this innovation.

The Scag V-Ride XL arrives as an answer to a specific need within the zero-turn stander segment. Its robust steel frame and widened stance are not just about durability; they're a testament to unparalleled power and performance. As enthusiasts in the industry, we're keenly awaiting more updates on the Scag V-Ride XL and hope to showcase it in our inventory in the near future.

Take a look at the Scag V-Ride XL on YouTube 

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