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Taming the New England Winter with the Honda HSS1332ATD Snow Blower

Taming the New England Winter with the Honda HSS1332ATD Snow Blower - Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment

Taming the New England Winter with the Honda HSS1332ATD Snow Blower

New England Winter is coming, do you have a Snow Removal solution yet?


Isn't it wild how the beauty of snow can quickly turn to a source of frustration and exhaustion? Especially in places like New England, where winter doesn't just knock but batters the door down. Enter the Honda HSS1332ATD Snow Blower—a knight in shining armor for many New England households.


Taming the New England Winter with the Honda HSS1332ATD Snow Blower

Historical Snowfalls

New England has a history of large snowfalls, one second it could be 50 degrees but 8 hours later you could be buried in snow. Winter in New England comes fast and furious. Remember the winter of 2015? New Englanders sure do. The region was buried under record snowfalls, making it essential to have efficient snow removal tools on hand.

The Impact on Residents

From missed workdays, strenuous snow shoveling routines, and constantly worrying about heating. The weight of the winter can be quite taxing on New England Residents mentally and financially. Imagine spending hours trying to clear the driveway, only to have it buried again overnight. While the harsh New England weather may be out of our control, there is one thing you can control which is owning the pinnacle of snow removal perfection with the Honda HSS1332ATD Snow Blower. 


Honda HSS1332ATD Snow Blower | Gilford Hardware

Overview: HSS1332ATD

The Honda HSS1332ATD series encompasses both power and durability. Designed to face the toughest snow conditions, these snow blowers are equipped with state-of-the-art features to ensure efficient snow clearing.

Unbeatable Engine Performance 

Honda HSS1332ATD Snow Blower | Gilford Hardware

Experience the unparalleled excellence of the Honda HSS1332ATD Snow Blower, powered by the top-tier Honda GX390 OHV engine. But it's more than just a snow blower; its adaptability shines in heavy-duty applications ranging from construction machinery to generators, welders, and even high-grade industrial pumps. What sets this engine apart from the rest?

Its innovative OHV design amplifies combustion efficiency, ensuring maximum fuel utilization. Benefitting from advanced variable ignition timing (digital CDI), it not only delivers an impressive boost in power but also champions eco-friendly operations with minimized fuel consumption and cleaner emissions. Bid farewell to challenging start-ups. Its automatic decompression system paired with a comfortable recoil starter handle makes ignition swift and effortless. Constructed using the most premium materials, this engine is a testament to durability, pledging years of reliable service. For the environmentally mindful, this engine proudly aligns with the world's most rigorous environmental regulations. Sleep soundly, knowing it's optimized for minimal fuel and oil consumption.

Starting Made Easier 

Experience effortless starts with the HSS1332ATD's cutting-edge Electric Start feature. Gone are the days of plugging in. This snow blower comes equipped with an automotive-style DC electric key start, adding a touch of modern convenience. And for those rare moments when you might need it, there's also a traditional recoil pull-start as a backup. Exclusive to the HSS1332ATD, it's all about ensuring your snow-clearing tasks start off on the right note, every time.

Exceptional Snow Throwing

Honda HSS1332ATD Snow Blower | Gilford Hardware

Unmatched in performance: with a top throwing distance of 56 ft. The secret? The HSS1332 boasts a dual-stage process, where a swift-spinning impeller within the discharge chute ensures snow is sent farther and faster. Coupled with its larger impeller diameter, this snow blower promises removal efficiencies that overshadow those of its peers. With the HSS1332, you're not just choosing a snow blower; you're opting for revolutionary design and unparalleled snow-clearing speed.

High Snow Clearing Capacity 

Honda HSS1332ATD Snow Blower | Gilford Hardware

Face heavy New England snowfalls head-on with the unparalleled capability of the HSS1332ATD. With the power to throw an astounding 2750 pounds of snow per minute, this dynamo showcases a substantial clearing width of 31.9" and a height of 21.7". Meanwhile, the  HSS1332ATD is no slouch either, designed to effortlessly manage vast snow accumulations. For steadfast reliability and peak performance, the HSS1332ATD snow blower is the gold standard for effortless and maximum snow removal this winter.

Superior Traction with Track Drive 

Honda HSS1332ATD Snow Blower | Gilford Hardware

Embrace winter with the Honda HSS1332ATD snow blower, featuring a track drive designed for unbeatable traction across diverse snow terrains. These rubber tracks, adorned with reliable cleats, offer unmatched stability, even on slopes or irregular grounds. Experience the mastery of Honda’s track drive system, which delivers unparalleled traction without the hassles of slipping or sliding - a boon for those challenging driveways and staircases.

The HSS1332ATD snow blower comes fitted with flexible, cold-resistant rubber tracks that showcase an interlocking T-pattern for grip. Not only do they support the machine's weight, but they also ensure an ideal balance and traction.

In situations demanding a clean surface scrape, Honda track drive models stand out. Their adjustable auger position means they can slice through even compacted snow layers, right to the ground. Whether it's a stony driveway or a sidewalk, their adaptability allows for smooth operation over surfaces.

Furthermore, Honda's two-stage track models shine bright when faced with daunting snow drifts. While most snow blowers tend to skim over snow, the unique auger height adjustment of Honda focuses the weight forward, making it dig in like a snow plow. Factor in the exclusive hydrostatic transmission, adjusting speed according to snow conditions, and you've got a machine that tackles drifts with bulldozer-like efficiency.

But...Why Are Tracked Snow Blowers better than Wheels?

Snow blowers equipped with tracks offer several distinct advantages over their wheeled counterparts. Firstly, tracks provide a more substantial contact surface area with the ground, ensuring enhanced traction, particularly on slick, icy, or uneven terrains. This makes track-driven snow blowers less likely to slip or get stuck, especially in deeper snow accumulations. In contrast, wheeled models often require the addition of cleats or chains to gain similar traction, which can be cumbersome to install and may wear out over time. Secondly, the distribution of weight over a broader surface area reduces the pressure exerted on the ground, preventing the machine from sinking into soft snow. Moreover, the track system offers better stability, allowing for more consistent snow clearing, whereas wheeled models might skid or struggle to maintain direction even with added traction aids. Lastly, tracks tend to be more durable and wear-resistant than wheels, especially when frequently used on abrasive surfaces like gravel or rough pavement. In challenging winter conditions, track-driven snow blowers clearly outperform their wheeled peers in terms of stability, traction, and durability.

Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment ONLY Stocks Tracked Snow Blowers for a good reason -- because they are the best! 

Advanced Auger Control 

Experience unparalleled flexibility with our revolutionary auger height control. From unpredictable terrains to stubborn, hard-packed snow, this feature guarantees precision and efficacy every time. Simply tailor the auger housing height to your specific snow condition – its infinite adjustments promise an exact fit for your needs.

Need to tackle a gravel drive or another sensitive area? Raise the auger to prevent unwanted ground contact. Facing icy or densely packed snow? Angle it downward for a thorough, surface-scraping removal, ensuring not an inch of snow is left behind.

What's more, with the user-friendly hand-operated lever, adjustments are a breeze. One thumb push and our pneumatic gas strut will smoothly shift the auger to your desired height. And, when paired with Honda’s track drive, expect nothing short of a snow-clearing masterclass. Elevate your winter routine – it’s a snow blower revolution!

Hydrostatic Drive for Optimal Speed Control 

Honda HSS1332ATD Snow Blower | Gilford Hardware

Enjoy unmatched speed control tailored precisely to your needs. With Honda's innovative hydrostatic transmission, seamlessly switch between speeds that match the snow conditions, all while maintaining consistent auger rotation. Embrace the prowess of the HSS724, 928, and 1332 snow blowers, all proudly featuring this groundbreaking technology.

The Joy of Intuitive Control:

  • Single Lever Mastery: Fluidly move forward or reverse with a single lever that doesn’t tamper with the auger speed. Your one hand effortlessly holds the power to fine-tune movement.

  • Tailored Pacing for Every Condition: Whether it's a subtle curve ahead or a swift speed tweak you desire, Honda’s hydrostatic drive adapts to your every whim. Relish the freedom to change speeds spontaneously, letting your snow blower align perfectly with your rhythm.

  • Flawless Transitions, Every Time: Say goodbye to clunky gears and jarring shifts. Our hydrostatic transmission guarantees smooth, predictable speed adjustments, giving you unparalleled control and heightened safety.

  • A Promise of Longevity: Crafted to commercial-grade standards, Honda's hydrostatic drive promises durability and resilience. Unlike conventional transmissions, cherish the peace of knowing it remains steadfastly low-maintenance.

  • Independent Excellence: Modify your ground speed without any effect on the auger's rotation, ensuring every snow-clearing operation is executed to perfection.

Convenient Chute Control with Joystick

Throwing and Maneuvering snow just got a tech-savvy upgrade with Honda's cutting-edge electric 4-direction joystick chute control. Unlock a sweeping 198-degree rotation and redefine precision and efficiency in snow clearing. With the freedom to adjust snow trajectory in real-time, you're in the driver's seat, ensuring each snowflake lands exactly where you want. Dive into a faster, more streamlined snow removal experience, and let the joystick lead the way.

Ergonomically Designed Controls 

Experience User-Friendly Excellence with the HSS1332! Prioritizing user ease and safety, the Honda HSS1332ATD boasts ergonomically-designed controls that are effortlessly accessible and naturally intuitive. Navigating even the trickiest terrains becomes a breeze with its user-centered design. So simple, in fact, that anyone in the family - be it your son, daughter, or spouse - can master snow-clearing with confidence. Dive into the next level of convenience and let the HSS1332 transform your winter chores.


Honda HSS1332ATD Snow Blower | Gilford Hardware

Equipped with heavy-duty, serrated augers, the HSS1332 promises durability. The auger protection system, comprising replaceable shear bolts, ensures no damage even if the auger encounters a solid object. Additionally, the snow blower is covered with a 3-year residential warranty, assuring quality and durability.

Dealers Note: As a dedicated Honda Dealership, we've had the privilege of witnessing remarkable instances showcasing the unparalleled durability and long-lasting nature of the Honda HSS series of snow blowers. These instances stand as a true testament to the remarkable quality and precision engineering embedded into the HSS series over the years. It's awe-inspiring to recall snow blowers that have gracefully surpassed a decade in age, yet continue to operate with near-flawless efficiency. By choosing a Honda Outdoor Power Equipment product, you're not just making a purchase – you're investing in lasting assurance, knowing that it will consistently deliver optimal power and performance throughout years of usage.

Honda HSS1332ATD Snow Blower | Gilford Hardware

Specifications at a Glance

  • Engine: Honda GX390
  • Starting System: Recoil (AT); Electric (DC)/Recoil (ATD)
  • Fuel Capacity: 1.5 gal
  • Clearing Width: 31.9 in.
  • Clearing Height: 21.7 in.
  • Max. Discharge Distance: 56 ft.
  • Warranty: 3 years (Residential), 12 months (Commercial)

To conclude, the Honda HSS1332 series snow blowers offer a powerful solution for those faced with heavy snowfalls. Its array of features, combined with Honda's guarantee of quality, ensures this is a machine you can rely on.

Honda HSS1332ATD Snow Blower | Gilford Hardware

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