The Best Honda Portable Generators For Camping

The Best Honda Portable Generators For Camping - Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment

The Best Honda Portable Generators For Camping

Are you planning an outdoor excursion but still need access to reliable power? Fear not as Honda Outdoor Power Equipment offers some of the best portable generators which are perfect for your next camping trip. With their rock-solid reliability and durability combined with lightweight portability you'll never have to worry about not having power in the outdoors again.

The Best Honda Portable Generators For Camping

In this article we will take a look at two of the Honda EU series portable generators that are the best choice for camping and the outdoors. We'll provide you with an overview of each generators features, benefits and help you choose which one is the right choice for your next outdoor camping adventure

The Best Honda Portable Generators For Camping

Honda has been manufacturing quality and reliable portable generators for many years. Many say Honda is the best and only choice for portable, inverted, power. The two specific models that we will be looking into during this article are the Honda EU2200i companion and the Honda EU3200i.

The Best Honda Portable Generators For Camping

Honda EU2220i VS EU3200i Specification

EU2200i EU3200i
Power Output 120V 2200W max. (18.3A) , 1800W rated (15A) 120V 3200W max. (26.7A), 2600W rated (21.7A) ✔
Receptacles 30A 125V Locking Plug, 20A 125 V receptacle 30A 125V locking plug, 20A 125V duplex ✔
Run Time 3.2hr @ rated load 8.1 hrs @ 1/4 load 3.3 hr. @ rated load, 8.6 hrs @ 1/4 load ✔
Weight 47.4 lb. ✔ 59.1 pounds
Sound Levels 57 dB(A) @ rated load 48 dB(A) @ 1/4 load ✔ 58 dB(A) @ rated load, 54 dB(A) @1/4 load
Warranty 3-Year  3-Year 
Price $1,299.99  $2599.99


Head to head you can see that both generators are very similar, while the EU3200i provides greater power output and an extra 125V outlet with a slightly longer run time, the EU2200i is the lighter, and quieter choice. If you think you will need more power than 2200w, in the outdoors the EU3200 would be the better overall choice. If you value weight and portability over power the EU2200i would be a better choice to fit your outdoor camping needs. 

The Best Honda Portable Generators For Camping

Probably the most important thing to consider is the price. You can purchase two EU2200i companions for the Price of a single EU3200i. This is where things can get tricky, because if you combine two EU2200i portable generators you would be doubling the entire left column. (Minus the warranty) Sure you would get a bit of extra power with two EU2200i Companions but you would also be carrying 94.8 lbs, which makes using them as a portable camping generator a much heavier task. 

Honda EU3200i vs EU2200i Companion Features

EU2200i Companion EU3200i
Parallel Capable
Eco Throttle®
Electronic Fuel Injection
Honda My Generator Bluetooth® App
Front panel LED indicators  
Honda Oil Alert®


 The Honda EU3200i and Honda EU2200i companion share many of the same innovative Honda generator features, but considering the Honda EU3200i is the newer model it features an electronic fuel injected engine and LED front panel indicators. Are these make-or-break features for choosing the correct generator? No. Are they important features which can enhance your Outdoor camping trip with convenience and reliability? Absolutely. 

Advantages of EFI Portable Generators

Electronic fuel injected engines provide many advantages over standard carbureted engines including, Increased fuel efficiency, Improved performance, Reduced Emissions, Easier Starting, and Reduced Maintenance. This is because Electronic fuel injection engines contain a small computer which is able to carefully and precisely adjust, monitor and deliver the correct fuel required which the engine needs to run while monitoring engine speed, air intake, and output.

Why EFI Portable Generators for Camping and the Outdoors?

This is great for camping because on those cold mornings when you have to start the generator there will be much less of a struggle since Electronic fuel injected engines are able to perform and adjust to adverse conditions much easier, providing an easy-start every single time. 

LED Indicator Lights

The Best Honda Portable Generators For Camping

The Honda EU3200i also features bright LED indicator lights allowing you to check the status of your Honda EU3200i with a simple glance. This can be a great feature to have especially in low-light situations while camping. Maybe you want to check if the eco-throttle is on, instead of having to walk over and check the switch you can simply glance across your campsite and see that the LED indicator is lit up, allowing you to enjoy more time of the great outdoors and less time messing with your equipment. 

The Winner Is...

The EU3200i and EU2200i are both great choices for portable camping generators. It really comes down to your Outdoor Power needs, if you want more advanced features like an EFI engine and LED indicator lights and your budget. Both Generators are quality, reliable and powerful generators which are best-of-class choices for portable power. Are you looking for a Honda EU3200 or EU2200i Companion Generator? Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment has them in stock today! 

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