The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Power Equipment in New Hampshire

The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Power Equipment in New Hampshire - Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment
If you are new to New Hampshire or new to landscaping in New Hampshire, or if you are looking to have a beautiful lawn or garden that your friends and family will love and your neighbors will envy this guide is for you. In this guide we will go over the benefits of landscaping your New Hampshire property, and what the best Outdoor Power Equipment options are, and WHY for landscaping in New Hampshire.

The Benefits of Landscaping in New Hampshire

Landscaping has many more benefits of just increasing the curb appeal of your home or business. Here is a list of the benefits of Landscaping:

• Adds Value to your Property: A nicely landscaped home can add value to your property.

• Provides shade and cover: from the sun which will give you a nice outdoor space and reduce energy costs

• Erosion Prevention: Landscaping can be done to prevent or reduce erosion and water runoff.

• Promotes a healthy environment: by providing a habitat for the local wildlife

• Improves Air Quality: by producing oxygen through plants, trees, and shrubs

• Decreases stress and improves mental wellness: by providing a peaceful and visually pleasing environment.

As you can see, landscaping can effect many parts of your life. This makes landscaping a worthwhile investment for those looking to improve their outdoor spaces and contribute to a sustainable future.

Essential Outdoor Power Equipment for any New Hampshire Homeowner 

Lawn Mower

     The most essential pieces of Outdoor Power Equipment for any homeowner (Not just New Hampshire) is the Lawn Mower. Why though? The lawn is one of the most overlooked and underrated but important parts of a home especially when it comes to curb appeal.  An overgrown lawn filled with weeds is easy to spot. 

The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Power Equipment in New Hampshire

     During the New England summer lawns can grow quickly depending on rainfall. This means that you will be frequently using a lawn mower from Spring when it thaws all the way up until mid-fall. The lawnmower is a crucial tool for routine maintenance because lawns will always need regular upkeep. Therefore you want to purchase a lawn mower which is easy to use, dependable and efficient.  

Picking the right lawn mower for your lawn really depends on the size of your lawn and budget.  

Death, Taxes, and Autumn in New England: Leaf Blower

     Once the chill hits New England and the leaves begin to fall, causing a beautiful nuisance to homes and landscapes. These leaves can suffocate lawns and gardens, destroying their aesthetic appeal. They can also clog gutters and make walkways and driveways hazardous to walk on. By quickly and efficiently removing these leaves with a leaf blower, homeowners can keep their property safe and clean. Leaf blowers are useful for both small and large properties because they come in a variety of sizes and corded or cordless configurations. By purchasing a leaf blower, a New England homeowner can enjoy a tidy yard without the hassle of raking and bagging leaves.

The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Power Equipment in New Hampshire

     A leaf blower isn't just for leaves, a leaf blower is a multi-trick pony which can be used to remove salt and traction sand from your driveway after the winter thaw. Leaf blowers can also help you remove debris and trash from your property quickly and easily. It's a great piece of equipment for cleaning off outdoor decks and patios. 

Trimming, Heat, and Emergency: Chainsaw 

     Another important piece of Outdoor Power Equipment which every New Hampshire homeowner should own is a Chainsaw. Why? Chainsaws are a versatile piece of power equipment because they can be used for a variety of outdoor tasks such as pruning trees, cutting firewood, and removing fallen trees.

An Essential Piece of Outdoor Power Equipment for New Hampshire is the Chainsaw

     The chainsaw is a multi-use tool which comes in handy when you need it most. If you have sketchy trees on your property which might fall or cause damage, you need a chainsaw.  If you have wood which you need to cut to heat your home for the winter, you need a chainsaw.  If a tree has fallen from the stress of a heavy New England snowfall you need a chainsaw.  If you have ever tried to use an axe or saw to manually cut down a tree you will quickly realize why a chainsaw is essential especially in New England.

Generator: The Best Tool to Combat New Hampshire Power Outages

     The last essential part of Outdoor Power Equipment every New Hampshire homeowner should own is a backup generator. New England weather can be extreme and it's possible to lose power for days sometimes weeks at a time. It's important to mention that most of the New Hampshire electric companies do a great job restoring power in a timely manner but depending on where you live It's always a good idea to have a backup power source. 

New Hampshire Winter Power Outage Saved by Honda Generators

     Picking the right generator depends on your power needs, if you need a whole house generator picking up a generator over 5000 watts will usually do the trick. Stand-by generators which turn on automatically when the power goes out are very useful. If you are looking for a smaller more portable alternative which can be used in a variety of situations the Honda EU series of Generators are a great choice. 

Ready To Landscape in New Hampshire?

     Overall New England landscaping is an easy task when you have the correct Outdoor Power Equipment.  Luckily for you, Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment located in the beautiful Lakes Region of New Hampshire has all of this equipment, in-stock, ready to cut, blow, mow, and power!  We're a fully authorized STIHL, Honda, and Scag Outdoor Power Equipment dealer who can help you find the correct equipment for any size yard. 


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