Ultimate Guide: How to get Ice off The Driveway, Deck, and Concrete

Ultimate Guide: How to get Ice off The Driveway, Deck, and Concrete - Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment

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How to get Ice off The Driveway

It's winter in New England and the winter storms are rolling in week after week. The conditions are getting sketchy at best, and you're wondering "How do I get ice off my driveway?" Don't worry, There's simple and easy solutions depending on your budget and needs.

Ice Melt For Driveways

There are many common choices for Ice melt for driveways, It depends on your needs and the temperature. The problem with ice melt is usually there isn't one fix-all solution, so you need to be careful. If you are just looking for an inexpensive ice melt which will get the job done, standard Rock Salt works great. I'd try:


Vaporizer Rock Salt is a great economical choice for Ice removal, It's inexpensive, and works decently. The only issue you might run into with Vaporizer Ice melt is that it only works down to 20° Fahrenheit which might pose a problem considering New England gets much colder!

Ice Melt for Wood Decks and Trex Decking

To Safely Melt Ice or snow on Wood or Trex Decks, use calcium chloride or rock salt. When the weather permits, it is important to remember to rinse off. To clear snow and ice, use plastic shovels rather than metal ones. Many snow shovels have steel blades embedded, you are going to want to find a 100% plastic snow shovel, this will reduce the risk of scratching or damaging your decking. A metal shovel may cause the decking surface to chip. 

What Ice melt is Safe for Concrete?

Concrete can be damaged from using the wrong type of Ice Melt. Especially newly poured concrete, since it might take months to fully settle. It's important not to damage your newly poured concrete with the wrong type of Ice melt. We recommend Magnesium Chloride based ice melts for concrete. It's one of the most safe and effective ice melters for concrete. It might not be able to melt ice at lower temperatures like Calcium Chloride but It makes up for it by being non-corrosive and giving you peace of mind when using ice melt near, on or around concrete. 

Pet friendly Ice Melts

Using the wrong type of ice melt can hurt your furry friends, don't worry there's an easy way to prevent that. Purchasing pet-friendly ice melt, which is usually Magnesium Chloride or a mixture. This will prevent your pets paws from getting damaged, and if you're pet accidently or on purpose decides to take a taste you won't be driving to the local Vet clinic! We recommend Ice B' Gone Magic Salt. We have a handful of other options for pet friendly ice melts, just stop by Gilford Hardware today! 

Is calcium chloride safe for dogs?

NO! Calcium Chloride is not safe for dogs! Please do your pets a favor and purchase a pet friendly ice melt!  Calcium Chloride and Rock salt can hurt a dogs paws and can be toxic if your dog decides it's a new snack! If you have any questions please consult a professional for advice on a safe alternative


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