What is the Best Zero Turn Stand On Mower?

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What is the Best Zero Turn Stand On Mower?

Trying to navigate the huge variety of zero-turn lawn mower brands can be frustrating. The problem is many of these so called "experts" websites are actually just sales funnels and 'viral advertising' for you to stumble upon. Meaning the Author or owner of the website gets paid for generating leads for zero-turn mower sales. 

Who are the so called "Experts?"

    They might talk up the mowers, and try to make them seem much better then they really are, but in reality they are probably sitting in a cubical or office and writing articles for website content. The different with this article is i've used every mower that I sell, in the field, and know how they operate, I've also sold and serviced all of the models which I'm writing about. Sure, I'm an outdoor power equipment dealer but I've actually got experience and knowledge to help you find the correct zero-turn lawn mower.

But, what makes the best Zero-Turn Stand on Mower?    

One question I'm frequently asked is "What is the best zero turn stand on mower for... Landscaping, Homeowners, Maintenance, etc.  First I'll be upfront with you, you do not want to purchase a zero turn stand on mower from a big box store such as lowes, home depot, or tractor supply. I know the prices and reviews seem pretty good but if you are going to make such a large purchase, you need to think about two things: Quality and Service. 

The Best Zero-Turn Stand-on Lawn Mower Quality 

     Most of the zero turn stand up mower brands you find at big box stores are dumbed down versions of the original. Many of these brands started out small time, selling at local dealers and smaller businesses, this is where they got their start in the industry.  Eventually they are approached by a big box store to supply inventory.  Many of these companies see the dollar signs and agree, but quickly realize the big box stores have the advantage, so they are forced to create the same products but with lesser quality parts. 

    A good example is the DeWALT stand on zero turn mower that recently came out, It's manufactured by Cub Cadet, then they slap a DeWALT sticker on it for marketing. Since DeWALT is a very well known brand, people will know it better then Cub Cadet. They create a lower quality version of the original, sometimes it's missing features, sometimes the metal in certain places are lower quality, the welds are sub-par, the engines are smaller and less powerful, more prone to breaking down. The list goes on, how they can cut costs, and cut quality when building a stand on zero turn mower. 

The Best Zero-Turn Stand-on Lawn Mower Service

   Now maybe you saved $500+ dollars purchasing a zero turn stand on mower from a big box store, but now what? Did it come with a warranty? Can you bring it to a dealer for service? Can you get replacement blades, and parts easily? If you have any problems or issues with the mower, who can you call?  This is a huge red flag when you want to purchase the best zero turn stand on mower.

    Service is KEY -- Sure you saved some money, but what good is that if something happens to your new mower and there is nobody to service or fix it? What if you can't get parts? One of the main things you need to realize when purchasing a zero turn stand on mower, no matter what brand is, you will need service and this isn't available at the big box stores. Once it leaves their parking lot, it becomes your problem. 

So... What is the Best Zero Turn Stand On Mower in 2021?

The Scag V-Ride II

Scag V-Ride II Available at Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment

   The Scag V-Ride II is the more refined version of the Scag V Ride which has been a staple work horse for landscapers and professionals alike. It's been around long enough and refined and perfected over the years due to Scag Power Equipment's research and development, they go out in the field and ask users how they can improve their mowers, year after year. 

Scag V-Ride II Quality built Zero-Turn Stand On Mower

     Scag Power Equipment, a division of Metalcraft of Mayville, Inc. They are an American privately owned company that has been making lawn mowers since 1983. Metalcraft also manufactures thousands of various components for a number of Fortune 500 companies in the construction, forestry, agriculture and material-handling industries, as well as for the U.S. Military.  Scag is trusted for it's quality by a number of fortune 500 companies and even the U.S. Military. The attention to detail and quality compared to other mowers is very blatant if you ever have a chance to view them side-to-side. Scag Zero Turn Stand On Mowers are just built so much better. The metal decks and components are much thicker, the wiring harnesses and hydro drives are much better. Every Single part of the Scag V Ride II has been engineered for a specific duty: Mow -- for a long time. 

Scag V-Ride II Service:

  When you purchase a Scag V Ride II from a dealer, you know you have somewhere to get parts, and service. Scag dealers are committed to their customers having as much up time as possible, they know that time = money and the longer you can't use a mower, you are losing money. Getting your parts or service finished as quickly as possible and getting you back to cutting grass is their main concern. 

   Brand New Scag V Ride II mowers come with a 2 year commercial warranty and a 3 year or 500 hour homeowner warranty.  This means that Frame and structural components including oil reservoirs, fittings, oil coolers, electrical switches and clutches, pulleys, hydraulic pumps and wheel motors are covered under the warranty. You can't say that about a big box store mower. Scag and it's dealers stand by their zero turn mowers throughout their lifetime. 

   Hopefully at the very least I convinced you not to purchase a stand on zero lawn mower (or anything!) from a big-box store. There are many independent brands still available, but Scag stand on zero turn mowers are as their motto says "Simply the best"


Scag Zero Turn Stand On Mowers Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment

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