Jonathan Green Lawn Fertilizer For All Grasses 29-0-3 15000 sq ft
Jonathan Green Jonathan Green Veri-Green All-Purpose Nitrogen Rich Lawn Fertilizer For All Grasses (N-P-K): 29-0-3 15000 sq ft $49.99 $59.99
Benefits Description Specification Extended Feeding Duration: The Veri-Green Lawn Fertilizer offers up to three months of continuous feeding, ensuring that your lawn remains well-nourished far longer than with standard fertilizers. This extended feeding period promotes sustained growth, health, and the verdant green color of your turf without the need for frequent reapplication. Optimized for All Turfgrass Types: This versatile formulation is expertly crafted to suit all types of turfgrass. Whether you're nurturing fine-bladed fescue or a robust Kentucky bluegrass, Veri-Green provides the optimal balance of nutrients to support robust growth and enhance the natural resilience of your lawn against pests and diseases. Controlled Growth: Thanks to its polymer-coated nitrogen, Veri-Green prevents the surge of grass growth that often requires additional mowing. It releases nutrients slowly and steadily, encouraging uniform lawn height and density, which translates to less time spent on lawn maintenance and more time enjoying your beautiful green space. Safe for Family and Environment: Safety is a prime concern for many homeowners, and Veri-Green Lawn Fertilizer is formulated to be safe for use around children and pets when applied as directed. This means you can maintain a lush lawn without compromising on the health and well-being of your family and the local wildlife. Jonathan Green Veri-Green Lawn Fertilizer: The Pinnacle of Lawn Care Dive into a sea of green with the unmatched formulation of Jonathan Green's Veri-Green Lawn Fertilizer—a lawn care solution that promises not only to rapidly green-up your landscape but also to nurture it deeply and persistently for up to three months. This product stands as a testament to innovation in lawn nourishment, particularly for the discerning homeowner seeking a meticulously cared-for lawn with the vigor and hue that only the finest nitrogen-rich fertilizers can provide. Rich in Nutrients, Rich in Benefits: Veri-Green Lawn Fertilizer is steeped in a high-nitrogen blend, accentuated with iron, ensuring that your grass isn't just growing, but thriving with a rich, deep green color that is the envy of the neighborhood. Its specialized formula is a boon for all varieties of turfgrass, delivering nutrients in a controlled manner, thanks to its polymer-coated nitrogen which eschews the unwelcome rapid growth spikes, minimizing your lawn mowing efforts during the growing season. Optimal Application Strategy: Your lawn care ritual with Veri-Green begins with timing—apply in the spring to fall, in accordance with your regional climate. This granular food should kiss the ground of your dry lawn soon after a trim, or right alongside your seeding or sodding endeavors. Use a calibrated rotary or drop spreader to ensure an even cast of the granules, starting with a perimeter pass to establish boundaries for comprehensive coverage. Post-Application Wisdom: After gracing your lawn with this nutrient-rich formula, a quick cleanup of any granules that may have strayed onto hard surfaces will prevent any possible staining. A good watering routine after application is key to unlocking the fertilizer's full potential—targeting a sweet spot of 1 ½ inches of water weekly. Allow the granules to dissolve and penetrate the soil before you resume mowing to let the activation process come to fruition. Expansive Coverage for Expansive Lawns: The 15 lb Bag can blanket an area of 5,000 sq. ft. For larger domains, the 45 lb Bag covers a generous 15,000 sq. ft. This lawn food offers a nutrient profile of 29-0-3, a testament to its potency. Safety and Flexibility: Fear not for your beloved children and pets; this product is safe for use around your family. Apply to a dry lawn for best results. The ideal temperature window for application ranges from 45° to 75°F, accommodating the typical growing seasons across various climates. Guidance for Perfection: While we provide approximate spreader settings, we acknowledge the quirks of lawn care. Factors such as the mechanical condition of your spreader, the speed at which you walk, and the ambient humidity can all influence the application rate. For a tailored application, always refer to the detailed instructions on the product label or the back of the bag. These instructions come complete with rates, settings, and safety measures to ensure that you are fully equipped for a perfect application. Jonathan Green Veri-Green Lawn Fertilizer: Not Just a Product, but a Lawn Care Philosophy With this fertilizer, your lawn care transcends to an art form, an expression of your commitment to creating a lush, verdant space that reflects the pride you take in your home's outdoor aesthetic. Whether you wield a rotary, drop, or hand-held spreader, you are equipped to imbue your lawn with health, resilience, and unparalleled beauty. Brand Name: Jonathan Green Sub Brand: Veri-Green Fertilizer Analysis (N-P-K): 29-0-3 Primary Usage: All-Purpose Product Type: Lawn Food Grass Type: All Grasses Coverage Area: 15000 sq ft Phosphorus Free: Yes Organic: No Suitable for Vegetables: No Water Soluble: Yes Packaging Type: Bagged Application Season: Multi Season Safe for Bermuda Grass: Yes Lawn Project: Feed Your Lawn Region: Multi-Region Size of Lawn: Large (10000 sq ft+) Product Form: Granules Application Conditions: Dry Iron Included: Yes Pre/Post Emergent: Neither OMRI Certified: Nor
Napoleon Freestyle 365 3-Burner Propane Grill | Gilford Hardware
Napoleon Napoleon Freestyle 365 3-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill Black / Graphite 33,000 BTU F365DPGT $499.99 $599.99
• Benefits • • Description • • Specification • • High grilling power with 33,000 BTUs for quick and efficient cooking • Durable stainless steel tube burners that cook food evenly and provide long-lasting performance • Iconic cast iron cooking grids resist rust, create sear marks, and prevent food from falling through • Innovative JETFIRE Ignition System for quick start-ups every time • ACCUPROBE temperature gauge for precise temperature control • Folding side shelves for compact storage in small spaces • Enclosed cart design securely holds the propane tank for easy positioning and safe mobility • All-terrain wheels make it easy to transport the grill to wherever the action is • Porcelain enameled sear plates distribute heat evenly and protect the burners during cooking The Napoleon Freestyle 365 3-Burner Propane Grill will provide you with the best grilling experience ever. For individuals who want to experience the delectable taste of grilled food in a small space, this quality gas barbecue provides unmatched value. This BBQ grill is simple to start, with three stainless steel burners, and a JETFIRE ignition technology that produces heat up to 33,000 BTUs. You can acquire the ideal sear on your preferred meats and veggies with the help of the cast iron porcelainized enamel cooking grids. Cast iron cooking grids from Napoleon are famous for their resistance to rust, even heating, ability to keep food from dropping through, and ability to produce crisp sear marks that will wow your visitors. While the ACCUPROBE temperature gauge precisely measures the temperature for optimum temperature management, the ergonomic knobs and onboard temperature gauge make it simple to monitor and regulate the heat of your grill. The porcelain enameled sear plates provide uniform heating and safeguard the burners while you cook. This little grill is ideal for balconies, small patios, and other small locations since it has easily foldable side shelves with tool racks and a bottle opener. The propane tank is safely and easily positioned within the cabinet thanks to the enclosed cart's design, which also allows for safe storage movement. Rugged all-terrain wheels on the Napoleon Freestyle 365 3 Burner Propane Grill make it simple to bring it to the center of the action. This grill can easily take portable propane tanks, which are a simple and practical way to power your gas barbeque grills. Please be aware that propane tanks must be purchased separately and replaced on a regular basis. The Napoleon Freestyle 365 3-Burner Propane Grill will up your grilling game. Enjoy grilled food's unrivaled flavor in a small area that offers quality features and exceptional value. WARRANTY 10-Year Bumper to Bumper* FUEL TYPE Propane HEAT OUTPUT 33,000 BTU MAIN COOKING AREA 18 x 20.75 (51 x 45) | 22 burgers TOTAL COOKING AREA 495 (3,194 ROTISSERIE INCLUDED Optional SIDE BURNER INCLUDED No HEIGHT 45.50 in (116 cm) | 60.50 in (154 cm) with lid open WIDTH 48.75 in (124 cm) | 29.75 in (76 cm) with shelf/shelves down DEPTH 25 in (64 cm) PACKAGING HEIGHT 20 in (50.80 cm) PACKAGING WIDTH 27.75 in (70.49 cm) PACKAGING DEPTH 29 in (73.66 cm) PACKAGING WEIGHT 104 lbs. (47.17 kg)
Napoleon Freestyle 425 4-Burner Propane Grill | Gilford Hardware
Napoleon Napoleon Freestyle 425 4-Burner Liquid Propane Grill Black / Graphite 38,000 BTU F425DPGT $599.99 $699.99
• Benefits • • Description • • Specification • • The Freestyle 425 barbecue grill features 4 main burners and 425 in² of total grilling area, boasting 38,000 BTU’S of grilling power • The durable stainless steel tube burner construction provides long life while helping to cook food quickly over even heat • Napoleon’s iconic cast iron cooking grids resist rust, provide even heat, prevent food from falling through, and create distinctive sear marks • The instant JETFIRE Ignition System is innovative and easy to use. It shoots a jet of flame to light each of the main gas burners individually for quick start-ups every time • Accurately measure the temperature of your grill for optimal temperature control when Barbecuing with the ACCUPROBE temperature gauge • Folding side shelves allow this barbecue grill to be tucked out of the way for storage or fit into compact spaces, ideal for balconies, and small patios • The enclosed cart design securely holds the propane tank within the cabinet for easy positioning and safe mobility for storage • Thanks to the rugged, all-terrain wheels, this grill can easily follow you to wherever the action is • The porcelain enameled sear plates help with even heat distribution and protect the burners during cooking • Portable propane tanks are an easy and convenient way to fuel your gas barbecue grills. Propane tanks will need to be purchased separately and refilled periodically Looking for a high-performance grill that won't take up too much space? Look no further than the Freestyle 425 Propane Gas Barbecue. With its compact design and premium features, this grill offers unbeatable value. Thanks to the instant JETFIRE ignition system, lighting the main burners with a jet of flame is easy and hassle-free every time. And with the cast iron porcelainized enamel cooking grids, you'll achieve the perfect sear every time. Four stainless steel burners provide heat that can be easily controlled by ergonomic knobs and monitored by the onboard temperature gauge. And with Napoleon's iconic cast iron cooking grids, you can be sure that your food will cook evenly, won't fall through, and will have those distinctive sear marks that make any grilled dish stand out. But that's not all - the Freestyle 425 also features folding side shelves, tool hangers, and a bottle opener, making it easy to fit into your lifestyle and space. And with the enclosed cart design, your propane tank is securely held within the cabinet for easy positioning and safe mobility for storage. Thanks to the rugged, all-terrain wheels, you can easily take this grill with you wherever the action is. And with the porcelain enameled sear plates, heat distribution is even and the burners are protected during cooking. Finally, portable propane tanks are an easy and convenient way to fuel your gas barbecue grills. Please note that propane tanks will need to be purchased separately and refilled periodically. Upgrade your grilling game with the Freestyle 425 Propane Gas Barbecue and check it out today at Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment 38,000 BTU’s 26 Burger Capacity 570 in2 Total Cooking Area
Steel Grip Contractor Bags 48 Gal. 20-Pack. | Gilford Hardware
Steel Grip Steel Grip Contractor Bags 48 Gal. 20-Pack. $13.99 $19.99
Steel Grip Contractor Bags 48 Gal. 20-Pack. • Benefits • • Description • • Specification • • Great for cleaning up the job site including painting, drywall, flooring, yard work, insulation, roofing, and much more • Extra Large 42 Gallon Capacity • Heavy-duty 3 mil thickness, for those extra tough clean up jobs • Made from recycled materials Looking for a Heavy Duty Contractor Bag that is great for multi-use of cleaning up large, bulky and heavy items? Look no further, the Steel Grip Contractor Bags 48 Gal. a great choice. It features a heavy-duty 3 mil thickness build, giving it the strength to hold everything from leaves and debris to drywall, flooring, and insulation. Twenty bags per box, made from all recycled materials. Brand Name: Steel Grip Capacity: 42 gal Product Type: Contractor Bags Closure Type: Twist Tie Number in Package: 20 pk Color: Black Rodent Repellent: No Thickness: 3 mil Material: Recycled Resin Length: 50 in. Width: 32 in.
Adams RealComfort Adirondack Chair Poly White | Gilford Hardware
Adams Adams RealComfort Adirondack Chair Poly White $19.99 $32.99
Adams RealComfort Adirondack Chair Poly White  • Benefits • • Description • • Specification • ✔ Lumbar and Neck support ✔ Durable Polypropylene Frame ✔ Flex-cushion technology ✔ Softer support beams into the seating area to further enhance comfort ✔ SafetyGrip® foot design for enhanced traction and stability. The RealComfort Adirondack® combines revolutionary lumbar and neck support – which promotes a peaceful back angle – and is a top seller! To add to the comfort, the chair includes flex-cushion technologyTM and softer support beams in the seating region. The SafetyGrip® foot design provides increased traction and stability. Brand Name: Adams Sub Brand: RealComfort Frame Color/Finish: White Frame Material: Polypropylene Frame Style: Adirondack Product Type: Chair Weight Capacity: 250 lb Assembly Required: No UV Protected: Yes Seating Capacity: 1 Person Weather Resistant: Yes Cushion Included: No Number of Pieces: 1 pc Folding: No Assembled Length: 34 in. Assembled Width: 30 in. Assembled Height: 37.5 in. Packaging Type: Bulk Seat Depth: 17.5 in. Seat Height: 14.5 in. Seat Width: 19 in. Weight: 7.25 lbs.
Solo Stove Ranger & Stand | Gilford Hardware
Solo Stove Solo Stove Ranger Fire Pit (Stand Included) $284.99 $319.98
• Features • • Description • • Specification • • Portable • The Solo Stove Ranger only weighs 15-lbs! It's easy to move and set up. It doesn't matter if you take it camping, or to the local beach on Winnipesaukee, It's lightweight and portable, making it an easy firepit to bring with you on your next adventure! • Low Smoke • The Solo Stove Ranger creates very little smoke compared to conventional fire pits. Making it the ideal fire pit for your many needs! How does it work? • Airflow • Rising hot air, and the absence of oxygen created by the combustion process, pulls air through the bottom vent holes. This air movement fuels the fire at its base while also providing a boost of preheated air through the vent holes at the top of the burn chamber • Ashpan • Catches loose ash and prevents it from clogging vital airflow. The ash pan also acts as a heat shield and reduces the heat transfer from your Bonfire to the ground beneath it. • Precision Base Plate • Allows oxygen to be fed directly to embers from below. This helps to burn biofuel faster and hotter while allowing spent ash to fall out of the process. • Secondary Burn • Vent holes near the top of the burn chamber allow preheated oxygen to fuel the flame resulting in a more complete combustion and a hotter fire with less smoke. • Fire Ring • The fire ring is formed from a single piece of 304 stainless steel, deep drawn with precision tooling and hand polished. The fire ring is designed to keep the fire centered and even. It sits securely on the top and when turned upside down, nests inside for simple storage. It's for camping out a night in the mountains under the stars. It's for warming up on a beach after hitting the waves. And yet, it's right at home in your own backyard surrounded by your family and friends. Wherever you want to be, Ranger helps you turn good moments into lasting memories. Ranger is the most compact, ultralight fire pit out there that lets you enjoy a roaring, smokeless fire in minutes. At the local campsite, the beach, or the open road, it’s not the same without a fire. Get wherever you want to be and bask in the glow of a roaring flame. Ramblers rejoice! You’ve just discovered the world’s most portable fire pit. • Brand Name: Solo Stove • Sub Brand: Ranger • Width: 15 in. • Housing Material: Stainless Steel • Shape: Round • Power or Fuel Type: Wood • Product Type: Fire Pit with Stand • Height: 12.5 in. • Depth: 15 in. • Frame Color: Silver • Weight: 15 lb • Portable: Yes • Cover Included: No • Electronic Ignition: No • Screen Included: No • Assembly Required: No • Packaging Type: Boxed
Milorganite Slow-Release Nitrogen Lawn Fertilizer 2500 sq. ft.
Milorganite Milorganite Slow-Release Nitrogen Lawn Fertilizer 2500 sq. ft. $19.99 $25.99
Milorganite Slow-Release Nitrogen Fertilizer 2500 sq. ft. Benefits Description Specification Milorganite® Helps Green Your Lawn: Milorganite's formula includes organically complex iron, which is crucial for achieving the long-lasting, deep, vibrant green color that every lawn enthusiast strives for. Unlike synthetic fertilizers that use iron salts, which can stain concrete, Milorganite delivers this essential nutrient safely throughout the feeding period without the risk of unsightly stains. Slow-Release Nutrition: Milorganite releases nutrients slowly over time, which promotes steady, healthy growth without the risk of nutrient runoff that can pollute waterways. This slow-release action ensures that your lawn receives nutrients as it needs them, fostering stronger root development and greater resistance to drought and disease. Safe and Easy to Use: Milorganite is renowned for its safety and ease of use. It is non-toxic, making it safe for children and pets to play on the lawn after application. The fertilizer’s formulation allows for a simplified application schedule that aligns with major holidays, making it easier to remember and apply at optimal times for grass growth. Eco-Friendly and Sustainable: Milorganite is made from recycled nutrients, utilizing the byproducts of the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District’s wastewater treatment process. This not only reduces waste but also turns it into a productive, eco-friendly product. It's a sustainable choice that supports environmental conservation while delivering essential nutrients to your lawn. Unlock Lush Greenery with Milorganite Slow-Release Nitrogen Lawn Fertilizer Nurture Your Lawn with Confidence Imagine stepping outside to a vibrant, thick lawn that invites you to walk barefoot through its lush blades. Milorganite Slow-Release Nitrogen Lawn Fertilizer makes this a reality for your 2,500 sq. ft. of green space. With its unique composition of heat-dried microbes from the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District's advanced recycling process, this fertilizer offers a sustainable, effective solution for your lawn care needs. Feed Your Lawn Slowly and Steadily Why rush when you can have perfection over time? Milorganite's genius lies in its slow-release formula that gradually nourishes your lawn. With 80% of its nitrogen being water-insoluble, it ensures that nutrients are released at a pace that benefits your lawn the most. This slow dispersion fosters uniform growth, establishing a robust root system and enhancing overall health and resilience against environmental stresses. Safe for Your Family and the Environment Choose a lawn care product that cares for the planet as much as you do. Milorganite adheres to strict safety standards, undergoing rigorous daily analyses to ensure it protects both human health and the environment. Free from immediate nutrient runoff risks, it’s the responsible choice for keeping our waterways safe while providing the nutrients your lawn craves. Effortless Application with Proven Results Gone are the days of complicated fertilizing schedules and concerns over improper application. Milorganite’s user-friendly approach involves a simple "holiday schedule" for application—just four times a year coinciding with major holidays. This method not only simplifies your lawn care routine but also optimizes nutrient uptake, ensuring your grass receives just what it needs to thrive throughout the seasons. Maximize Growth During Key Moments To ensure optimal results, Milorganite should be applied following key seasonal guidelines. For cool-season grasses, such as Kentucky bluegrass and Perennial Ryegrass, timing your application just after the last frost and before the first deep freeze maximizes nutrient utilization, setting the stage for a lush, green spring. Embrace the ease and effectiveness of Milorganite Slow-Release Nitrogen Lawn Fertilizer for a healthier, greener lawn that’s the envy of the neighborhood. Don’t wait—transform your outdoor space into a vibrant oasis today at Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment! Specifications Brand Name: Milorganite Fertilizer Analysis (N-P-K): 06-04-00 Primary Usage: All-Purpose Product Type: Lawn Fertilizer Grass Type: All Grasses Coverage Area: 2500 sq ft Phosphorus Free: No Organic: Yes Suitable for Vegetables: Yes Water Soluble: No Packaging Type: Bagged Application Season: All Season Safe for Bermuda Grass: Yes Lawn Project: Feed Your Lawn Region: Multi-Region Size of Lawn: Small (4000 sq ft or less) Product Form: Granules Container Size: 32 lb Application Conditions: Dry Iron Included: Yes Pre/Post Emergent: Both OMRI Certified: No
STIHL FSA 85 Battery Trimmer | Gilford Hardware
STIHL STIHL FSA 85 Battery Powered Trimmer Starting at $199.99 $249.99
Benefits Description Specification Quiet Operation for Peaceful Gardening: The STIHL FSA 85 Battery Trimmer operates at a significantly lower noise level compared to traditional gasoline-powered trimmers. This makes it ideal for use in residential areas and other noise-sensitive environments, allowing users to maintain their gardens without disturbing the peace of the neighborhood. Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective: With its advanced battery technology, the STIHL FSA 85 eliminates the need for gasoline, reducing both exhaust emissions and fuel expenses. This not only makes it an environmentally friendly choice but also helps users save money on ongoing operational costs. Enhanced User Comfort and Control: Lightweight and equipped with a variable speed trigger, the STIHL FSA 85 offers precise control and easy handling. This design minimizes physical strain and fatigue, making it comfortable for extended use while providing flexibility to work around delicate plants and intricate landscape features efficiently. Experience the Quiet Power of the STIHL FSA 85 Battery Trimmer Imagine transforming your garden without the roar of a traditional trimmer. The STIHL FSA 85 Battery Trimmer delivers a whisper-quiet operation, making it the perfect choice for residential areas or noise-sensitive environments. Say goodbye to the headache of loud equipment and hello to peaceful trimming. Effortless Starting with Instant Activation Forget the pull cords and the strain of engine starts. The STIHL FSA 85 features an instant-start trigger that brings your trimmer to life with a simple squeeze. This feature ensures that you can focus on your gardening, not on getting your equipment ready. It's convenience at your fingertips. Embrace Eco-Friendly Gardening Step into the future of lawn care with the STIHL FSA 85, designed to eliminate exhaust emissions and reduce your carbon footprint. Not only will you help preserve the environment, but you'll also save on fuel costs. It's a smart choice for the eco-conscious gardener. Control at Your Command Navigate around delicate plants and landscape features with precision. The variable speed trigger of the STIHL FSA 85 allows you to adjust the cutting speed for meticulous care and perfect trimming. Your garden will never look better. Long-Lasting Battery Life Powered by STIHL's innovative Lithium-Ion battery technology, the FSA 85 offers extended run times of up to 200 minutes with different battery options. This flexibility allows you to tackle larger jobs without the worry of running out of power. The freedom of cordless operation means you can go further and trim more, even in the most remote corners of your yard. Lightweight and Comfortable With a weight of just 9.9 lbs when equipped with the recommended AP 300 battery, the STIHL FSA 85 is designed for ease of use and minimal strain on your body. Enjoy a comfortable trimming experience that reduces fatigue, allowing you to work longer and finish your garden tasks with ease. Take advantage of this innovative gardening solution and make the STIHL FSA 85 Battery Trimmer your choice for a quieter, cleaner, and more enjoyable gardening experience. With limited stocks available, ensure you grab yours today and transform your gardening routine forever! SPECIFICATIONS CUTTING WIDTH 35 cm (14") WEIGHT* (w/ Recommended Battery) w/ AP 300 4.5 kg (9.9 lbs.) POWER SOURCE Battery BATTERY SERIES AP Series RUN TIME (w/ AP 100) Up to 15 Minutes RUN TIME (w/ AP 300) Up to 45 Minutes (Recommended combination) RUN TIME (w/ AR 1000) Up to 120 Minutes RUN TIME (w/ AR 2000) Up to 160 Minutes RUN TIME (w/ AR 3000) Up to 200 Minutes *Weight without cutting attachment or guard. **Battery and charger sold separately.
STIHL FSA 45 Lightweight Integrated Battery Adjustable Trimmer
STIHL STIHL FSA 45 Lightweight Integrated Battery Adjustable Trimmer $99.99 $139.99
Benefits Description Specification *ON SALE NOW WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!* Adjustable Comfort The STIHL FSA 45 Lightweight Integrated Battery Adjustable Trimmer offers exceptional comfort through its adjustable features. The shaft length can be modified to fit different user heights, ensuring a perfect fit that reduces strain and fatigue during use. Additionally, the trimmer head's adjustability allows for optimal angle settings, making it easy to tackle various landscaping challenges without discomfort. Efficient and Eco-Friendly Power Equipped with an integrated battery, the STIHL FSA 45 provides the freedom to work anywhere without the need for cords or the mess of fuel. It's capable of running long enough on a single charge to cover substantial areas—up to the equivalent length of three football fields. This trimmer not only delivers powerful cutting performance but also adheres to high environmental standards, producing zero to low emissions that far exceed traditional gas-powered models. Lightweight and User-Friendly Design Designed with user ease in mind, the STIHL FSA 45 weighs only 5.1 lbs, including the battery, making it one of the lightest trimmers in its class. This lightweight design enhances maneuverability and reduces physical effort, making it ideal for extended use in the garden. The ergonomic, rubberized handle provides a comfortable grip, further enhancing the user experience during lengthy trimming sessions. Experience the Freedom of Trimming with the STIHL FSA 45 Lightweight Integrated Battery Adjustable Trimmer Unleash Your Yard's Potential Imagine a weekend where your yard is the envy of the neighborhood, and you’ve achieved it with remarkable ease. The STIHL FSA 45 Lightweight Integrated Battery Adjustable Trimmer is your partner in transforming overgrown grass into a meticulously manicured landscape. With its adjustable shaft and trimmer head, this tool effortlessly adapts to both your height and the specific challenges of your lawn, ensuring comfort and effectiveness. Endless Power on Demand Say goodbye to the hassle of cords and the noise of gas trimmers. The STIHL FSA 45 comes equipped with an integrated battery capable of running long enough to trim the length of three football fields on a single charge—up to 1,080 feet. Whether tackling large areas of tall grass or intricate trim work, this trimmer ensures you have the power you need when you need it. Designed for Comfort, Engineered to Last At just 5.1 lbs, including the battery, the FSA 45 is designed for ease of use and minimal strain on your body. Its ergonomic design, combined with a soft-touch, rubberized handle, makes long sessions in the garden a pleasure rather than a chore. The loop handle can be adjusted without tools, allowing you to find the perfect grip and balance to suit your trimming style. Environmentally Conscious, Performance Driven The STIHL FSA 45 is not only powerful but also environmentally friendly. Certified with the “Caring for Nature” seal, it produces zero or low exhaust emissions—far below EPA and CARB emission standards. Choosing this trimmer means you’re opting for a cleaner, greener way to maintain your outdoor space, reducing your environmental footprint without sacrificing performance. Safety and Innovation in Every Detail STIHL has thoughtfully designed the FSA 45 with your safety in mind. It includes an activation key that prevents accidental startups, and battery indicator lights that keep you informed about the charge level, so you’re never caught off guard. The built-in hanging loop is a convenient feature that allows for easy storage, saving you space in your garage or shed. Don't Wait, Transform Your Lawn Today The STIHL FSA 45 is available now but don’t delay—experience the joy of effortless lawn care today. With limited quantities available, secure yours and step into a world where lawn care is no longer a chore but a pleasure. Perfect for occasional use on small properties, this trimmer is the solution to reclaiming your time and creating a beautiful outdoor space. Specifications POWER SOURCE Battery WEIGHT 5.1 lbs. CUTTING WIDTH 9 in. BATTERY SYSTEM AI Line RUN TIME (w/ Integrated Battery) 12 min. CHARGE TIME 210 min. Note: Weight displayed includes integrated battery, does not include cutting attachment or deflector. The battery working time specifications for each battery charge are estimates and may vary depending on how the tool is used and what is being cut.