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    Benjamin Moore Aura Exterior Paint Flat

    Aura Exterior Paint Gilford Hardware

    Benjamin Moore Aura Exterior Paint Flat

    • ◆ Features & Benefits ◆

      ◆ Vibrant and Rich Long Lasting Colors

      Excellent Fade Resistance and Gloss Retention

      ◆ Substantial film formation starting with the First Coat

      ◆ Breathable coating less prone to blistering, providing long term durability

      ◆ Weather resistance

      ◆ Low temperature application down to 35 degree

      ◆ Provides mildew-resistant coating

      Recommended for exterior use on wood, fiber cement board, hardboard, vinyl and aluminum siding, shakes, unglazed brick, concrete,stucco, cinder block, and primed metal.


    Why is Aura Exterior the BEST exterior paint?

    Extreme Weather resistant

    Unlike some low quality exterior paints, Benjamin Moore Aura Exterior Paint is weather resistant to anything mother nature can throw at it, including UV rays!


    Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint is durable, and resists fading. and long lasting. If you are looking for an exterior paint that won't peel, scratch and stain, Choose Benjamin Moore Aura Exterior


    New England gets cold, no problem because Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint can be applied in temperatures as low as 35 °F! to 40°F! (depending on the finish) There aren't many exterior paints that can be applied under 50°F!

    vibrant long lasting colors

    Technology that creates stunning colours while also ensuring that the Benjamin Moore color you love lasts for years and years.

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