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Catamount White Clover Seed 3 lbs. $28.99 $29.99
White Clover Seed 3 lbs. • Benefits • • Description • • Specification • • A great choice for a unique and low maintenance beautiful lawn •Very high tolerance to drought, doesn't require regular watering •Reduce or Minimize the amount of fertilizer needed for your lawn •Doesn't require mowing White Clover is natures life hack for growing an environmentally friendly, low maintenance lawn. Unfortunately White Clover has been shunned as a weed overtime. Many popular grass seed mixes contained white clover, over the years they've reduced the amount to basically nothing. One of the great features of clover is a nutrient-rich plant that requires no fertilization. Mixing clover with your favorite grass seed mix is a great idea because it can greatly minimize the amount of fertilizer required. Clover is also drought resilient and once it's been planted it will still continue to grow even if it's lacking proper watering. One of the best and worst features of clover is that it doesn't require cutting. Clover saves you time and money! Brand Name: Catamount Seeds Seed Type: White Clover Bag Size: 3 lbs.
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Catamount Catamount Park Grass Seed High-Traffic Mix for New England Lawns Starting at $18.99 $264.89
Catamount Grass Seed Park Mix Use: 5 lbs. per 1000 sq ft.  Benefits Description Specification Exceptional Durability for High-Traffic Areas The Catamount Park Grass Seed Mix is meticulously formulated to withstand the wear and tear of high-traffic areas. Featuring a robust blend of Perennial Ryegrass and Kentucky Bluegrass, this mix ensures your lawn remains dense, resilient, and capable of rapid recovery from physical damage. Whether it's children's play, pets running around, or social gatherings, your lawn is equipped to stay lush and vibrant through it all. Quick Germination and Establishment Say goodbye to bare spots and hello to rapid green coverage. With the inclusion of Annual and Perennial Ryegrass, the Catamount Park Grass Seed Mix guarantees fast germination and establishment. This quick growth not only provides immediate beautification of your lawn but also plays a crucial role in erosion control, protecting your soil from being washed away during New England's unpredictable weather. Year-Round Beauty and Adaptability Designed with New England's unique climate in mind, this grass seed mix offers a stunning, green lawn throughout the year. Its diverse composition thrives in varying conditions—from the frosty winters to the warm summers—ensuring that your outdoor space remains a beautiful, inviting oasis no matter the season. Low Maintenance Requirements Embrace a lawn that fits your busy lifestyle. The Catamount Park Grass Seed Mix includes varieties like Hard Fescue and Chewing Fescue, which are celebrated for their low maintenance needs. This means less watering, less fertilizing, and less mowing, giving you more time to enjoy the beauty of your lawn without the constant upkeep. Superior Shade and Drought Tolerance Not all lawns enjoy full sun, and not all regions have abundant water. This is where the Catamount Park Grass Seed Mix shines, offering exceptional shade and drought tolerance thanks to its thoughtful blend of grasses. Even in challenging conditions, your lawn can maintain its lushness and vitality, reducing your need for supplemental watering and ensuring your lawn stays greener with less effort. Transform Your New England Lawn with Catamount Park Grass Seed Mix A Lush, Resilient Lawn Awaits Introducing the Catamount Park Grass Seed Mix High-Traffic for New England Lawns, a revolutionary blend designed to embrace the unique climate of New England. This mix combines the resilience and beauty of various grass types to ensure your lawn thrives through the changing seasons. From the cold snaps of winter to the warm summer days, your lawn will not only survive but flourish, providing a vibrant green oasis for your home. Rapid Green Coverage Experience the joy of seeing your lawn transform almost before your eyes. With a strategic blend that includes Annual and Perennial Ryegrass, the Catamount Park Grass Seed Mix promises quick germination and rapid establishment. Whether you're repairing damaged spots or starting anew, this mix offers the immediate satisfaction of green coverage, reducing erosion and giving a head start to the more leisurely growing varieties. Year-Round Durability and Beauty Imagine a lawn that's not only a feast for the eyes but also tough enough to handle playtime and gatherings. The Kentucky Bluegrass in our mix ensures your lawn has a lush, carpet-like appearance, while its companions, Perennial Ryegrass and Chewing Fescue, bring unmatched durability for high-traffic areas. This means more fun and less worry, whether it's a family picnic or a casual game of catch. Adapts to Your Lifestyle Your time is precious, and a high-maintenance lawn shouldn't stand in the way of enjoying it. That's why the Catamount Park Grass Seed Mix includes low-maintenance varieties like Hard and Chewing Fescue. Adapted to thrive in poor soil, shade, and drought conditions, these grasses demand less from you in terms of watering, mowing, and fertilizing, freeing up more time for what truly matters. Thrives in New England's Climate Tailored for New England's diverse weather patterns, this grass seed mix provides a solution that addresses the challenges of cold winters and variable seasons. The blend's versatility ensures that your lawn remains vibrant and green from the frosty beginnings of spring to the last whisper of fall, adapting seamlessly to sunny and shaded areas alike. Connect with Nature in Your Backyard Beyond its practical benefits, a lush lawn is a sanctuary for relaxation and connection with nature. The Catamount Park Grass Seed Mix not only enhances the curb appeal of your home but also invites you into a space where memories are made. From the laughter of children playing to peaceful moments of solitude, your lawn becomes a backdrop for life's precious moments. Crafted for homeowners who desire a beautiful, resilient, and low-maintenance lawn, the Catamount Park Grass Seed Mix High-Traffic for New England Lawns is your first step towards a greener, more vibrant outdoor space. Welcome to a world where your lawn complements your lifestyle, not complicates it. Brand: Catamount Sub Brand: Park Mix Available In Sizes: 4 lb, 25 lb, and 50 lb. Mixture contains: Hard Fescue (10%) Hard Fescue is part of the fine fescue family, known for its low maintenance requirements and fine, narrow blades. It thrives in poor soil conditions, is drought-resistant, and prefers cooler climates. Hard Fescue is well-suited for areas that receive less fertilization and is often used in mixes for its shade tolerance and low water needs. It establishes slowly but forms a dense, fine-textured turf that is resistant to many diseases and pests. Kentucky Bluegrass (25%) Kentucky Bluegrass is prized for its beautiful color and dense, carpet-like turf. It has excellent cold tolerance and can recover well from damage due to its ability to spread via underground stems (rhizomes). While it prefers full sun, it can tolerate light shade. This grass requires more maintenance in terms of watering and feeding but contributes significantly to the lawn's overall aesthetics and resilience. Annual Ryegrass (20%) Annual Ryegrass germinates quickly and is often used for fast cover and erosion control. It establishes much faster than many other grasses but, as the name suggests, is an annual and will not survive through the winter in cooler climates. In this mix, it's likely included to provide immediate green coverage, helping to protect and fill in the lawn while perennial species establish. Chewing Fescue (20%) Chewing Fescue, another fine fescue, is adaptable to a wide range of conditions, including both sunny and shady areas. It's known for its drought tolerance and ability to maintain green color with less water. Chewing Fescue requires less maintenance in terms of mowing and feeding and helps improve the mix's disease resistance and adaptability to different soil types. Perennial Ryegrass (25%) Perennial Ryegrass is notable for its rapid germination, excellent wear tolerance, and fine to medium texture. It's often included in seed mixes for its quick establishment, providing erosion control and early green-up. It pairs well with Kentucky Bluegrass, offering immediate ground cover and durability for high-traffic areas. Perennial Ryegrass performs best in cool, moist environments but can adapt to a variety of conditions.
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Catamount Catamount Conservation Grass Seed Sun and Shade Mix for New England Lawns Starting at $16.99 $126.39
Catamount Grass Seed Conservation Mix  5 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft. Benefits Description Specification Versatility in Sun and Shade: Thanks to its well-rounded selection of grass types, this mix thrives under a broad range of light conditions, from full sun to partial shade. It’s ideal for New England yards that have varying exposures to sunlight. Drought and Heat Tolerance: The inclusion of Tall Fescue and White Clover ensures that the lawn can withstand periods of drought and heat, common in New England summers. Their deep roots help access water from deeper soil layers, reducing the need for frequent watering. Cold and Frost Resilience: Kentucky Bluegrass and Perennial Ryegrass add a layer of cold tolerance, ensuring that the lawn remains hardy and can bounce back after the harsh New England winters. Rapid Establishment and Repair: The mix of Annual and Perennial Ryegrass guarantees quick germination and growth, which is crucial for repairing bare spots and establishing a new lawn swiftly. This is particularly beneficial in the unpredictable spring and fall weather of New England. Environmental Benefits: With White Clover in the mix, the lawn naturally enriches the soil by fixing atmospheric nitrogen, reducing the need for synthetic fertilizers. Moreover, the clover and the overall diversity of the mix support pollinators and beneficial insects, enhancing local biodiversity. Low Maintenance: This blend is designed for reduced maintenance efforts. Its natural disease resistance minimizes the need for chemical treatments, and its adaptability to different light and moisture conditions lowers the overall care required to keep the lawn healthy and vibrant. Aesthetic Appeal: The mix creates a lush, dense, and green lawn that enhances the visual appeal of any New England home. The variety of textures and colors in the blend ensures a beautiful lawn that stands out in any neighborhood. Transform Your New England Lawn with Catamount Conservation Grass Seed Sun and Shade Mix Thrives in Diverse New England Conditions The Catamount Conservation Grass Seed Sun and Shade Mix is meticulously crafted for New England lawns, embodying the resilience and beauty required to flourish in the region's variable climate. Its blend is optimized for fine to coarse textures, making it suitable for a wide array of soil types. Whether your yard is bathed in sunlight or graced with dappled shade, this mix offers the perfect solution. Its ability to thrive in both conditions ensures a lush, vibrant lawn regardless of your garden's exposure. Designed for Durability and Aesthetic Excellence Imagine a lawn that not only withstands the extremes of New England weather but also repairs itself, maintains a deep green hue, and feels soft underfoot. With 45% Tall Fescue for durability, 15% Kentucky Bluegrass for a stunning visual appeal, and a mix of Ryegrass and White Clover for quick establishment and environmental benefits, this grass seed mix is engineered to provide both resilience and beauty. It's a blend that guarantees your lawn will be a point of pride and a testament to your commitment to both aesthetics and sustainability. Rapid Establishment for a Lasting Impression One of the standout features of the Catamount Conservation Mix is its ability to quickly germinate and establish a robust lawn. This means less waiting for green coverage and more time enjoying a dense, healthy lawn that can effortlessly handle foot traffic and play. Ideal for busy families and those who love to entertain outdoors, this grass seed ensures your lawn remains a lush, inviting space for every occasion. Environmental Stewardship at Your Feet By choosing the Catamount Conservation Grass Seed Mix, you're not just cultivating a lawn; you're supporting a healthier, more sustainable ecosystem right in your backyard. The inclusion of White Clover not only enriches the soil naturally by fixing atmospheric nitrogen but also supports pollinators essential for a thriving garden ecosystem. It's a choice that signifies care for the environment, promoting biodiversity while reducing the need for synthetic fertilizers. Low Maintenance, High Reward Forget the endless cycle of watering, fertilizing, and disease management. This grass seed mix is designed for homeowners who value their time and the environment. Its natural disease resistance and adaptability to different moisture and light conditions mean you spend less time on lawn care and more time enjoying your outdoor space. It's the perfect blend for a stunning, low-maintenance lawn that keeps your weekends free for relaxation and enjoyment. A Lawn That Grows with You The Catamount Conservation Grass Seed Sun and Shade Mix is more than just grass seed; it's a long-term investment in your home's curb appeal and your outdoor lifestyle. It's about creating a space where memories are made, from summer barbecues to autumn bonfires, in a setting that's as resilient and beautiful as the landscape of New England itself. Choose Catamount Conservation for a lawn that not only looks good but feels good underfoot and is good for the planet. Brand: Catamount Sub Brand: Conservation Available In Sizes: 4 lb, 25 lb, and 50 lb. Mixture contains: 45% Tall Fescue: Durability: Tall Fescue is known for its tolerance to drought and heat, making it an excellent choice for areas experiencing dry or hot climates. Its deep roots help it access water from deeper soil layers. Shade Tolerance: It performs well in both full sun and partial shade, making it versatile for different lawn areas. Disease Resistance: Generally resistant to many common lawn diseases, reducing the need for chemical treatments. 15% Kentucky Bluegrass: Appearance: Offers a beautiful, dense, and fine texture that enhances lawn aesthetics with a deep green color. Repair Capability: It has the ability to spread and repair thin or bare spots on its own, thanks to its rhizomatous growth. Cold Tolerance: Thrives in cooler climates and can withstand freezing temperatures well. 20% Perennial Ryegrass: Quick Germination: Germinates quickly to establish lawn coverage rapidly, reducing soil erosion and outcompeting weeds. Traffic Tolerance: Has a high tolerance for foot traffic, making it ideal for play areas or frequently used lawns. Disease Resistance: Shows good resistance to many lawn diseases. 17% Annual Ryegrass: Erosion Control: Germinates quickly to provide fast soil stabilization, preventing erosion during the establishment of the slower-growing species. Temporary Coverage: Serves as a nurse grass, offering quick coverage while the perennial species establish. It typically dies off after one season. 3% White Clover: Nitrogen Fixation: Clover has the ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen into the soil, reducing the need for synthetic fertilizers. Pollinator Friendly: Attracts beneficial insects like bees, promoting biodiversity in your garden. Drought Tolerance: Maintains green color and vitality even in dry conditions, thanks to its deep rooting system.
Catamount Grass Seed Supreme Mix | Gilford Hardware
Catamount Catamount Supreme Perennial Grass Seed Sun and Shade Mix for New England Lawns Starting at $18.99 $283.69
Catamount Grass Seed Supreme Mix 4 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft. Benefits Description Specification Quick Establishment: The inclusion of Perennial Ryegrass in the mix ensures rapid germination. This quick growth provides immediate cover for your lawn, helping to reduce erosion while the Kentucky Bluegrass establishes itself at a slower pace. Disease Resistance: With Chewing Fescue as part of the mix, your lawn gains an enhanced resistance against a wide array of common lawn diseases, promoting a healthier growth environment. Adaptability: This grass seed mix is engineered to thrive under diverse conditions. Whether it's varying levels of sunlight, different soil types, or moisture levels, this mix is adaptable, ensuring your lawn remains lush under various environmental factors. Aesthetic Appeal and Texture: Kentucky Bluegrass contributes to the lawn's lushness and density, offering a visually appealing aesthetic. The combination of Chewing Fescue and Perennial Ryegrass adds to the lawn's resilience and texture, making it not only beautiful but also durable. Balance Between Beauty, Durability, and Ease of Maintenance: The strategic blend of Kentucky Bluegrass, Chewing Fescue, and Perennial Ryegrass ensures a lawn that is not only visually appealing but also durable and easy to maintain. This balance makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of lawn and garden types. Catamount Supreme Perennial Grass Seed Mix for Sun and Shade Unveil the Splendor of Your Garden with Catamount Supreme Grass Seed Mix Transform Your Lawn into a Lush Oasis Embark on a journey to transform your outdoor space into a verdant paradise with the Catamount Supreme Perennial Grass Seed Mix. This premium blend is the key to achieving a lawn that exudes vitality and beauty. Specially designed for environments bathed in sunlight to those kissed by just a hint of shade, it promises a garden that thrives under a variety of conditions. Effortless Growth, Enduring Beauty The magic of the Catamount Supreme lies in its blend, starting with Perennial Ryegrass. Known for its swift germination, it lays the green foundation of your lawn quickly, offering a lush cover that reduces erosion. Meanwhile, the Kentucky Bluegrass, with its elegant spread, takes its time to weave a dense, luxurious turf, ensuring your lawn's beauty is not just a fleeting pleasure but a lasting treasure. A Sanctuary of Low Maintenance Dreaming of a stunning lawn without the endless upkeep? Catamount Supreme turns this dream into reality. With Chewing Fescue's remarkable drought tolerance and disease resistance, your lawn stays vibrant with minimal effort. This blend is a testament to the possibility of having a lush, healthy lawn that doesn't demand your constant attention but rather invites you to relax and enjoy its timeless beauty. Versatility in Every Blade Your lawn is as unique as you are, and Catamount Supreme celebrates this diversity. Whether it basks in the full glory of the sun or enjoys the subtle embrace of shade, this seed mix adapts and thrives. Its fine to medium textures offer not just resilience under various conditions but also a tactile and visual appeal that makes every moment in your garden a pleasure. The Art of a Perfect Lawn At its core, Catamount Supreme is a symphony of 40% Kentucky Bluegrass, 20% Chewing Fescue, and 40% Perennial Ryegrass. Each component plays a vital role: the Kentucky Bluegrass for that unparalleled lushness; the Chewing Fescue for the softness and shadow resilience; the Perennial Ryegrass for its quick cover and robustness. Together, they create not just a lawn but a masterpiece of greenery that elevates your outdoor living space. Nurture with Ease Embrace the simplicity of nurturing your Catamount Supreme lawn. With just the right balance of deep, infrequent watering, strategic mowing, and thoughtful fertilization, your garden remains a stunning green sanctuary. This blend is designed not only for aesthetic appeal but also for ease of care, ensuring that your moments in the garden are spent making memories rather than tending to chores. With the Catamount Supreme Perennial Grass Seed Mix, your lawn becomes more than just a space; it becomes a destination. A destination of beauty, ease, and tranquility that stands the test of time. Welcome to the future of your garden—a future where every blade of grass tells a story of perfection. Brand: Catamount Sub Brand: Supreme Mix Available In Sizes: 4 lb, 25 lb, and 50 lb. Mixture contains: Kentucky Bluegrass (40%) Kentucky Bluegrass is a popular choice for lawns due to its fine texture, rich green color, and ability to form a dense, luxurious turf. It has excellent cold tolerance, making it a standout choice for cooler climates. One of its key features is its ability to spread through underground stems called rhizomes, which helps to fill in bare spots and recover from damage. However, it can take longer to establish and may require more maintenance in terms of watering and fertilization compared to some other grasses. Chewing Fescue (20%) Chewing Fescue is part of the fine fescue family and is known for its fine blades and tolerance of low-fertility soils. It is highly adaptable, performing well in both sunny and shaded areas, and it requires less maintenance than many other grass types. Chewing Fescue is drought-tolerant once established and can maintain its green color with less water. It's also resistant to many lawn diseases. This grass doesn't spread as aggressively as Kentucky Bluegrass, so it's used to improve turf density and underfoot feel while enhancing drought resistance and shade tolerance. Perennial Ryegrass (40%) Perennial Ryegrass is valued for its quick germination and establishment, providing fast ground cover and erosion control. It has a fine to medium leaf texture and a deep green color. This grass is known for its wear tolerance, making it an excellent choice for high-traffic areas. Perennial Ryegrass also mixes well with Kentucky Bluegrass, as it can offer immediate green while the Bluegrass takes time to establish. It does well in cool, moist environments but can also handle some heat. It's often included in mixes for its ability to germinate quickly and provide a temporary cover while slower-growing species establish.
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Catamount Catamount Contractors QuickGrow & Erosion Control Grass Seed Mix for New England Lawns Starting at $12.99
Catamount Grass Seed Contractors Mix Use: 5 lbs per 1000 sq ft Benefits Description Specification Rapid Germination for Immediate Results: Experience the joy of seeing your lawn transform in as little as 5-7 days. Our grass seed mix is designed for quick germination, providing an almost instant green landscape that not only beautifies your property but also delivers immediate satisfaction. Ideal for homeowners and contractors looking for fast results, this mix reduces the waiting time typically associated with lawn establishment. Effective Erosion Control: Protect your landscape from the damaging effects of erosion with a grass seed mix that quickly forms a dense, protective mat. Especially beneficial for sloped areas and regions prone to soil erosion, our mix stabilizes the ground, preventing soil loss and promoting a healthier, more resilient outdoor space. This makes it an essential solution for maintaining the integrity of your New England lawn. Natural Weed Suppression: Say goodbye to the endless battle with weeds. Our grass seed mix naturally suppresses weed growth by quickly establishing a thick grass cover that outcompetes weeds for space, nutrients, and sunlight. This means less time spent on weed control and more time enjoying a pristine, uniform lawn that highlights the beauty of your outdoor area. Seasonal Flexibility with Long-Term Durability: Enjoy the best of both worlds with a grass seed mix that offers both temporary coverage and lasting beauty. The blend of annual and perennial ryegrass provides the flexibility to adapt your lawn for different seasons or landscaping projects, while also establishing a durable, wear-resistant turf that withstands New England's variable weather. This unique combination ensures your lawn remains a vibrant, green sanctuary year after year. Transform Your New England Lawn with Catamount Contractors QuickGrow & Erosion Control Grass Seed Mix A Green Revolution in Just Days Imagine looking out your window to see a lush, green lawn that sprang up almost overnight. That's the power of Catamount Contractors QuickGrow & Erosion Control Grass Seed Mix. With a special blend that includes 80% annual ryegrass, you can expect to see germination in as little as 5-7 days under ideal conditions. This mix doesn't just promise quick results; it delivers an instant green canopy that enhances your home's curb appeal and provides immediate satisfaction. Erosion Control Made Easy Erosion can turn your dream yard into a nightmare of maintenance and unsightly patches. Our grass seed mix is engineered to combat this very issue, especially in New England's challenging terrains. The annual ryegrass in our blend grows fast and thick, creating a dense mat that locks soil in place, protects against erosion, and transforms vulnerable slopes into verdant landscapes. Wave Goodbye to Weeds Weeds are more than just an eyesore; they're a battleground for your lawn's health. The Catamount Contractors QuickGrow mix acts as a natural weed suppressant. By quickly establishing a dense grass cover, it leaves no room for weeds to take hold, saving you time and the hassle of dealing with unwanted plants. Enjoy a cleaner, more uniform lawn that's all grass and no grief. Seasonal Flexibility Our grass seed mix is not just a quick fix but a strategic choice for those seeking flexibility. The annual ryegrass provides a temporary, yet robust cover, allowing you the freedom to plan long-term landscaping projects or enjoy a beautiful green lawn in-between seasons. It's the perfect choice for those who appreciate the option to innovate and change. Beauty and Brawn The perennial ryegrass in our mix ensures that your lawn isn't just a fleeting beauty. This hardy grass establishes quickly and brings a fine texture and rich, deep green color to your landscape. It's built to withstand New England's unpredictable weather, offering wear resistance for high-traffic areas and disease resistance to keep your lawn looking its best. The Best of Both Worlds With Catamount Contractors QuickGrow & Erosion Control Grass Seed Mix, you're not choosing between fast growth and long-term quality—you're getting both. This blend is specifically tailored for New England lawns, ensuring quick coverage to prevent erosion and establish a beautiful green space that's durable and lasting. It's the ideal solution for anyone looking to enhance their outdoor living area while tackling the challenges of local landscaping head-on. Invest in your landscape's future today with Catamount Contractors QuickGrow & Erosion Control Grass Seed Mix, and watch as your New England lawn transforms into a lush, green paradise. Brand: Catamount Sub Brand: Contractors Available In Sizes: 4 lb, 25 lb, and 50 lb. Mixture contains: Annual Ryegrass (80%) Quick Germination: Annual ryegrass germinates very quickly, often within 5-7 days under ideal conditions. This rapid germination helps to quickly establish ground cover, reducing soil erosion and providing an almost instant green look. Erosion Control: Its fast growth and dense matting ability make it excellent for controlling erosion, particularly on slopes and in areas where rapid cover is needed. Weed Suppression: The quick establishment of annual ryegrass can effectively suppress weeds by outcompeting them for light, nutrients, and space. Temporary Cover: Given its annual lifecycle, this grass will die off after one season, making it an ideal temporary solution while perennial species establish or for seasonal applications. Perennial Ryegrass (20%) Durability: Perennial ryegrass establishes quickly like its annual counterpart but offers the added benefit of longevity, contributing to the turf's resilience over multiple seasons. Fine Texture and Rich Color: Known for its fine blade texture and deep green color, perennial ryegrass adds an aesthetic quality to the lawn or turf that is desirable in residential and commercial landscapes. Disease Resistance: Perennial varieties are often bred for improved resistance to diseases, which can be particularly beneficial in the humid and variable climate of New England. Wear Resistance: It has good wear resistance, making it suitable for areas with moderate foot traffic, such as residential lawns, parks, and sports fields.