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We currently cannot ship products because of a couple reasons: 1) We're a small business with few employees, we don't have the capability at the moment to be shipping. 2) Some of our products are restricted to sell online. (due to manufactures) Trust us, If we could ship products we would. We get hundreds of phone calls weekly, and have thousands of dollars in abandoned checkouts.

We cannot ship products at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience

Yes, ultimately that is our goal. We would like to ship products as soon as we can get over logistical and manufacturer hurdles.

We're located at 64 Gilford East Drive Gilford New Hampshire 03249, you can visit us and purchase in store. If you are local, and your order meets a certain amount threshold we will gladly deliver it to you locally

Unfortunately, In this day and age in order to run a business online you must be able to advertise on google. Google requires you to have a "shipping" setting when placing ads. Sorry!

No, We aren't. We're just a local business located in Gilford New Hampshire. We're trying our absolute best to stay independent, and locally owned! Trust us, We wish we could ship too!

Products that we no longer have in stock, but can be found on our website contain amazon affiliate links. We figure you're going to purchase the item somewhere, so we help you out with a convenient link. Yes, you're purchasing from a small business killer, but at the same time we will get a cut from the sale. It helps both of us, and we Thank you!