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    Key Blank Cutting

    Key Blank Cutting Gilford Hardware

    Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment can cut, and duplicate keys!  Don't trust those snazzy key making machines at the big box stores! We can cut most standard keys. We're proud to make keys with one of the oldest working key cutting machines in New England. Rumor has it, that our key cutting machine is so old that it came over on the Mayflower. 

    Key Making Machine Gilford Hardware

    Types of Keys We Cut

    Automotive (Non Chip)

    Automotive Key Blanks Gilford Hardware

    Commercial & Automotive (Tractors, RV's Gas Caps)

    Commercial and Automotive Key Cutting

    Home & Office (Mailboxes, Padlocks, Common Door Locks)

    Home and Office Key Blanks gilford Hardware

    Common Novelty Keys (KW-1, SC-1, Decorative Keys)

    Decorative and Novelty Key Blanks Gilford Hardware