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    Cabot Semi-Solid Tintable Deep Base Water-Based Acrylic Stain 1 gal.

    Cabot Exterior Stain Gilford Hardware
    Cabot Semi-Solid Tintable Deep Base Water-Based Acrylic Stain 1 gal.


    ✔️ Rich Colors 

    ✔️ Deep Penetrating into Wood

    ✔️ 100% Acrylic Resin-Based


    Cabot Semi-Solid Acrylic Stains are richly pigmented, penetrating, 100 percent acrylic resin-based stains that are unique to Cabot. They provide greater hiding power and color than semitransparent stains, yet their attractive flat finish highlights the natural beauty of the wood’s texture. These stains are environmentally friendly and equipment is easily cleaned with soap and water. Cabot Semi-Solid Acrylic Stains provide long-lasting, vapor-permeable protection that beautifies and enriches exterior wood surfaces. Containing a special acrylic resin, these products are ideal for all types of natural wood siding and shingles. Exceptional ultraviolet protection is achieved through the use of nonfade, earth tone pigments, in addition to the superior acrylic resin. Semi-Solid Acrylic Stains are formulated to weather slowly over time without cracking, peeling, or blistering.

    • Brand Name: Cabot
    • Transparency: Semi-Solid
    • Tintable: Yes
    • Color: Deep Base
    • Base Type: Water-Based
    • Coating Material: Acrylic
    • Product Type: Stain
    • Container Size: 1 gal. Full Cure Time: 30 day Sealer: Yes
    • Application Method: Brush/Pad/Spray
    • Recommended Surface: Finished Wood
    • Durability: 10 Years year Coverage Area: 100-300 sq. ft. Water Repellent: Yes
    • VOC Level: 100 g/L UV Resistant: Yes