Bonide Stump & Vine Killer Concentrate 8 oz.

Bonide Gilford Hardware

Bonide Stump & Vine Killer Concentrate 8 oz.


✔️ Kills stumps and vines without harming turf

✔️ Unique brush applicator controls application.

✔️ Kills Kudzu and most other vines from the inside out.


Designed for stump removal, this product is easy to use in your lawn or garden. It is most effective on stumps that have seasoned for 12-18 months after being cut down. It does not require the use of fire for results. The product will deteriorate the stump regardless of fire use.

  • STUMPS GONE - Unlike most other stump removers, Bonide Stump-Out Granules are made from sodium metabisulfite instead of potassium nitrate.
  • OLD STUMPS - This stump product is only going to work on tree stumps that have seasoned for 12-18 months prior to treatment. Use Stump & Vine Killer right after a tree is cut down so it does not re-sprout. A while after, you may treat with Stump-Out.
  • NO CHOPPING OR DIGGING - There is no need to worry about chopping or digging up your tree stumps because this stump remover will help to accelerate the decomposition of tree stumps.
  • NATURAL OR BURN - These granules can be used alone on your stumps to accelerate the natural decomposition of the tree. Otherwise, when kerosene or fuel oil is poured onto the stump while it is ignited, the stump can burn down to the roots.
  • READY TO USE - Our product is conveniently ready to use when it arrives. Drill 4 holes into the stump and pour Stump Out into each hole. Fill these holes with water and let it sit for 4-6 weeks. Stump is ready for removal by fire or natural means.

  • Brand Name: Bonide
  • Sub Brand: Stump-Out
  • Targeted Weed: Stump & Vine
  • Product Type: Killer
  • Product Form: Concentrate
  • Container Size: 8 oz.
  • Application Season: Spring
  • Organic: No
  • Application Location: Landscape
  • Pre/Post Emergent: Post Emergent
  • Primary Active Ingredient: Triclopr
  • OMRI Certified: No
  • Type of Weed: Multi-Weed
  • Rain Proof: No
  • Packaging Type: Bottle