Coast Of Maine Cobscook Blend Garden Soil 1 cu. ft.

Coast of Maine Organic Soils Available at Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment

Coast Of Maine Cobscook Blend Garden Soil 1 cu. ft.

  • ✔️ 100% Organic

    ✔️ Sourced Locally from New England

    ✔️ Give plants the Natural vitamins and nutrients they need!

Healthy soil is the key to healthy plants
Coast Of Maine Garden Soil

Soil quality is crucial to good development. Strong, disease-resistant plants need less watering and feeding when the soil is rich in organic matter.

Natural recycled plant and animal matter has been allowed to decompose slowly and return to the soil. In a nutshell, COMPOST! The best compost-based soils and mulches are made up of decomposed marine and plant matter.

All natural ingredients

100% Natural Ingredients Garden Soil Gilford

Planting in Beds and Gardens

Coast Of Maine Garden Soil Planting Tips Gilford Hardware

Composted salmon, blueberries, and field manure, as well as very old dark bark and sphagnum peat moss, make up Cobscook Blend. It was carefully formulated with all-natural ingredients to achieve a combination of water preservation, drainage, and aeration. For vegetable and flower gardens, it's an excellent all-purpose soil builder.


 Dig a hole twice as deep and twice as wide as the root ball or container in which herbs, perennials, flowers, trees, and shrubs were purchased when planting them.
Place the plant in the hole so that the stem is in the middle and the crown is equal with or slightly above the hole's surface. Cut the burlap away from the wrapped root ball to free the stem.


Then, using an equal mix of soil and Cobscook Blend, fill in around the plant. Any burlap covering should be pushed back into the hole so that it is not visible. Burlap that has not been chemically prepared can decompose easily. Burlap that has been treated should be removed.

Slowly but thoroughly water the plant, paying careful attention to it until it has re-established itself. Feed organic plant food as guided.