Fiskars Lopper & Pruner Set

Fiskars Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment

Fiskars Lopper & Pruner Set 


✔️ Includes a Lopper & Pruner

✔️ Hardened Steel Non-Stick Coated blades

✔️ Lightweight ergonomic handles 


2 Piece, Lopper/Pruner Tool Set, Includes Fiskars #9146 Single Pivot Bypass Lopper & #9109 Traditional Bypass Pruner, Lopper Is 28" In Length With A Hardened Steel Non-Stick Coated Blade For An Effortless 1-1/2" Maximum Cut Capacity, Has Tubular Steel Handles, Handle Grips & A Bumper, #9109 Pruner Has A Hardened Steel Non-Stick Coated Blade With A Maximum 5/8" Cut Capacity & Handle Grips.

Country of Registration: United States
Brand: Fiskars
Model #: 376101-1002
Color: Navy
Weight: 21.3 Pounds
Product Dimension: 28 X 10 X 2 inches