Fiskars Poly Leaf Rake Aluminum Handle

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Fiskars Poly Leaf Rake Aluminum Handle 


✔️ Lightweight Design

✔️ Flexes without Breaking 

✔️ Ergonomic handle

✔️ Superior Comfort and Control


Fiskars Poly Leaf Rake Aluminum Handle, amazing lightweight rake will be sure to make your fall clean up a breeze. The heavy-duty aluminum design is lightweight and durable. A durable plastic-resin head features unique tines.  The tines were specifically designed to bend without breaking, even after heavy use, season after season. The aluminum handle reduces the weight ratio without taking away durability. It's extra long to help reduce back fatigue. A unique teardrop shaped aluminum shaft provides excellent comfort and control, it's made for your hands. 

  • Brand Name: Fiskars
  • Overall Length: 67 in.
  • Head Width: 24.3 in.
  • Tine Material: Poly
  • Product Type: Leaf Rake
  • Handle Material: Aluminum Handle
  • Comfort Grip: Yes
  • Handle Length: 60.5 in.
  • Number of Tines: 29 tines
  • Packaging Type: Carded
  • Coated Tines: No