Green Thumb Pro Flo Adjustable Front-Trigger Nozzle

Green Thumb Available At Gilford Hardware & Outdoor Power Equipment
Green Thumb Pro Flo Adjustable Front-Trigger Nozzle

✔️ Professional Grade
✔️ Front Trigger Nozzle
✔️ Stream Adjusts from Light Spray to Powerful Jet

Green Thumb Pro Flo, Adjustable, Front Trigger Nozzle, With Hydroseal, Heavy Duty Metal Construction, Non-Corrosive Exterior, Stream Adjusts From A Light Spray To A Powerful Jet, Unique Flow Through Design, Design Of Nozzle Maximizes Spray Distance, Insulated Grip For Comfort & Protection, Hydro Seal Washer Creates A Watertight Leak Free Connection.

  • Unique design maximizes distance and flow up to 20%
  • HydroSeal™ Washer stops leaks
  • Adjustable stream from a light spray to a powerful jet
  • Insulated grip for comfort and protection