High-Density Resin Whiskey Barrel 15.5"

Southern Patios Gilford Hardware
High Density Resin Whiskey Barrel 15.5"


✔️ Made with Plastic Resin: 

✔️ Lightweight & Long Lasting

✔️ UV Protected 


15.5" High-Density Resin Whiskey Barrel Planter, Aged Walnut Finish With 3 Faux Band Metal-Look Trim. With a down-home, country-style feel, our resin whiskey barrel creates the best combination of class and simplicity to your outdoor or indoor living space. Our alternatives to heavier substrates, which raise greater price points, will show convenience to your gardening budget. The heavy-duty plastic building additionally consists of UV protectors to enlarge resistance to cracking and fading. Your vibrant colored flower or vegetable preparations will supply an alluring pop of color in these faux-wood planters.

  • A resin development creates a light-weight and long lasting planter that lasts longer than standard timber barrels
  • UV blanketed pot will increase resistance to cracking and fading
  • Thick-walled whiskey barrel planter that is best for tomato gardens and flower preparations