Motor Medic Gasoline Lead Substitute 12 oz.

Motor Medic Gasoline Lead Substitute 12 oz. Available At Gilford Hardware and Outdoor Power Equipment

Motor Medic Gasoline Lead Substitute 12 oz.


⚙️ Replaces Lead Protection

⚙️ Contains an anti-wear compound for the valve seat.

⚙️ Designed to be used off-road.


Motor Medic Gasoline Lead Substitute will help increase octane levels to prevent reduction of engine knock. It will protect against valve-seat recession and wear and is designed to be used on and off-road.  Motor Medic was added to the product line in 1958, and it immediately became the favorite option of tradespeople. Motor Medic products have gained the trust of hardworking tradesmen for years because to consistent, exceptional performance and a commitment to innovation generated by the people who use them. Prevents valve damage and upper cylinder wear Allows older engines designed for use with "leaded" gasoline to run safely with low lead or unleaded fuels when used as directed.

  • Brand Name: Motor Medic
  • Compatible Fuels: Gasoline
  • Product Type: Lead Substitute
  • Container Size: 12
  • Effective To: Automotive